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Inside: 2 Collection: until 20014 and from the creation of the GNA

Rival factions clash in Libya's Tripoli. At least 52 fighters of the UN-backed Government of National Accord (GNA) have been killed in heavy clashes with rival militiamen in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, according to a GNA official.

Rival factions clash in Libya's Tripoli

The fighting on Friday was concentrated in the Abu Salim, Salahedeen and Qasr Bin Ghashir districts, where plumes of black smoke could be seen rising above the city's skyline. The clashes, which also wounded dozens of fighters, continued throughout Friday prayers, witnesses said. Facebook. Libyan rivals descend on Washington. UN-backed Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Sarraj (L) meets with Khalifa Hifter (R) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, May 2, 2017.

Libyan rivals descend on Washington

(photo by YouTube/EnnaharTV) Author: Julian Pecquet Posted May 8, 2017. Libyan peace may be possible after Abu Dhabi talks. Last week, Abu Dhabi hosted the first face-to-face meeting between Fayez Al Sarraj, the prime minister of Libya's UN-backed government based in Tripoli, and Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, commander of the Libyan Armed Forces based in Benghazi and backed by the Tobruk parliament.

Libyan peace may be possible after Abu Dhabi talks

The meeting was a breakthrough engineered by, and credited to, the UAE’s active diplomatic mission as it strives to find a workable political settlement in Libya. International powers and regional countries, including Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, all tried to facilitate such a meeting but failed. Neither Mr Al Sarraj nor Field Marshal Haftar recognise each other’s legitimacy, while both sides claim they are legitimate in their own right, based on the support each side enjoys in the east or west of the country.

However, the fact that the meeting took place at all appears to show that each party implicitly recognises the other’s legitimacy, however that might be politically interpreted. Fayez al-Sarraj meets Khalifa Haftar in UAE for talks. Fayez al-Sarraj, the head of Libya's UN-backed government, has met renegade general Khalifa Haftar in the United Arab Emirates, in a rare meeting between the key figures from two rival Libyan camps.

Fayez al-Sarraj meets Khalifa Haftar in UAE for talks

The two men held face-to-face talks in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday "thanks to international and Arab mediation", the LANA news agency said. There was no official statement after the meeting, the second since Sarraj was named prime minister-designate after a UN-backed deal in late 2015. Libya’s rivals agree on 2018 elections as Cairo talks collapse – Middle East Monitor. Attempts by Libya’s rival governments to reach a peace settlement in Egypt have failed.

Libya’s rivals agree on 2018 elections as Cairo talks collapse – Middle East Monitor

The leader of the Presidency Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, flew back to Tripoli after Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar refused to meet him. However, the two men did agree on fresh parliamentary elections and a presidential contest in February 2018, according to Egyptian Army spokesman Mohamed Samir. According to a source speaking to the Libya Herald, Sarraj did agree to one proposal that would see him remain in office for another year but Haftar refused to accept the condition. The president of the House of Representatives (HoR), Ageela Saleh, was non-committal, simply stating that he would study the idea. «Putin offre asilo a Gheddafi jr» La mamma: ok. Lui: non mi fido. Come e perché Russia ed Emirati in Libia stanno sostenendo Haftar. Le notizie dalla Libia sono di due generi: da un lato la critica situazione del Paese in cui si muove il primo ministro che l’Onu vorrebbe portare al pieno dei poteri, Fayez Serraj, dall’altro le dinamiche di coloro che rappresentano le opposizioni, con un occhio su quello che ha intenzione di fare la Russia, diventata un player centrale negli ultimi mesi.

Come e perché Russia ed Emirati in Libia stanno sostenendo Haftar

E le due cose ovviamente si sovrappongono. Libia. L’Italia passa in secondo piano per la Russia. Libia: rapporto Onu, Saif al Islam Gheddafi sia processato secondo standard internazionali. Libia, ecco perchè Saif Al-Islam è 'leader riconciliatore' Libia, se dopo 6 anni, la risposta fosse un Gheddafi? Advertising.

