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Halloween food

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Halloween Brain Dip Recipe. Haunted Forest Platter. 'deli In The Hay' Halloween Sandwiches. Place Swiss cheese slices on cutting board until board is completely covered in a single layer.

'deli In The Hay' Halloween Sandwiches

Spray top of cheese slices with a thin film of olive oil. Top cheese with a single layer of roast beef and spray with oil. Top the roast beef with turkey but do not spray turkey top with oil. Using a sharp chef's knife, cut through the deli stack making 1 inch strips. Turn board 180 degrees and cut deli stack into finger roll lengths so deli mixture fits into rolls. Boo Berry Sandwiches. Pumpkin Shaped Sandwiches. Ghastly Gobin Grin. Witch's Brew Burritos. Spookalish Pasta. Halloween Brain Dip. Better Recipes.