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Finishing: 5 Crochet Edges You Should Know. An edge is worked directly on a piece of crochet, unlike a trim, which is worked separately then attached into position on the fabric (crocheted or not).

Finishing: 5 Crochet Edges You Should Know

Your choice of crochet edge can make or break your design. Leaving an edge unfinished is not the end of the world, but if you really want your project to soar, choosing an appropriate finishing stitch can really take it over the edge! Photo via Craftsy class Crochet Lab, Basic Techniques & Patterns I suggest memorizing them, so when you get to the end of a project, you already have a few ideas on how to complete it. Along with how to complete the stitches, I have included a suggested number of stitches they can be worked on. Crocheting a row of SC is suggested before you start an edge pattern so you can work on an even line, especially if you are working a side! Crab stitch The crab stitch is utilized as a corded edging.

Worked over: any number of stitchesFinish it: Work an odd number of rows (at least one) of single crochet. Shell edging. Fox Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern + Clover Giveaway. The other day, I made this heart cup cozy using front post half double crochets.

Fox Fingerless Gloves Crochet Pattern + Clover Giveaway

Today I’m sharing my my fox fingerless gloves crochet pattern using front post single crochet stitches. And I did it all with my new favorite Clover Amour hooks. If you win the giveaway below, they may become your favorites too! I’ve used Susan Bates metal crochet hooks for years and really never had a problem with it. Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth Video Tutorial. Fame, contacted me and asked if I could help her with a new project she had found on Ravelry for a Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth.

Tunisian Short Row Dishcloth Video Tutorial

Since I had not yet covered Tunisian crochet here at Hooked On Needles, I used that request as motivation to begin some before jumping into the dishcloth pattern. Cat's Tale: Tunisian Resolution Scarf. I’ve been playing with Tunisian crochet stitches for a while now but never made anything with them.

Cat's Tale: Tunisian Resolution Scarf

I found that this is a really fascinating technique, and there are infinite ways where you could put a stitch, the possibilities are endless. When I visited my parents last time I found some old pattern cuttings with black and white photos, the quality of the pictures are not brilliant and there’s no information about the stitches.

But I was intrigued by this stitch... After a dozen or so false starts, I think I finally got it sussed. When we start learning to knit or crochet, the first thing we make is most likely to be a scarf, so I’ll start by making a scarf. Crochet a raglan blouse - pineapple pattern. Español Manera de realizarlo:1.

Crochet a raglan blouse - pineapple pattern

Mortar 132 cadenas + 1 cadena.2. Aumento 1 vuelta – [tejer 6 medio puntos (uno en cada cadena), 1 cadena] hasta terminar + 1 punto corrido 2 vuelta – levantar 3 cadenas, insertar la aguja en la cuarta cadena y hacer 1 vareta, 2 cadenas, (tejer 1 medio punto, 1 cadena, saltar 1 cadena) x 2, tejer 1 medio punto, 2 cadenas, tejer 2 varetas en 1 cadena, tejer 2 varetas, 1 cadena, tejer 2 varetas, [tejer 2 varetas en 1 cadena, 2 cadenas, (tejer 1 medio punto, 1 cadena, saltar 1 cadena) x 2, tejer 1 medio punto, 2 cadenas, tejer 2 varetas en 1 cadena, tejer 2 varetas, 1 cadena, tejer 2 varetas], repetir [] + tejer 1 punto corrido en la tercera cadena3.

Share Knit and Crochet: Crochet T-shirt for summer. Crochet fall leaves t-shirt - Craft Ideas. CARAMELO DE CROCHET: PONCHO. Openwork Crochet Poncho ⋆ Crochet Kingdom. Crochet poncho/cape with circular flower motif, stunning openwork crochet!

Openwork Crochet Poncho ⋆ Crochet Kingdom

Великолепный ажур накидка шик. SHERU Knitting and Crochet international. The ultimate knitting and crochet experience. Silk Lace Crochet Bag Pattern. Use a shiny silk thread in light gold for this beautiful heirloom-quality Silk Lace Crochet Bag Pattern.

