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World in Stitches. Today was reward day.

World in Stitches

Today, I have finished all my must-do’s for the week, picked up all our food donations for the big food drive ending at our church this coming Sunday, took care of house needs, took care of tiresome household chores. Today, I finally got to work on a quilt I have been thinking about for a long time. My favorite nephew and his wife are going to have a baby, due date on January 1st, how cool is that? Always before I have gone with brights, but I am thinking New Year Baby, and I am also remembering how The Happy Baby LOVES black and white prints, it is like he has never seen anything so wonderful. Joen Wolfrom's Color Play: A Wall of Free-flowing Colors in Quilts. COLOR CASCADE—- It’s a show-stopper!

Joen Wolfrom's Color Play: A Wall of Free-flowing Colors in Quilts

Four of these color-challenge quilts are featured in this post, as well as artists’ thoughts. This exhibit features a wall of beautiful quilts flowing with colors. This wall of color was a group challenge for the Sewjourners, a group of quilters in Oregon. Twisted Log Cabin. I hope you can see from the picture that the piece you just cut needs to be sewn on before you continue :)This step is the secret to this process and is how this can be done without paper piecing.

Twisted Log Cabin

If you don’t get it here, please keep reading, it is easier to see as the piece gets bigger.The red dots represent the corners where the pink fabric meets with the black. Match these points on the FABRIC with the white lines on the RULER. You will have to move the ruler around a bit until BOTH dots are on the line. As shown, leave ¼ inch above the left hand dot [this is your seam allowance], and 1 ¼ inch above the right hand dot. Once you are all lined up, you can cut.

13 Skull Quilts designs - - skull designs, art, – skull designs, art, fashion and more. ExcellenceHandQuilting.jpg 958×960 pixels. Carpenter’s Wheel Quilt-Along. Earlier in the week I dug out an old UFO to continue quilting and I busted the sewing machine needle.

Carpenter’s Wheel Quilt-Along

When I sat down to start sewing the pieces together on the Carpenter’s Wheel I discovered a huge burr in the needle hole! And, after running around town, I couldn’t find a file small enough to file out the burr. So I dug out my Featherweight to continue sewing while I wait for a new needle plate to arrive. Luckily, my needle plate is not as expensive as some! Shakespeare in the Park. And it's done!

Shakespeare in the Park

I looked back and I started this back in 2009! It means she is 3 years old already. I admit, it's been hanging on my design wall for over a year. It just took a little incentive to light a fire under my rear end to get it done. I was asked to have a Quilt Exhibition in the University's Art Gallery this summer and I really wanted this one it the exhibit, so I busted a gut, developed tendonitis, starved my husband and a colony of dust bunnies moved in, but I got it done. Home. Abstract painting 17 - Pablo-Picasso-0044 - $82.00,China oil painting gallery. My AccountLog InCreate AccountShopping cartwishlistCheckout Home Original Oil Painting Artist Name Art Subject Art Movement Portrait from Photos Best Sellers Featured New Products Painting quality About Us | Drop Ship | FAQ | Contact Us | SiteMap.

Abstract painting 17 - Pablo-Picasso-0044 - $82.00,China oil painting gallery

An imperfect tutorial: Easy ruffled flange binding. So I have had this binding in my head for some time.

An imperfect tutorial: Easy ruffled flange binding.

I knew how I wanted it to look but hadn’t seen an actual example. It’s easier than it looks, believe me. 100% machine stitched (yay!) And there are a thousand variations. I love the opportunity to use a contrast color in the binding. Easy Triangle Quilting Patterns. You can create an endless number of unique quilt designs using half-square triangles.

