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Fwd: Friday Finisher...Tech Committees and Tech Plans - mckayk - Billings Public Schools Mail. Interactive Whiteboard Teacher Tools. ↓ Skip to Main Content Home Resources Teacher Tools Numbers to Ten on the TenFrame Using a two by five array, the TenFrame supports the use of five as an anchor for early number sense.

Interactive Whiteboard Teacher Tools

View Teacher Tool View Teacher Tool in Spanish Download Sample Lesson Plan Numbers to Ten on the MathRack Using one, two, or ten wires, the MathRack supports the use of fives, tens, and doubles as anchors for supporting automaticity of View Teacher Tool View Teacher Tool in Spanish Numbers to Twenty on the TenFrame Using multiple two by five arrays, the TenFrame supports the use of fives and tens as anchors for early number sense. Numbers to Twenty on the MathRack Using a two-wire MathRack, students recognize and apply patterns of five and ten to develop early counting.

Matching Number Pairs for Eight Students practice computation strategies and identify number patterns and relationships to make eight in a variety of ways. Matching Number Pairs for Nine. MULTIPLICATION & MULTIPLICATION TABLES. Yah, I know it looks like times tables printed the wrong way, but, it provides multiples of numbers, and that's what you need.


Click on the graphic at the left then use your browser to print two copies. Multiple strips and fraction bars are a means of making the ideas of multiple, equivalent fractions, and the addition or subtraction of fractions more concrete. Experiment digitally with these manipulatives. See strips.xls. Make Strips After printing the two copies of the graphic above, you need to cut out strips.

Fraction Bars. The fraction bars (often referred to as Cuisenaire rods) have been made to work hand in hand with my fraction strips.

Fraction Bars

Fraction bars should be cut into their individual fractoin pieces. I have created two sets for you to choose from. Set 1 is simply black outline with the fraction size indicated, and set 2 are colored. If you choose to print set 1, I highly recomend you color them before cutting, so each fraction size is the same color. I refer to the use of these fraction manipulatives in just about every fraction lesson. I hope you enjoy this section of You may also be interested in our other fraction manipulatives, and our printable fraction worksheets. Math Forum : Fractions : Elementary Lessons & Materials.

The lessons and materials available here come from a variety of sites and organizations.

Math Forum : Fractions : Elementary Lessons & Materials

Some include offers for video or software, and some are lesson plans. Where the originals are Claris or Acrobat (PDF) documents, we have for the most part converted them to HTML, leaving a link back to the parent page from which you can download the formatted version. For more on fractions, search or browse the fractions/decimals/percents pages in the Internet Mathematics Library. Introduction to Fractions What are Fractions? Use concrete examples to understand the meaning of fractions, and compare and order them.

Fractions are Cool! The meaning of 'numerator', denominator', 'proper' and 'improper' fraction, 'greatest common factor' (GCF), fraction in lowest terms', 'least common multiple' (LCM). Fractions : One (Buckeye) Math Forum : Fractions : Tangrams and Fractions. Math Forum : Fractions : Edible Fractions on Fraction Plates. Math Forum : Fractions : Fractions in the Olympics. An Explorer activity describing a game that encourages children to add unit fractions with the same or different denominators.

Math Forum : Fractions : Fractions in the Olympics

Download a Claris Works or Acrobat file from the Explorer site. Also information on grades, availability, description, curriculum, process skills, author, and publisher. Author: Joanne Caniglia Grade Level: 4-6 Description: This game encourages children to add unit fractions with the same or different denominators. Objectives: To provide practice in adding fractions with like and unlike denominators. Resources/Materials: Worksheet (to be enlarged or available by downloading a Claris Works or Acrobat file), spinner. Learn Fractions with Cuisenaire Rods. Cuisenare Rods are a collection of rectangular rods, each of a different color and size.

Learn Fractions with Cuisenaire Rods

The smallest rod is one centimeter long and the longest rod is 10 centimeters long. Click to read more about Cuisenaire Rods and Manipulatives. Here is an example of the rods and their colors: If you don't have any wooden or plastic rods, you're welcome to print this page and cut the rods out to use in the following exercise. If you would like to purchase cuisenaire rods go to Cuisenaire Rods. white = 1 cm. red = 2 cm. light green = 3 cm. Math Manipulative - Math Bars.