Libia, se dopo 6 anni, la risposta fosse un Gheddafi?

Libya’s rivals agree on 2018 elections as Cairo talks collapse – Middle East Monitor. Denver college student from Libya sues Trump administration over executive order. DENVER – A Muslim Colorado college student on Tuesday joined a growing list of people in various states who are suing the Trump administration over an executive order that temporarily restricts refugees and other immigrants from the U.S.

Denver college student from Libya sues Trump administration over executive order

Zakaria Hagig, 24, who is originally from Libya but is legally studying business full time at Community College of Denver, had the suit filed on his behalf in U.S. District Court of Colorado Tuesday morning. Read the lawsuit in full by clicking here. The defendants in the case are President Donald Trump, the Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, DHS Secretary John Kelly, Acting CBP Commissioner Kevin McAleenan and the CBP’s Denver Director, Lashanda Jones.

The suit states that Hagig should be able to go and visit his family in Libya without being banned from re-entering the country, which would currently be the case since Libya is among the seven nations listed in the executive order. Il «golpista» di Tripoli: «L’Italia non può decidere chi governa la Libia» RID Portale Difesa.

What game is Russia playing in Libya? General Khalifa Hifter (C), commander of the Libyan National Army (LNA), leaves after a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Moscow, Russia, Nov. 29, 2016.

What game is Russia playing in Libya?

(photo by REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov) Author: Mohamed Eljarh Posted January 19, 2017 The Russian military hosted Khalifa Hifter, the general loyal to the eastern Libyan government, onboard the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov on Jan. 11. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Hifter was given a tour of the aircraft carrier before holding a videoconference with Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to discuss ways in which Russia can help with counterterrorism. Later, Hifter reportedly signed a memorandum of understanding to supply the Libyan National Army (LNA) with first-aid kits and essential medical supplies. Tripolistan. Avviso agli onusiani: la Russia ha un candidato per la guida della Libia, il generale Haftar – mariosechi. Libia, il golpe inesistente e il ritorno della Jamahiriya: che cosa sta accadendo? Libia: Perrone, primi a riaprire sede - Africa. Don't Look Now, But Gaddafi's Political Movement Could Be Making a Comeback in Libya.

Photo Credit: Photo courtesy of the author.

Don't Look Now, But Gaddafi's Political Movement Could Be Making a Comeback in Libya

Over the weekend, an Afriqiyah Airways flight bound from the southwest Libyan town of Sebha bound for Libya’s capital Tripoli was hijacked to Malta. The negotiations with the two hijackers ended in three hours. The men – Subah Mussa and Ahmed Ali – surrendered to the Maltese authorities. Libya: Political Impasse and Deepening Rifts.

Libya’s Presidential Guard, a body normally tasked with the protection of sites of presidential power and state guest houses, announced on Tuesday, 18 October that it was splitting off from the State Council answerable to the Fayez Sarraj-led Government of National Accord (GNA). This move, which immediately increased security tensions across the North African country, came only days after an announcement by the prime minister of the now-dissolved National Salvation Government, Khalifa Al Ghawil that his cabinet would be acting in open defiance of the Sarraj government. Ghawil had also declared the capture by forces loyal to him of the “High Council of State” in the center of Tripoli, part of a plan, he said, to “free the country from a hell of corruption and anarchy”.

Three different governments operate within Libyan territory today, each of them claiming some measure of legitimacy. Developments within Libya have proceeded rapidly over the past two months. Libya – Conversation between Jean-Marc Ayrault and Fayez Serraj. IS terrorists have gone nowhere outside Sirte, military intelligence says. The Military Intelligence Chief, Brigadier General Ismaeil Al-Shukri, has denied what he described as rumors about the escape of IS diehards out of Sirte. In a televised statement, Al-Shukri confirmed that regional countries, together with countries that have political and economic interests in Libya, are involved in sponsoring IS radicals in Libya.

