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Genetics Lab techniques

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RESTRICTION ENZYMES. HHMI Experiment to follow Wheat Germ Extraction (modified by Donald Holmquist, 2001) In this exercise you will; 1.


How to Graph with Microsoft Excel. How to Graph with Microsoft Excel Spectrophotometry Laboratory 1.

How to Graph with Microsoft Excel

Open Microscoft Excel. Size of DNA Molecules Determined by Agarose Gel Electrophoresis. Laboratory Exercise. Laboratory Exercise: ELECTROPHORESIS & MIGRATION DISTANCE In order to analyze the products of digestion by restriction enzymes, it is necessary to visualize the fragments produced.

Laboratory Exercise

Gel electrophoresis is a technology that has been developed to separate DNA fragments, taking advantage of the inherent chemistry of the DNA molecule. DNA is negatively charged due to the phosphate groups embedded in side rails of the helix. Laboratory Exercise. Laboratory Exercise: ISOLATION OF DNA FROM WHEAT GERM In this lab, you will: Isolate DNA from a eukaryotic source Run gel electrophoresis to visualize the DNA Optionally cut the genomic DNA using the restriction enzyme EcoR1.

Laboratory Exercise

Laboratory Exercise. Laboratory Exercise-BACTERIAL TRANSFORMATION HHMI Laboratory for Honors Genetics (modified by Donald Holmquist ,2001) In this exercise you will:

Laboratory Exercise

Laboratory Techniques. Laboratory Techniques.