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Economics and Politics - Paul Krugman Blog

Economics and Politics - Paul Krugman Blog

The other day someone — I don’t remember who or where — asked an interesting question: when did it become so common to disparage anyone who hasn’t made it big, hasn’t gotten rich, as a “loser”? Well, that’s actually a question we can answer, using Google Ngrams, which track the frequency with which words or phrases are used in books: Sure enough, the term “losers” has become much more common since the 1960s. And I think this word usage reflects something real — a growing contempt for the little people. This contempt surely isn’t limited to Republican politicians. Still, it’s striking how unable they are to show any empathy for people who are just doing their best to make a modest living.
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Most recently posted material. Peterson Perspectives Interview The IMF Gets Shut Out Again in Washington Douglas A. Rediker — January 14, 2014 Douglas A. Rediker says the failure of the Obama administration to win Congressional approval of IMF funding and governance legislation is a blow to US credibility around the world. Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics