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Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri family question whether he should have been killed. Amri's mother Nour El Houda Hassani said a 'great secret' died with her son, who was gunned down in Milan yesterday An 18-year-old nephew of Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri has been arrested in Tunisia, amid claims he is part of a terror cell and planned to travel to Europe.

Berlin truck terrorist Anis Amri family question whether he should have been killed

Police swooped to arrest the teenager, named as Fedi, and two other jihadist suspects. A statement from Tunisia's interior ministry said the three were members of a 'terrorist cell... connected to the terrorist Anis Amri who carried out the terrorist attack in Berlin'. The ministry said Amri had sent Fedi money to join him in Europe. It is unclear whether the suspects helped Amri flee Berlin. The interior ministry said Amri had sent money to his nephew and encouraged him to pledge allegiance to ISIS. 'One of the members of the cell is the son of the sister of the terrorist (Amri) and during the investigation he admitted that he was in contact with his uncle through (the messaging service) Telegram,' it said. Capitalizing on Tunisia’s Transition: The Role of Broad-Based Reform. Following an unprecedented period of political consensus building, Tunisia and its international partners have launched a new coordination mechanism to boost long-term investment and facilitate private-sector growth.

Capitalizing on Tunisia’s Transition: The Role of Broad-Based Reform

However, for this effort to succeed, a bottom-up approach must also be taken to address more urgent challenges such as youth unemployment, corruption, centralized governance, and public distrust. This will require instituting broad-based economic and political reforms that democratize market access, engage local actors, and meet the needs of all citizens, especially those marginalized in interior regions. Key Themes Recommendations. Tunisia: Ghannouchi, membri Isis estremisti, non miscredenti. The Carter Center in Tunisia comes under fire. A Tunisian soldier holds his position during an exercise along the frontier with Libya in Sabkeht Alyun, Tunisia, Feb. 6, 2016.

The Carter Center in Tunisia comes under fire

(photo by REUTERS/Zoubeir Souissi) Author: Ahmed Nadhif Posted October 12, 2016 The statement published by the Carter Center’s Tunis office calling for “improvements in electoral legislation” has triggered controversy and condemnation from local civic organizations in Tunisia. Tunisie : ce qu'il faut retenir du "discours de vérité" de Youssef Chahed à l’Assemblée. Le gouvernement proposé le 20 août par Youssef Chahed est soumis ce vendredi au vote de confiance à l’Assemblée des représentants du peuple (ARP), réunie en session extraordinaire.

Tunisie : ce qu'il faut retenir du "discours de vérité" de Youssef Chahed à l’Assemblée

Voici ce qu’il fallait retenir du discours d’ouverture du nouveau Premier ministre. Le gouvernement d’union nationale : « la solution », « un espoir », d’après les mots de Youssef Chahed, qui s’est exprimé le 26 août devant le Parlement tunisien pour présenter sa nouvelle équipe avant le vote de confiance es députés. Se félicitant de la composition de ce nouveau gouvernement, jeune, intégrant différents partis politiques et organisations, ainsi que des femmes chargées « de ministères stratégiques », le nouveau Premier ministre a voulu livrer un « discours de vérité » en revenant avec fermeté sur les priorités prévues par l’Accord de Carthage. Terrorisme Corruption.

Tunisia, governo Chahed incassa fiducia - Africa. Ennahda wants bigger role in Tunisia govt: Ghannouchi. Why Did Tunisia’s Parliament Oust Prime Minister Habib Essid? August 1, 2016 A general view during a plenary session at the Assembly of People's Representatives in Tunis, Tunisia July 30, 2016.

Why Did Tunisia’s Parliament Oust Prime Minister Habib Essid?

(Zoubeir Souissi/Reuters) Tunisia, cade il governo Essid: la parola al presidente Essebsi. Tunisie- Clôture des réunions de concertations autour du GUN. Why is Tunisia's Ennahda ditching political Islam? - AJE News. Tunis - Is Tunisia's Ennahda party renouncing 'Islamism', its doctrinaire sine qua non and the basis of its foundational identity?

