Halloween food

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Halloween Brain Dip Recipe. Haunted Forest Platter. 'deli In The Hay' Halloween Sandwiches | Better Recipes. Place Swiss cheese slices on cutting board until board is completely covered in a single layer.

'deli In The Hay' Halloween Sandwiches | Better Recipes

Spray top of cheese slices with a thin film of olive oil. Top cheese with a single layer of roast beef and spray with oil. Top the roast beef with turkey but do not spray turkey top with oil. Using a sharp chef's knife, cut through the deli stack making 1 inch strips. Turn board 180 degrees and cut deli stack into finger roll lengths so deli mixture fits into rolls. Boo Berry Sandwiches | Better Recipes. Pumpkin Shaped Sandwiches | Better Recipes. Ghastly Gobin Grin | Better Recipes. Witch's Brew Burritos | Better Recipes. Spookalish Pasta | Better Recipes. Halloween Brain Dip | Better Recipes. Bloody Bones | Better Recipes.