Easy Triangle Quilting Patterns

Half-square triangles, also known as isosceles right triangles, tessellate perfectly and can be arranged to create stars, flowers, pinwheels, stripes, diamonds, diagonals, animal shapes, and much more. It's possible to sew a quilt using nothing but equal sized half-square triangles, which means you can cut your triangular patches in bulk to save time. Below are galleries of patterns using half-square triangles to give you some idea of the types of quilt designs that are possible. From the basic quilting blocks you can devise more intricate patterns. The best way to create your own quilt patterns is to print off sheets of blank square grid paper and divide the boxes into triangles according to design you have in mind, then shade the triangles with the different colored pencils or markers. Silver linings quilting pattern millenium snowflake. Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial. The Cathedral Window Quilt pattern is gorgeous.

Cathedral Window Quilt Tutorial

The Origami-like folding of fabric, the jewel like tones of the "windows", the layers of fabric and stitching - all combine to create an amazing, complex looking quilt. The reality is that the process is not that hard, and with a little learning and patience, you can do it quite easily. The Cathedral Window quilt is a quilt-as-you-go project, meaning that there is no backing or quilting to be done once you have finished the quilt top. The quilt simply grows and grows as you make it, and once you've done enough squares to be satisfied, it's done. Brilliant. First, a word about materials. October Show and Tell. Lots of Show and Tell this month!

October Show and Tell

All of them are totally worth scrolling down to see. Zig-Zag Baby Quilt. Hi everyone, it's Amanda from Material Girl Quilts and I'm happy to be back on Moda Bake Shop today with a fun and modern baby quilt. This pattern came to mind when a co-worker friend told me that he and his wife were having a baby. They are a fantastic young couple that live in the city and I knew would appreciate a more modern flair to their baby's new quilt. The best thing about this tutorial is that it's simple to piece and uses just 3 charm packs for the top! Pinterest. Jigsaw Puzzle Quilt, an Easy Scrap Quilt Pattern. Use my jigsaw puzzle quilt pattern to sew a colorful scrap quilt. Jigsaw puzzle pieces emerge when adjacent parts of traditional 'H' quilt blocks are rotated -- the little squares along the design's midpoint become the tabs that "lock" each piece in place.

The City Quilter, quilt shop in New York City. Using Half-Square Triangles to Downsize Your Stash of Fabrics for Quilting. April 9, 2013 How often have you used a pattern that has directions for cutting out individual triangles from your fabrics for quilting to make half-square triangles? Some patterns require you to cut hundreds of these – I don’t know about you, but that’s not my favorite thing to do. I’m all for short cuts – if possible! However, when using a pattern, I do advise you to follow directions. If you are attempting to downsize your stash of fabrics for quilting, half-square triangles are a great thing to make. If you want to make a finished 3” half-square triangle block, the rule of thumb is to add 7/8” to the height and width of the block (making a 3 7/8” square).

Gretchen Block Instructions. These instructions make a 12 inch (finished, 12 1/2" including seams) Gretchen block. The Gretchen block is traditionally made up of only 2 colours. The following uses a series of light and darks with red and white prints for the pinwheel of each block. Requirements: 4 x 4 7/8” squares light/medium4 x 4 7/8” squares medium/dark4 x 2 7/8” squares white4 x 2 7/8” squares red. Storm-at-sea-straight-set. Storm at Sea Quilt Pattern / Design Your Own Quilt. Part 2: Transform Your Quilt Design! In Storm at Sea Quilt Pattern: Part 1 - Block Basics, you saw two versions of how this block is constructed. Several of the traditional layouts for two and four color quilts were illustrated. All were recognizable Storm as Sea patterns.

Quilt Design Tutorial. How to make quilt baby blocks with no Y seams using a 60 degree ruler. WMQG QUILTS ON THE GRAND. This picture is of one of the raffle quilts at the Quilts On The Grand Quilt Show. It is stunning and I wanted to share it with you. Holland Tulips was beautifully done by the Colonial Quilter Bee and machine quilted by Char Koppenal. Pin by Kim Grace on Quilts-Snail's Trail. Show and Tell from FriendFolks by Tricia Cribbs. The final string.... It's been slow going for the last few days. Multicoloured Giant Dahlia - Michelle Yeo Quilt Designs.

