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McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers delivering expert insurance since 20 years. We offer insurance for every type of business including Liability Insurance, Marine, Commercial, Construction, Cyber, Commercial Property, Transport and many more all over the Australia. You can also insured life and vehicle insurance.

Importance of Having Sufficient Business Coverage - LIVE BLOG SPOT. Insurance Brokers: The Most Preferred Reasons to Hire Their Services. It was a troublesome task for insurance agencies to connect with common people and make them understand the significance of insurance or the insurance policy best for their need and protection.

Insurance Brokers: The Most Preferred Reasons to Hire Their Services

So, insurance agencies utilized agents to take care of this task. These are the many people who are very capable in the understanding of insurance and make effective awareness among the majority or enable them in being guaranteed by working through the situations they to live in. On occasion, a single approach is deficient to cover the whole hazard. They think about the sort of risk an individual may experience; assess and teach him/her about the approaches to counter each risk they might face.

In this way, representatives are the retailers who trade the insurance policies to the right prospects. It is by and large troublesome for standard individual to understand the prerequisite behind the policies they purchase and explain the insurer the right assessment expected to benefit from the policy. Basic Guidance Regarding Business Interruption Insurance – McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers. It is a kind of business, which compensates your business against particular categories of costs in some tragic situations.

Basic Guidance Regarding Business Interruption Insurance – McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers

Business Interruption Insurance is as essential to survival as fire insurance. This insurance, especially cover these categories, which are, 1) profits that would have been accomplished if the disaster had not happened. 2) Operating expenses that must be paid against the inability to operate3) expenses occurred since business operations had to be changed while damaged original premises were returned for use. Generally, business owners aware of buying insurance against fire or other disaster, but very few consider this insurance. News - McKenzie Ross. Following an outstanding first half result for FY17, McKenzie Ross & Co Pty Ltd are excited to announced the appointment of Luke Lalor as the company’s Operations Manager with effect from 1 March 2017.

News - McKenzie Ross

Lalor joins McKenzie Ross with 20 years’ experience in the General Insurance industry. As an industry leader, he has successfully implemented organisational change to drive growth and operational improvements of business units. Most recently, Lalor served as National Underwriting Manager – Genesis at Allianz Australia Insurance Limited. "I'm excited to leverage my operational experience to help McKenzie Ross expand and grow further in the Independent broker market” Lalor said.

"McKenzie Ross is a strong player that has experienced significant growth over the past five years and is helping so many quality organisations manage their risks and opportunities and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.” News - McKenzie Ross. These days you'd be mad to travel abroad without travel insurance especially when you consider the cost of a trip to hospital in another country can be in the thousands and payment is expected at the time of your stay.

News - McKenzie Ross

In addition to unlimited medical coverage it is also important to look out for a few other items when considering a travel policy. Read the fine print Many policies contain statements like "up to $12,000 of coverage on luggage and personal effects". However, look at the small print, which may reveal that only $700 will be covered per item. These are known as 'sub-limits' and can result in a nasty surprise when you lodge a claim, especially if you're planning to travel with expensive equipment such as laptops or cameras. Industrial Special Risks - McKenzie Ross. Iron clad Protection for those in Industry Industrial Special Risks Insurance (ISR) is designed to protect physical assets of your business including buildings, stock, plant and machinery and other property.

Industrial Special Risks - McKenzie Ross

ISR policies are designed specifically for companies and organisations with significant physical assets with values over $5,000,000. Industrial Special Risks insurance is broad, flexible policy industry cover for all losses and damages except for the exclusions and endorsements placed on the policy. As well as protection for the replacement of the physical assets of the business because of fire, flood, theft, earthquake etc . ISR also extends to cover the financial losses that a company experiences because of such incidents that prevent them from running their operation effectively and ultimately affect their profitability (business interruption).

News - McKenzie Ross. Media reports have accused insurance companies of making millions by forcing Victorian households to double up on their fire levy contributions.

News - McKenzie Ross

An accusation the Insurance Council have been quick to deny… The Herald Sun is claiming that as the Fire Services Levy become an aspect collected by annual rate payments rather than through insurance from July 1, 2013, “some of Australia’s biggest insurance companies will continue to charge a full year's levy through insurance premiums – even if customers only have a few months before being charged the tax again by their council – netting them millions of dollars.” The accusation is that as about $50 million worth of fire services levy payments are raised each month, these overlapping payments could see Victorians overcharged tens of millions of dollars. News - McKenzie Ross. Don't think it can happen to you?

News - McKenzie Ross

Here are some recent real life claims examples provided by one of our insurance partners Prorisk Underwriting. Real Estate Agent Claim 1 A Real Estate Agent sold a caravan park and business to the Plaintiff. After the transaction was completed, the Plaintiff discovered that the boundaries of the property were incorrectly described in the contract and that some of the caravan sites were not located on the land that had been sold.

The Plaintiff commenced proceedings against the Vendor, the Real Estate Agent and the solicitor that acted for the Plaintiff on the purchase of the property. The Real Estate Agent argued that any representations that were made in relation to the land were those of the Vendor and that it merely passed on the instructions it had received from the Vendor. News - McKenzie Ross. A burglary happens just about every minute across Australia*, costing business almost $800m per year#.

