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Self-directed Support

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Resources « Scottish Recovery Network. Welcome to our new website!

Resources « Scottish Recovery Network

20th January 2016 SRN's Christine Muir introduces our new website. SRN responds to Scottish Government’s disability plans 18th January 2016 SRN and others have responded to the Scottish Government's proposed plans to realise the UNCRPD. SRN joint response to the Scottish Government’s proposed disability delivery plan 18th January 2016 Submitted by SRN, See Me, MHNGG, SIAA, VoX, Bipolar Scotland, the British Psychological Society and Penumbra.

New free peer support training resources 15th January 2016 SRN are delighted to introduce Peer2Peer; a new, free peer support training resource. Making Dundee a ‘City of Recovery’ 15th January 2016 New film at the launch of Making Recovery Real in Dundee highlights lived experience of recovery. Personalcommunicationpassports. NHS Forth Valley – ALFY. ALFY – Helping You Remain Well at Home A new pilot service, supported by NHS Forth Valley and Falkirk Council, has been introduced in Bo’ness to help support older people to remain well at home.

NHS Forth Valley – ALFY

The service, which consists of a round-the-clock advice line known as ALFY (Advice Line For You), is currently available to everyone aged 65 or over in the Bo’ness area as well as family members and other people who may care for them. Over 65? NHS IQ. Building the House - the House of Care Toolkit The House of Care describes four key interdependent components that, if implemented together, will achieve patient centred, coordinated service for people living with long term conditions and their carers.


The House of Care Toolkit: Provides a framework to bring together all the relevant national guidance, published evidence, local case studies and information for patients and their carers Includes information on what tools and resources are required to achieve person-centred coordinated care and how these can be effectively commissioned Contains resources that are arranged into the key components of the House with and details where to find additional information Please click on the individual houses below to access the resources: Welcome - Glasgow and Clyde House of Care Steering Group - Knowledge Hub. Support Planning. Self Directed Support. Our guide to a new public offer - In Control.

Our guide to a new public offer - In Control. POET © - Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool - In Control. We have just published the Third National Personal Budget Survey with Lancaster University and Think Local Act Personal sharing the experiences of more than 4,000 people with personal budgets and their carers.

POET © - Personal Outcomes Evaluation Tool - In Control

The report, focuses on the use of personal budgets in adult social services and health across England and is the largest survey to date looking at the impact that personal budgets are having on people's lives. Personal stories - In Control. Accessible Information Guide to Council Managed Service. Self Directed Support and people with learning disabilities: a review of the published research evidence - Harkes - 2013 - British Journal of Learning Disabilities. Supplier Development Programme. Untitled. Who We’re Concerned With.

Self-Directed Support in Finland. Author: Susan Eriksson The First Experiment in Finland.

Self-Directed Support in Finland

Is now the right time for Individual Service Funds? - Blog. It was a pleasure to help draft the Individual Service Fund (ISF) guidance for TLAP, and a welcome source of income at a time when most of my work was focused on voluntary campaigning.

Is now the right time for Individual Service Funds? - Blog

It was also a thought-provoking process, one that forced me to question some of my own work over the past 25 years. I invented ISFs at Inclusion Glasgow in 1996. I set up the organisation primarily to help people with learning difficulties escape from an institution - Lennox Castle Hospital. I was frustrated by the kind of group home services that dominated 'community care', I wanted to show that people could have their own homes, their own support and their own budgets. At this time direct payments was not technically possible, and for many folk it is still hard to see how direct payments really work. Better Lives. Authors: Professor Roger Ellis, Professor David Sines and Professor Elaine Hogard An Evaluation of the Choice Support Personalisation Programme for Adults with Learning Difficulties in Southwark This report demonstrates the value of trusting service providers to work more flexibly by enabling them to use personal budgets more creatively in partnership with the people they work for.

Better Lives

Independent research by the Bucks New University Social and Health Evaluation Unit has demonstrated the significant advantages and efficiencies that arise when commissioners enable service providers to work more flexibly. The research found that the service provider, Choice Support, saw a major cut in funding (30% over 4 years) yet despite this they were able to provide improvements in support and outcomes for the vast majority of people served. The report contains full details of: Read the full report below or download it from the right hand side menu.

The publisher is The Centre for Welfare Reform. SSA-2014-Atittudes-to-dementia-SUMMARY.pdf. Human rights in health and social care – putting it into practice. Respect for the fundamental dignity of each and every person lies at the heart of human rights, as do the principles of equality and individual autonomy.

Human rights in health and social care – putting it into practice

These values, among others, are also important measures of success for health and social care services in Scotland. Grounded in the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a comprehensive set of international human rights has since been developed, established and adopted around the world. Some of these have been incorporated directly into Scotland’s domestic laws. Others are set out in international legal obligations that the Scottish Government has a duty to implement. A Day in the Life - Self-directed Support. Scottish Government Self-directed Support Policy Manager job shadows social work practitioners.

A Day in the Life - Self-directed Support

I've worked in the Self-directed Support (SDS) policy team in Scottish Government for nearly two years now, progressing legislation through Parliament and helping develop and deliver the policy. My background is public service but not in a health environment. I wanted to see the "bigger picture", to understand how our policy actually worked on a day to day basis and how it impacted on people's lives. I felt that if I could see and hear how SDS worked in practice, by listening and speaking with professionals delivering social care services, as well as the people and families who were accessing the support, it would give me a better understanding.

PPF Contact Details. Joint Learning Disabilities. Kirkintilloch Health & Care Centre 10 Saramago Street Kirkintilloch Tel: 0141 355 2200 / 0141 304 7450 Fax: 0141 355 2399 / 0141 355 2336.

Joint Learning Disabilities

Community Health Partnerships (CHP) and Community Health and Care Partnerships (CHCP)