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Boxes & Arrows. Imagine you’re on one side of a grass lawn and you want to reach the bus stop on the opposite side.

Boxes & Arrows

Do you walk on the sidewalk around the edges or cross in the middle? Assuming the grass is dry and it’s not prohibited, you’d probably take the shortest path and walk across the lawn to the bus stop. If others have done so before, you may see a beaten path that you could follow. Such unplanned paths connect the shortest distance between two points, and we can find them everywhere in our surroundings. In urban planning they are known as “desire paths” or “desire lines.”[1] They are an indication of the gap between natural human behavior and contrived routes. Architect Christopher Alexander recognizes desire lines in his renowned book, A Pattern Language (1976)[2]. To lay out paths, first place goals at natural points of interest. In principle, Alexander’s approach is to begin with the goals—the things people ultimately want—and then link them together in the most useful way. 1. 2. 3. Summary. Datablog. David Foster. Designleo. Magazine Powerpoint Presentation Templates are important tool required to help you to show case your works and to make client impressive.


These are mainly used for business as well as for class room lectures. Here we listed some Best Magazine Powerpoint Presentation Templates for your presentation. Diversity Magazine Powerpoint Template - DOWNLOAD | Screenshots Classic portfolio magazine style for architecture,model agency and photography presentation, suitable for creative company. Absolutely gorgeous and you seriously want it! Portfolio Magazine Powerpoint Presentation - DOWNLOAD | Screenshots Portfolio Magazine PowerPoint Presentation for architecture,model agency and photography presentation, suitable for creative company. Artsy Magazine Powerpoint Template - DOWNLOAD | Screenshots Artistic creative magazine style for business or portfolio presentation, suitable for creative company. Classica Magazine Powerpoint Template - DOWNLOAD | Screenshots Article by. Envisioning Technology 2012. What is the visualization?

Envisioning Technology 2012

Understanding where technology is heading is more than guesswork. Looking at emerging trends and research, one can predict and draw conclusions about how the technological sphere is developing, and which technologies should become mainstream in the coming years. Envisioning technology is meant to facilitate these observations by taking a step back and seeing the wider context.

Equator. Fathom. How GE Uses Data Visualization to Tell Complex Stories - Gretchen Gavett. GE, perhaps more than any other major company, is dedicated to the use of data visualization as a key part of its marketing and communications efforts.

How GE Uses Data Visualization to Tell Complex Stories - Gretchen Gavett

Stemming from our Insight Center on visualizing data, I spoke with Linda Boff, GE’s executive director of global brand marketing, about the benefits and challenges of this approach. An edited version of our conversation is below. What’s the history of data visualization at GE? How did your strategy around it develop? GE specializes in complex challenges in solving the toughest problems in the world: Infrastructure, renewable energy, affordable health care.

In trying to do that, the marketing communications brand group is always searching for compelling ways to bring these challenges to life. Hyperakt. Jun 28, 2012 | Data Viz , Web The web today is a growing universe of interlinked web pages and web apps, teeming with videos, photos, and interactive content.


What the average user doesn't see is the interplay of web technologies and browsers that makes all this possible. Information design. Light bulbs Infographics. Mar27 Earth Hour Awareness visualized by: Neo Mammalian Studios Did you switched off on March 23?

Light bulbs Infographics

It was the Earth Hour global call for 2013. You missed that? Aug14 Buying Green Product... visualized by: Comparing green products with their outdated counterparts. Jul04 Rare Earth Metals industry. Magic Ink. This draft was released March 15, 2006.

Magic Ink

Please email comments to bret You can also download the PDF. Information Software and the Graphical Interface by Bret Victor Abstract #The ubiquity of frustrating, unhelpful software interfaces has motivated decades of research into “Human-Computer Interaction.” #Information software design can be seen as the design of context-sensitive information graphics. #Although this paper presents a number of concrete design and engineering ideas, the larger intent is to introduce a “unified theory” of information software design, and provide inspiration and direction for progressive designers who suspect that the world of software isn’t as flat as they’ve been told.

Scope and terminology #“Software,” as used here, refers to user-facing personal desktop software, whether on a native or web platform. McAdams. Presentations. The future of money. Victorian Infographics. A time table indicating the difference in time between the principal cities of the World and also showing their air-line distance from Washington.

Victorian Infographics

IN: 'Mitchell's New General Atlas, Containing Maps Of The Various Countries Of The World, Plans Of Cities, Etc., Embraced In Ninety-Three Quarto Maps, Forming A Series Of One Hundred and Forty-seven Maps and Plans, Together With Valuable Statistical Tables..' by Samuel Augustus Mitchell Jr, 1883; published in Philadelphia by WM Bradley. Tableau d'Astronomie et de Sphère IN: 'Atlas Universel d'Histoire et de Geographie Anciennes et Modernes, de Mythologie, des Religions, d'Astronomie, de Physique, de Geologie, de Histoire Naturelle, de Grammaire, de Rhetorique..' by Henri Duval, 1834; published in Paris by L Houbloup. Tableau d'Astronomie et de Sphère [detail]