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Video - WebApp. Tavola periodica delle applicazioni. Tassonomia app 2.0. TodaysMeet - Give everyone a voice. Infographic and Statistic Videos. Padlet - Una bacheca virtuale per discutere e condividere contenuti. PrimaryPad: collaborare online con semplicità. Tricider - Per confrontare, argomentare e votare idee. What conditions are important for people starting new businesses?

Tricider - Per confrontare, argomentare e votare idee

Saved If a company cannot hire skilled staff, it cannot create good products or offer good services by Akemi Having skilled staff allows a company to offerer more refined and customized services. by Yuka To overcome unexpected difficulies and develop suitable business way by Takeshi Yano The staff of my Korean barbecue restaurant does not work well. By Takuya They need to have some body knowledge. they dont just leurn by books. Teaching new people the way of working is always a good thing to try though An awareness of the market Every team needs a member with a good heart New entrepreneurs hardly ever have enough money for staff. It´s like playing poker. By Andy Your full staff compliment should be between 30 and 40% skilled labour the rest of the staff memb... more by Khadija Peck Add argument No Business without passion.

There will be a lot of ups and downs; your passion will help to carry you through the tough times... more by Mike. Calaméo - Condividi le tue pubblicazioni. generatore di "nuvole di tag". Timetoast: creare e condividere linee temporali interattive.

TourBuilder - raccontare e condividere le tappe di un viaggio. Sutori: raccontare una storia aggregando contenuti. MyHistro - I tempi ed i luoghi di un racconto. The composition of the proposed estates general was a controversial topic during the autumn of 1788.

MyHistro - I tempi ed i luoghi di un racconto

The aristocratic Paris parlement argued that the arrangement should have been as on the previous occasion, in 1614, when each estate had an equal number of deputies and each of the three social groups had met and voted separately. This proposal represented a firm plea for the status quo, since the first two estates (clergy and nobility) could have together outvoted the third estate (the rest of the nation) on every issue. Yet the third estate was precisely the part of the community which was seething with resentment at the privileges enjoyed by the other two under the ancien régime.

The third estate, however, argued that ancient precedent was not sufficient, because "the people were sovereign. " Most powerful pamphlet of the campaign of the common populace was Qu'est-ce que le Tiers État? The Estates-General convened in the Grands Salles des Menus-Plaisirs in Versailles on 5 May 1789. Prezi - Creare presentazioni. PowToon - Comunicare efficacemente. Text2MindMap: creare mappe in modo semplice. Mindomo: creare mappe mentali. Coggle: creare mappe mentali collaborative. Infografiche: comunicare in modo efficace.

Esempi di infografiche. Piktochart: creare e condividere infografiche. creare e condividere infografiche. Animoto: creare videotrailer. VideoAnt - Discutere e commentare video. VideoAnt: commentare un video musicale. PlayPosit: incorporare quiz in un video. Comment Bubble: raccogliere commenti e reazioni ad un video. Storyboard That: creare storie a fumetti. Toondoo: creare e condividere storie a fumetti. Pixlr: l'editor di immagini sempre disponibile. Cacoo: creare diagrammi, schemi e mappe con facilità.

Thinglink: arricchire immagini e video. ThingLink - Video Interattivi. LyricsTraining: imparare le lingue con i video musicali. Moovly: presentazioni animate. Twiddla: lavagne virtuali per collaborare online. Mlearning class - mobile learning- contenuti formativi per dispositivi mobili.