News - McKenzie Ross

It is not only the dollars and cents associated with stolen stock and business interruption, but the loss of valuable information and records- and that sickening feeling that comes with having your security shattered. A break in not only affects the bottom line, there are indirect costs associated with the psychological impact of the crime on business owners and staff. In Victoria there are about 46,000 burglaries on 2009/10 financial year, including more than 16,000 at non-residential locations^. In NSW the number of break-and-enters last year was 45,000`. Transport Insurance Helps in Claiming If There is Any Mishap – McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers.

People need to transport vehicles from one place to other for some reasons.

Transport Insurance Helps in Claiming If There is Any Mishap – McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers

Other household items can be moved by packers and movers but the vehicles have to be transported in a safe condition. Physically it has to be secured and the transport insurance has to be valid. There is no surety of the roads, weather or any other untoward incidents are always there. Stay Insured and Save Yourself from a Heart Attack – McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers. A heart attack has emerged as one of the major causes of death of Americans.

Stay Insured and Save Yourself from a Heart Attack – McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers

It’s a health attack which can not only be sudden but deadly in most of the situations. Heart diseases are mostly common in adults; however, it can strike anyone anytime. If any individual is going through any symptoms of heart problems it is highly advisable to approach a professional and seek medications from them. Similarly getting yourself insured will save your loved ones from getting a health attack. Different Insurance Schemes - Why You Need Them Today?

Insurance is a very simple term to understand and it means to protect something like a business, a human, a property and appliances from unforeseen events. Having insurance gives you as well as the business owners a peace of mind. However, the article here will explain to you the importance of having business insurance since it is a measure to keep you safe from the different unwanted expenses. Since so many years, safety is considered to be the pilot seat which is the main seat that controls all of us. No matter what the circumstance can be, being insured is always the best choice. Business Insurance Brokers Melbourne: Protect Your Business with Business Interruption Insurance. Business interruption insurance is a typical policy which ensures to provide any business or company required funds for making up the difference of normal income and the income at the time of closing down of business. Due to some unwanted reasons a business may need to close down or reduce the volume of operation of the business.

It can be due to any accident or disability of business owner or key-man, loss of property or for any type of legal liability or unforeseen situations. This insurance is especially designed for bringing back the business in secured position which was before the occurrence of loss. Business Insurance Brokers Melbourne: Three Things to Know about Transport Insurance. Transport insurance is designed for the people who are transporting cargo by road, railways or by air.

And you need certain kind of protection against any financial loss of cargo while it is transported. When it comes to transportation of goods from one place to another there are many things that can go wrong. Like cargo being stolen, some kind of accident or any other mishap. So, whether there is a transport of goods by rail, road or air insurance is a vital segment. Business Interruption Insurance Australia - McKenzie Ross. Getting you back on your feet in times of crisis. Cyber Insurance can be Suitable Choice for Your Business – McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers. With a lot of businesses all around the world performing their operations online and the range of people utilizing the internet for the monetary transactions is raising by day, a lot of challenges are moreover coming up and a number of those transacting their businesses by the internet are going through a number of risks. Several of these challenges if not perfectly addressed will give rise to thousands of dollars being gone.

This has caused many of them to look for instant solutions to this predicament. Best Term Life Insurance Policy in Australia - McKenzie Ross. Protection for you and your family. Cyber Insurance Providers in Australia. Cyber Liability is a specially designed insurance product which addresses the liability of companies arising from data protection laws, the management of personal data and the consequences of losing corporate information.

With recent data breaches hitting the headlines in Asia and Australia, loss of personal and corporate data has far-reaching ramifications that could potentially change the way business is carried out all over the world. Most high-profile stories in the media today address the type of data loss that impacts people on a personal level: credit card numbers, medical records, birth dates, ID/passport numbers and other private personal information. However, we should also be mindful of the impact from the loss of corporate data and information such as intellectual property and proprietary information, which in the hands of a competitor or even an extortionist can severely disadvantage business.

Business Insurance Brokers Melbourne: Why We need Cyber Insurance? In this competitive market, enterprises and business houses have understood that if they want to establish their ubiquitous presence then they should focus more on internet or web presence. McKenzie Ross Financial Services - McKenzie Ross. McKenzie Ross has recently joined forces with one of Australia's leading financial advice businesses, Partners Wealth Group to create McKenzie Ross Financial Services. The business is a joint venture with PARTNERS that now allows us to bring additional services to you our valued client. Different Types of Construction Insurances – McKenzie Ross Insurance Brokers. Business Insurance Brokers Melbourne: Protect Your Business with Business Interruption Insurance.

Cyber Insurance Providers in Australia. Know a lot more about Commercial Property Insurance before availing it! Engaging Transport Insurance Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow. Not just to do with the sea! Transporting goods can be risky business particularly when valuable stock, equipment or machinery are on the move. Marine Transit Insurance provides cover for any goods being transported whether by air, land or sea. Significance of Business Liability Insurance With Its Types. Balance Your Profits with Business Interruption Insurance. When any devastation strikes, you may be incapable to manage business in your old location and in many cases close down for a span of time.

Be relaxed by having business insurance for your firm - Insurance Broker Australia. Business Insurance Brokers Melbourne: Business risk management with Commercial insurance Australia!! Business Insurance Brokers Melbourne: Construction Insurance: Eliminate your unpredicted liabilities!! Covers Offered in Business Insurance Policy. Securing the Life in Waters with Marine Insurance - Insurance Broker Australia. Advantages of Cyber Insurance for Any Online Business.

How is Liability Insurance helpful for a business?