Why is Tunisia's Ennahda ditching political Islam? - AJE News

Over a three-day congress, the party's first since 2012, members discussed the question through heated but pluralist debates. Ennahda, a movement that emerged in the late 1970s as a national political party with an Islamic frame of reference, is now committing to separate the religious (al-da'awi ) from the political (al-siyasi). A vision that was upheld for more than three decades has ceded to a new brand of civic Islamism. That is, by analogy, a neo-Ennahda has not only edged closer to the notion of a civil state, but also to Turkey's ruling AK Party and further from Egypt's standard Muslim Brotherhood or "Ikhwani" model: The former operates politics with minimum ideology, the latter has historically harboured ambitions of Islamising polity.

Hamas Commander, Accused of Theft and Gay Sex, Is Killed by His Own. Photo GAZA CITY — The death of Mahmoud Ishtiwi had all the trappings of a telenovela: sex, torture and embezzlement in Gaza’s most venerated and secretive institution, the armed wing of Hamas.

Hamas Commander, Accused of Theft and Gay Sex, Is Killed by His Own

Mr. L’avanzata di Isis in Tunisia spiegata in sei punti. WASHINGTON - L’assalto jihadista a Ben Guerdane (sfiora l’icona blu per leggere la cronaca della giornata di ieri) non è arrivato di sorpresa, i tunisini erano in allerta da settimane è solo pochi giorni fa c’era stata una violenta sparatoria.

L’avanzata di Isis in Tunisia spiegata in sei punti

Dunque l’incursione, con il suo bilancio di dozzine di vittime, assume ancora maggiore significato. Il manifesto. Caid Essebsi évoque la possibilité de prendre les mesures nécessaires conformément à l'article 80 de la Constitution. Tunisie- Nouveau bilan provisoire: 28 terroristes abattus,7 capturés. La corruption, le fruit pourri qui révolte la jeunesse de Kasserine. Impossible devant les images qui nous parviennent de Kasserine, ville du centre de la Tunisie où des émeutes ont éclaté depuis le 17 janvier, de ne pas se rappeler de la colère qui avait poussé les habitants de Sidi Bouzid à descendre dans la rue, le 17 décembre 2010, et à poser sans le savoir la première pierre de la révolution tunisienne.

La corruption, le fruit pourri qui révolte la jeunesse de Kasserine

La Tunisie décrète un couvre-feu face à une contestation inédite depuis 2011. Tunisia: gli islamisti sono la prima forza politica. Per Lookout news.

Tunisia: gli islamisti sono la prima forza politica

ANALYSIS: In Tunisia, progress and uncertainty five years on. Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi and other law makers marked the country's revolution in 2015 (AFP) When Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced by a popular uprising to flee Tunisia and go into exile in Saudi Arabia five years ago, many of the biggest names in Tunisian politics today were in relative obscurity – some were in jail. In contrast to Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria, there's no denying that Tunisia has made progress since its 2011 uprising.

The country now has meaningful elections, a semi-functioning party system and a constitution born of debate and compromise between the elite political blocks. Tunisians may be the only Arab spring participants who can credibly claim to have carried out a revolution, but serious problems remain that threaten all of the tentative successes. Presidential power. Why Counterterrorism Could Be the Death of Tunisian Democracy. Shortly after an explosion killed a dozen security agents on one of their own buses in Tunis, the Tunisian capital, on November 24, security forces started attacking journalists drawn to the scene, calling them terrorists.

Within hours, pundits sympathetic to Tunisia’s old regime took to the airwaves to blame human rights lawyers and the freedoms that came with the revolution for the attack. Within a few days, the police violently raided more than 50 homes in a trendy middle-class neighborhood, arresting, interrogating and later releasing countless young men, according to a local resident and rights activist.