Silk Lace Crochet Bag Pattern

Small beads also compliment the design of this crochet lace pattern. The delicate look and vintage flair make this pattern a standout. Crochet purse patterns are a great way to save money but still look good. You can channel today's fashions without ever leaving home - what could be better than that? 10 Beautiful Ways to Crochet a Flower. Nina's At My House: Nina's Pineapple doily #1 Part 1. Nina's Pineapple doily #1 @ 2010 by N.

Nina's At My House: Nina's Pineapple doily #1 Part 1

L. Banks There has been people emailing me asking for this pattern. It has been tested by my exchange leaders. Jacob's Ladder Popcorn Hat. Jacob’s Ladder Popcorn Hat Material: Patons Canadian (1, 85g ball) Hook size: H/8-5.00MM Gauge: Measures 1.5″ over first 2 rounds of hat.

Jacob's Ladder Popcorn Hat

Finished size: Fits an average head. Popcorn St: PC: Work 5 dc in st indicated, remove hook from loop, insert hook in first dc of 5 dc sts made, pick up the loop and pull through. MODÈLE pour char Tigre 1 Panzer bonneterie par miligurumis. Tapestry Crochet Basics and a Simple Pattern. Tapestry Crochet, Europe « Tapestry Crochet. Another tapestry crochet artist of note is laracroft (her web name, of course).

Tapestry Crochet, Europe « Tapestry Crochet

Although originally from Canada, after 20 years of living in Spain, it should not be surprising that Danielle has chosen the European back loop tapestry crochet technique. She says it best (the following is from emails or was originally posted on Danielle’s blog and in Ravelry): Danielle’s Hat and her Russian Princess Hat (designed by Annette Petavy, from the French crochet magazine, 1000 Mailles) with Danielle’s addition of a tapestry crochet border. “I live and work as a classical musician in Barcelona, but really I’m from Toronto. Artisan's Traveling Hat - CrochetMe. Author Jo Anne Tracy Introduction The inspiration for this hat came from Lis Paludan’s Crochet: History & Technique. Among the many wonderful photos in this book is one of a man’s “Traveling Hat,” an patterned straight hat with a flat top. This is my version. ***SORRY, THIS AWESOME CONTENT IS FOR SITE MEMBERS ONLY! Crocheting Without Eyesight. It is interesting to learn about the ways that different people crochet.

Back in March, Rachel shared a video with adaptive crochet methods for the legally blind. This got me thinking about what the term “legally blind” means and the fact that any of us could possibly become legally blind. How to Crochet a Bird. Bring a bit of wildlife into your home by crocheting this darling wild bird. You can set it whatever color tone you want and it’s a project that is fun and quick.

You need a 5mm hook, colorful yarn, safety eyes poly material for stuffing and a great imagination! Bring a bit of wildlife into your home by crocheting this darling wild bird. You can set it whatever color tone you want and it’s a project that is fun and quick. You need a 5mm hook, colorful yarn, safety eyes poly material for stuffing and a great imagination! Frequently Asked Questions. Q: Staci, what if I have questions while I’m working on one of your patterns/tutorials?

A: Most people find that the videos provide all of the guidance they need to knit through a new project, but if you ever have any questions while knitting one of my tutorials, you can always contact me at Q: Staci, I’d like to modify your pattern to fit other sizes. Can you help me? A: Most of my patterns and tutorials are designed to teach the skills and techniques you need to knit that item (socks, sweaters, etc.).

