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Shelf Divider. Shelf Tree. Cardboard Shelf. Window. Better-view-blinds.jpg (605×746) 149041068887786993wCbW7kTHc.jpg (300×400) Tiny-house-jessica-helgerson-2.jpg (650×433) BR_loc_Bradbury_1808.JPG (600×800) Secret Stash. Yiting Cheng just finished up a master's degree in design, but she could already teach James Bond a thing or two about stashing valuables.

Secret Stash

For her thesis project, Cheng designed a series of eight objects that ingeniously store secrets--from passwords to money to drugs to IDs. And you can see all of them in this nicely shot video (our favorite is the secrete drawer, hidden in the edge of a table, which is only accessible when attach a magnetic pull): Tetrabox lamp. Kitchen. Kitchen red. Kitchen + lamp. Blik donkey kong pong wall decals. Lounge. BringingNatureHome_Prune. Wall design. Bedroom. Unique-custom-table-series.jpg (468×573) Oriental Warehouse Apartment Loft Conversion in San Francisco. We have already witnessed several different warehouse conversions in the past few months including one that was based in San Francisco , and now we take another trip to the Bay Area for this gorgeous Oriental Warehouse Loft.

Designed by the design studio Edmonds + Lee Architects , this amazing property resides on San Francisco’s South Beach neighborhood. The project takes on contemporary design elements, and revolves around open spaces making the home feel extremely spacious and inviting at the same time. Chicago2.png (400×266) Chalkboard,interior,design,bizarre,experimental-fe1165751d2b5b50d05f098153727fcc_h.jpg (320×213) Chalkboard,desk,interior,interior,design,vintage-989c2451b251f9dc40b41bd6f741df9e_h.jpg (260×320) 461988042_787d2d396f.jpg (320×256) Hermes Workbench. Desk + chair. Modern home office. Steampunk-Home-Decor2.jpg (550×314)