Tunisia: sabato 9 gennaio voto fiducia del nuovo governo. Des députés de Nidaa ne voteront pas la confiance au nouveau gouvernement. Tunisia: 30 deputati partito Nidaa Tounes lanciano ultimatum - Politica. Tunisia sees Islamist militants exploiting Libya chaos. By Patrick Markey and Tarek Amara TUNIS (Reuters) - Tunisia's Prime Minister Ali Larayedh said Islamist militants are exploiting anarchy in neighboring Libya to get training and smuggle weapons across North Africa's porous borders.

His coalition government is grappling with an Islamist militant group known as Ansar al-Sharia, which is one of the most radical to emerge since Tunisia's 2011 uprising against autocratic President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali Ben Ali. Security is a sensitive matter for Larayedh's ruling moderate Islamist party, Ennahda, which has agreed to step down in three weeks to end months of unrest set off by the assassination of two secular leaders by Islamist militants.

As well as Ansar al-Sharia, North Africa is home to al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and other Islamist militants such as those led by veteran commander Mokhtar Belmokhtar, who claimed responsibility for the attack on Algeria's Amenas gas plant in January, in which nearly 40 foreign workers were killed. Al-Qaïda reconnait avoir soutenu la révolution tunisienne et met en garde Ennahda (vidéo) Tunisians protest as political crisis deepens - Africa. Thousands of Tunisians have marched through their capital, calling for the government to resign as the nation's political crisis deepens. Saturday's march was the culmination of a week of protests organised by a coalition of opposition groups known as the National Salvation Front (NSF), calling for the resignation of the government and the dissolution of the assembly elected in 2011 to write the constitution. It attracted fewer people than two similar protests held earlier this month - 10,000, according to police estimates.

The assassination of an opposition politician in July, the second in six months, has sharply polarised the country and prompted a walkout by about 60 opposition assembly members. The powerful UGTT trade union, which has been mediating talks between the government and the NSF, on Saturday presented the government's latest proposals on resolving the crisis. Sous pression, Ennahdha recule - International. Face aux manifestations, l'Assemblée constituante tunisienne suspend ses travaux - TUNISIE. Al-Qaïda reconnait avoir soutenu la révolution tunisienne et met en garde Ennahda (vidéo) Crise politique en Tunisie: démonstration de force des islamistes au pouvoir - A la une. Amina liberata, dopo quasi quattro mesi in carcere.

Été 2013

En Tunisie, l'irrésistible ascension d'Ennahda. La photo du jour : Le parti Ennahdha brûlera-t-il ? Parties. Officials: Tunisia’s draft constitution completed. Tunisia, come è nata la ‘Primavera Araba’ Les noces des contraires , la vie et la mort ! La Tunisie en quête d'un Premier ministre. Quelle est la pensée politique de Rached Ghannouchi ? Discours de Moncef Marzouki au Parlement européen. Tunisie : la coalition se disloque. Tunisie : Première démission du gouvernement Laârayedh. Tensions en Tunisie dans l'attente du nouveau gouvernement Jebali. La Tunisia tra le correnti islamiche. Con l’omicidio di Belaid, i nodi della Tunisia vengono al pettine « GeoPoliticaMente.

Chi ha ucciso Chokri? Una pista porta alla polizia. MAKTUB. Tunisia al bivio, ma in quale direzione? « MAKTUB. Tunisie : des forces spéciales déployées dans le Sahara près de sites pétroliers. Faouzi Ben Mrad : Grâce à Chokri Belaid les islamistes perdront le pouvoir. I media Tunisini sul web sono indipendenti? « Giacomo Fiaschi Tunisia 2011. La Rivoluzione. E poi? Tunisian PM to dissolve Cabinet as protests rage across the country. Tunisia's double blow: political assassination, government dissolution. Tunisia, Ennahda in bilico: dall’omicidio di Belaid al Sheratongate. La deriva autoritaria della Tunisia - Pagina 2 di 2.