Once you’ve finished a tutorial, you have what you need to know to move on to all kinds of similar patterns, available in all sizes. Q: I’ve knitting through one of your patterns, but I’ve made major modifications and I’m running into trouble. An Elf Named Elfus - Free Pattern - Loopsan Crochet Blog. When you think about Christmas, you might think about Santa but what would Santa be without his little helpers? That’s right and thats why today you’ll get the chance to crochet your own little elf. Blog - Kit's Crafts. Pattern: tiny crochet pumpkin. Over 250 Free Crocheted Square Patterns at Online Since 2000 FreeCrafts Free Holiday Crafts Sewing & Quilting Crochet & Knitting More AllCrafts.

Fisherman's Ring Square Pattern. Crochet DROPS hat with fan pattern in ”Muskat”. DROPS MUSKAT UNI COLOUR (50g) DROPS Supersale / 35% OFF! 3.05 USD 2.00 USD. Crochet DROPS hat with fan pattern in ”Muskat”. Celtic Lace Join. I originally made this join for my 13th Textured Circles piece, but I ended up re-working that to attain my final measurement. This join can be used for any type square! Men's Swish Crochet Vest. Sunflower potholder - free pattern. The sunflower potholder had been in my wish list for a long time. White Chocolate Strawberry Double Shell Ripple. [ Close Privacy Policy ] Privacy Policy / Your California Privacy Rights Revised and posted as of March 25, 2015 Prime Publishing, LLC ("Company," "we" or "us") reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time simply by posting such revision, so we encourage you to review it periodically. In order to track any changes to this Privacy Policy, we will include a historical reference at the top of this document.

212s-2_French-sleeve_Bolero.pdf. Under Victoria's Hat: Pattern: Collared Tippet. Type: One Skein WonderSkill Level: Easy Skill BuilderWearability: Fun This scarf is militaristic in style with a pointed collar and round epaulets that form the front of the scarf. The look is finished with metallic buttons. Although the body is worked in a flat round without turning, the collar is worked by turning between rows. Crochet Bag Pattern and Broomstick Crochet Tutorial. This charming crocheted purse has two faces – one side has the image of the sea coast, while the other side in checkered design looks completely different.

Silk Lace Crochet Bag Pattern. Flat%20Braid%20Square%20Joining%20Method.pdf. Get Smitten by Lisa Pocklington: *Designer* - FREE Crochet iPad Cover Tutorial. Want to glam up your iPad? I'm a big believer in making practical things pretty, and if it gives me the excuse to whip my crochet hook out, then all the better as far as I'm concerned! I was playing around with stitch combinations after flicking through a vintage pattern book and my favourite feeds on Instagram and this is what I came up with; it's a basic ripple and fan stitch that uses colour and ridged texture for maximum effect. And this is my current colour obsession: grey, silver and blush. Granny Square Spiral. Author PKOlson Introduction. Seraphina Shawl Pattern by Doni. Seraphina ShawlCopyright 2004-2008 by Doni of DoniStuff Designs(pattern appears here at Crochetville with the express written permission of Doni) The instructions on this page have been modified from the original pattern on Doni's site, hopefully making the instructions a little easier to follow for those who are new to reading patterns.

Princess Louise Bag 1917. Craftaceous Period. Mystery Afghan Crochet Along Challenge. How to Crochet the Bavarian Rectangle. WEB-PATONS-METALLIC-C-FunkyStripesCardigan.pdf. Da's Crochet Connection: Chair Rug/Chair Pad. Sophie's Universe CAL 2015. Banana Split Baby Dress Crochet ePattern. Glittery Crochet Stars in 2 Rounds. Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Thread Crochet. Block 37: Prince Protea Square {Photo Tutorial and Pattern} Red Berry Crochet: Week 17: Celebrate the First Day Of Summer. Free Reusable Crocheted Grocery Bag Pattern. Crocheted Coffee Mug Cozy. Easy batik patterns. Dharma Trading Co. Featured Artist: Evelyn Fritts. The Batik Quilted Bag by janetacar166559. Dissolving Dharma Fiber Reactive Dye Powder. New Tjaps. Shibori Girl. Weefcraft Tie-Dyed Apparel.