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Recess Time

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Student calls for longer recess: “We act now or never!” We all support daily recess, but it takes changemakers to bring a long, healthy recess to all schools.

Student calls for longer recess: “We act now or never!”

San Francisco fourth grader DJ Chinn may just be one of those changemakers. A youth leader already, he wrote his persuasive essay assignment on extending recess minutes. Please read and follow his lead! Recess Makes Kids Smarter. All day in the classroom, kids are being told: "Be quiet.

Recess Makes Kids Smarter

Sit still. Be quiet. Sit still," says Nelly Torres, a parent of a first and a fourth grader in the Chicago Public Schools. "That's because they need their recess. " Torres, 42, still lives in the same neighborhood she grew up in. There was no recess at her children's school until last year when Torres and others lobbied and got a 10-minute break for the kids once a day. Yet recess has been scaled back or cut altogether in a number of schools around the country. But all work and no play for kids has not set well with many parents — and teachers. Now there is some momentum to bring recess back, fueled by several forces. Who Decides? The call on recess — to have it, or not, and for how long — is often a local school decision.

About 11 percent of states and 57 percent of districts require elementary schools to provide students with regularly scheduled recess, a study by the Centers for Disease Control in 2006 shows. The Reason for a LONGER Recess. Children are lucky if they get one twenty-minute recess session a day!

The Reason for a LONGER Recess

As a pediatric occupational therapist and founder of TimberNook camps, I have a problem with short recess sessions. I’ll tell you why…. I remember back in the early 1980s, when I was in grade school. Longer Recess, Stronger Child Development. "Here they come," the teacher tells me with a weary smile. The children are on their way back from recess. Excited voices echo from down the hallway. I've decided to volunteer at my daughter's elementary school for the afternoon. Eager to see her smiling face, I intently watch the door as the children enter. Their energy as they trickle into the classroom is almost palpable. Later, the teacher confides in me, "I don't understand it. Shortfalls of a Short Recess Many teachers report that the period after recess is the absolute hardest transition time of the day.

An adequate amount of recess time (or lack thereof) can directly affect children's ability to pay attention, self-regulate, socialize intelligently, and master complex learning skills. Should kids have longer recess at school? It makes it harder for kids to get back on track to learn, and less time to learn all together.

Should kids have longer recess at school?

I think 15mins. Is perfect because kids are out for an appropriate amount of time to be freshened up to clear their minds. If you make a longer recess, kids will find it hard to get back on track to learn whatever subject is for that current place in time. ~Charcoal the Shadow Animatronic Recess should stay the same time! Well in recess there's more advantage in swearing, fighting, getting bullied and a whole other bunch of crap! Should Schools Take a Break from Recess? From time to time, Education World updates and reposts an archived article that we think might be of interest to administrators.

Should Schools Take a Break from Recess?

We hope you find this recently updated article to be of value Does it make sense, educationally and developmentally, to eliminate recess for students in elementary school? That question is the subject of debate among educators. What do teachers and parents have to say? "What's your favorite subject? " "Recess! " But, today, some students -- and teachers -- might not find the joke funny. So why cut recess? "The big thing in this country now is standards," Marie Diamond, president of the Connecticut Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, stated in a recent Hartford Courant interview.

"We've raised the bar; our standards are higher," says Diamond. But the key to success in school and in life, many education experts say, is academic learning. Abolishing free time during the school day, observers say, began with pressure from international competition. Children's Health & Wellness. More and more, parents are protesting school policies that allow teachers and administrators to withhold recess to punish student misbehavior.

Children's Health & Wellness

Common infractions include tardiness, acting out in class and failure to complete homework—everyday childhood behaviors that result in numerous children having to go without recess on any given day. The research is clear. Children need recess. It benefits every aspect of childhood development—physical development, of course, but also social, emotional and intellectual development as well. Following are seven reasons why, if we want our children to succeed, recess should not be denied. Everyone benefits from a break. There is one more reason recess should not be withheld from children as punishment: It doesn’t work. About the Author: Rae Pica is a children’s physical activity specialist and the author of 18 books for teachers and parents. This article appeared in Pathways to Family Wellness magazine, Issue #25. View Article References View Author Bio.

5 Reasons Kids Need Longer Recess at School. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) highlights the importance of recess for school kids that is just as important as learning math or the alphabet.

5 Reasons Kids Need Longer Recess at School

One reason, according to the experts is that socialization that comes from play fosters skills that are just downright important for becoming happy healthy adults.