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Encrypting Pictures Using Chaotic Cellular Automata Encrypting Pictures Using Chaotic Cellular Automata It’s been more than ten years now since the idea emerged of using chaos to encrypt messages. The approach is straightforward. Start with a message, superimpose it on a chaotic signal and send. If the chaos is carefully chosen, this signal can seem random and so look like background noise. To reveal the original message, the receiver must be in possession of the same chaotic signal and simply needs to subtract this from the encrypted message. Voila!
Welcome to The World of Holophonics™ Welcome to The World of Holophonics™ Holophonics™, by inventor Hugo Zuccarelli is the aural equivalent of visual holography, a technology with the capacity to record sound exactly as it is. Spatial dimension, ambience, emotion, and the living spirit of the source are presented in such a way that our brains have little choice but to tell us that the content of the recording is, in fact, real life. No processing, no special effects, just a pure signal, blended with a healthy dose of genius.
Sacred Geometry Life has shifted big time for the better since I was introduced to Sacred G. I have just had the best month in my business in my whole life… Coincidence?.. I think not. The activations are also AWESOME... Most times I saw a shift by the NEXT DAY... Sacred Geometry