Free Giant Dahlia pattern and follow-along instructions. Keepsake Crafts - Sharing the Love of Crafting and Sewing. This floral wreath may look complicated, but the process is quite simple. Away for too long...(again), but redeeming myself with summer flower wreath tutorial! :) I really have to get away from starting my blog so often with "been away too long... " bla, bla...REALLY. Summer does beckon us all more to the outdoors, so I am only hoping all of you are also less by the computer and internet too...LOL!

Time to garden, walk, have outdoor cookouts and -in my case, do some house remodeling! Girl Tattoos: Celtic Knot Patterns For Girls 203, Celtic Knot Patterns for girls ~ Tattoo Design Ideas. Celtic Knot Patterns For Girls : Celtic Knot Patterns For Girls 203 Uploaded by Jane Brown at Tuesday, October 1, 2013, the amusing Celtic Knot Patterns For Girls 203 image above is one of the few amusing images that related to the main short article Celtic Knot Patterns For Girls. 50-majorca-seurosewindow.jpg 1,600×1,200 pixels. Kameleon tekstildesign gallery quilts from the mid nineties. Color On Cloth. A key step in fabric design is being able to create a seamless repeat. Labyrinth Walk - NEW Quilt Kits, NEW Block of the Month quilts, Free quilt patterns - Quilters Quarters - YOUR Online Home for New Quilt Kits, New Block of Month and ALL Quilting Supplies - Kansas' Premier Quilting Store.

Diamond Star Quilt Pattern" The Diamond Star quilt pattern creates a stunning design you'll be proud to display in your home. Featuring a repeat of the Diamond Star quilt block, the finished piece measures about 42 inches square. Black Diamond Quilt Pattern by American Jane FREE by astymegoesby. Edda's Red Selvage Star Quilt. Martingale - Copy Cat Quilts eBook. Love cats? HLATC: Exhibitions. Quilt of the Day: Ghost Plants. Elegant Homemade Quilts Wholecloth Trapunto Quilts Quilting Services. Quilt show. Full_6798_102956_AnitasArrowhead_1.jpg 1,023×767 pixels. Prairie Sunshine ... by Toadally Quilts. The Daily Blog. Quiltville's Quips & Snips!!

Ruby Strings – a PDF chart. Black-orange.JPG 1,600×1,309 pixels. Aardvark Quilts. Pennsylvania Quilt Shows & Evengts. Lovely Design's Lovely Little Forest Quilt. Swirled Christmas Tree Downloadable PDF Wall Hanging PatternFrivolous Necessity. Hidden Treasure Crafts and Quilting. Calculating Quilt Sizes for a Bed Quilt. Suggested Quilt Measurements for Standard Bed Sizes. 13 Cat Quilts that Aren't Your Momma's Quilts! - Cat Lifestyle. Concentric Diamonds Patchwork Quilt. Geta's Quilting Studio. MyQuiltGenie - Jewel Box quilt. Christmas Tree Pattern. Lone Star Block tutorial. New York Beauty Quilts - a gallery on Flickr. Designed with Style - Quilting Service. Piece By Number: Free Border Blocks. Sun Rays Free Paper Piecing Quilt Block Pattern. 5459014758_9d872f38af_o.jpg 1,800×1,200 pixels. "Start With Hearts" Magnificent smartly made Amish Quilts from Lancaster (wh5549) Shop, design custom fabric, wallpaper, gift wrap & decals.

New Designer Quilting Fabrics from Connect: Snowman Quilt Finish: A long time UFO. Oh Pumpkin runner pattern.pdf. Free pattern day: Snowmen ! Americana Rag Quilt Quilting PATTERN - Original Design - PDF... Scrappy Rag Quilt. Miniature Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern. Fancy Folded Star Pot Holder.