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Teaching Crochet. 15+ Inspiring Blind Crocheters and Visually Impaired People Who Crochet. You don’t have to be able to see to crochet.

15+ Inspiring Blind Crocheters and Visually Impaired People Who Crochet

You can feel your way through the work. In fact, many people who crochet are blind – either because they were born that way or because they experience macular degeneration over time. Many older people with limited eyesight can no longer drive or do other daily things but they can still crochet. Here are some of those inspiring crochet stories about blind crocheters. I wrote about Patricia Belcher, legally blind since birth, back in 2012 when she was aspiring to break a crochet world record for the World’s Longest Crochet Chain. Terry shared her story with us previously about crocheting to heal through the depression and fear of unemployment. Beverly Lewis was blind when she learned to crochet. Gina Pontelandolfo is one of the contributors to the crochet coral reef project in Melbourne. 15+ Inspiring Blind Crocheters and Visually Impaired People Who Crochet.

How To Make Your Own Relentlessly Gay Yard Lights. How to Make Colored Mason Jars. I've said it before and I'll say it again ...

How to Make Colored Mason Jars

I am obsessed with the mason jar! Mason jars just make me happy. I use these bad boys for everything. My friends think I need mason jar therapy. Anyone else need a mason jar intervention? Well, well my beautiful friends, little did I know but you can now color your own mason jars! These are my Moroccan colored mason jars. Grab whatever mason jar you want to color and pour in Mod Podge. Use a stick (or whatever you have) to mix up the color. Now using your hand tilt the jar every which way until all the glue covers the entire inside of the mason jar.

Now place the jar on a paper plate so any excess glue pours out. See the purple mason jar? The finished product! Now keep in mind these were made with glue so you cannot eat out of these or put food in them. Pampering Massage Soap Saver. Massage soap with the bumps and nubs on one side is lovely stuff.

Pampering Massage Soap Saver

But what happens when you use soap? Within a few showers, those bumps are gone. What to do? Make the Pampering Massage Soap Saver! This crochet soap saver pattern features 12 bumps (aka cluster stitches) on one side for perfect pampering that doesn’t wear away. The soap sack is a quick project – each one done in an hour or less – but don’t let the soap itself be an afterthought. Prefer to buy rather than make? Now on to the free crochet pattern! Add this pattern to your Ravelry Queue US – I, 5.50 mm hook40 yards worsted weight cotton yarn (I Love This Cotton and Sugar’n Cream shown)Prefer a non-bumpy version?

CL – Cluster Stitch (Puff Stitch): [Yo, insert hook into next st, pull up a loop to height of row] 4 times, working into the same st each time, until there are 9 loops on the hook. Row 1: Ch 10. Row 2: Ch 1, hdc in each st to end of row. Round 4 (RS): Ch 1. Love it ~ Hanging glass bottle candle holders are amazing for 2015 New Year - Fashion Blog. Pretty 2015 New Year wine bottle hanging candle lamps ideas - metal chain votive candle holders Repurposed wine bottle glass cutters hanging candle holders - chain indoor candle lanterns decor So special blue wine bottle wall candle holder torch ideas - diy outside votive tea light candle holders.

Love it ~ Hanging glass bottle candle holders are amazing for 2015 New Year - Fashion Blog


Instant download Crochet PATTERN pdf file by monpetitviolon. Home Page. Little Red Farm: Montessori infant puzzle ball tutorial. How about this then??

Little Red Farm: Montessori infant puzzle ball tutorial

I give you the Montessori infant puzzle ball!!...... [applause] These puzzle balls look beautiful and are wonderful developmental toys for a baby who is just beginning to grasp with both hands. The many "handles" of the ball help the child build wrist strength and coordination. Plus, it rolls a very short distance if dropped, thus eliminating frustration of a bouncy ball that rolls hopelessly out of reach.

The design of the ball has quite a history of tradition with quilt makers in the United States because it has been a favorite toy for many years. I found a tutorial to make the ball over at The Secret of Childhood and have added a few tips and tricks from a beginners point of view below. Here's how to make it: First decide how big you want the ball to be. After cutting out all of the 9 circles the next step is to further cut them into quarters. Do the same for all of the circles (patterned and plain) and cut into quarters. The picture below shows this finished edge.


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