“Preliminary investigations startlingly showed the involvement of international parties and “dubious stakeholders” in supporting IS military presence in Sirte.” He added. He remarked that the investigations led to some documents and footages that proved that the making of IS in Libya was orchestrated overseas. Brig. La vuota vittoria della Libia su Daesh - Arabpress. I libici stanno per ottenere la tanto attesa vittoria su Daesh (ISIS). Allora, perché nessuno sta festeggiando? Libyan general Khalifa Haftar meets Russian minister to seek help.

Khalifa Haftar, the military commander of Libya’s eastern government, has met Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov and said he was seeking Moscow’s help in his fight against Islamic militants at home. Haftar, on his second visit to Moscow since the summer, requested military support from the Kremlin in September, according to Russian media. It was unclear on Tuesday if such help would be forthcoming. “Our relations are crucial, our goal today is to give life to these relations,” the TASS news agency quoted Haftar as saying at the start of talks with Lavrov. #Libya Interim Govt signs MOU's w/ Chinese companies, including building of solar power plant & 10,000 housing units. Blow to Libya unity government as rival seizes offices. TRIPOLI -Libya's UN-backed unity government has suffered a new setback after a political rival seized key offices in the capital and proclaimed the reinstatement of the former administration.

The United Nations' Libya envoy condemned the latest challenge to the authority of the Government of National Accord (GNA), warning it would sow "further disorder and insecurity". The GNA is the centrepiece of Western hopes to stem an upsurge of jihadism in the North African nation and halt people trafficking across the Mediterranean that has led to thousands of drownings. Led by prime minister designate Fayez al-Sarraj, it was intended to replace two rival administrations, one in Tripoli and one in the country's far east. But late on Friday the head of the former Tripoli-based Government of National Salvation, Khalifa Ghweil, proclaimed its reinstatement from the offices of a key consultative body of the GNA.

Libya intervention destroyed great power unity in rush to regime change. Rarely has there been a foreign policy critique as devastating as the one delivered by the British parliament’s foreign affairs committee this week against the military intervention in 2011 in Libya. The Chilcot report, which forensically exposed the blunders of the attack on Iraq in 2003, set the tone this summer, but in some ways the Libya report goes further. The invasion of Iraq took place in a different context. There was widespread public dissent over what the US and UK governments were seen to be planning, and although a few reporters played a disgraceful role in peddling leaks of false intelligence, there was a spirited debate in much of the media about the wisdom of regime change by force and by outsiders. A herd mentality took over, in which the media were leading actors, egging the politicians on to use military force.

Libia, violenti scontri per il controllo dei terminal petroliferi. Stop all’export. Le regole della Community. Libya’s Future and Haftar’s Oil Grab. September 12, 2016 A general view of pipelines at the Zueitina oil terminal in Zueitina, west of Benghazi April 7, 2014. (Esam Omran Al-Fetori/Reuters) The situation in Libya seems to be heading toward a military confrontation between forces loyal to the UN-sponsored Government of National Agreement (GNA) and the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces of General Khalifa Haftar.

The General is nominally under the authority of the House of Representatives (HoR), the parliament seated in Tobruk and of the government headed by Abdullah al-Thinni seated in al-Bayda. In reality, Haftar is his own commander and has been encouraged by strong support from Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to launch his bid to take control of as much Libyan territory as possible. Haftar has used the battle for the liberation of Benghazi from “terrorists” as an opportunity, with full Egyptian support, to strengthen his forces. Brookings. Libya’s eastern army seizes control of key oil ports.

A member of a brigade loyal to Khalifa Haftar stands during fighting alongside Libyan army troops (AFP) TRIPOLI - Forces loyal to Libya’s eastern government on Sunday seized control of two oil export terminals on the country’s central coastline after launching a surprise attack in the early hours of this morning, according to its army spokesman. “We have taken control of the ports of Ras Lanuf and Sidra, including all facilities in this area, as well as the southern and eastern checkpoints for Ajdabiya,” spokesman for the eastern government’s armed forces Colonel Ahmed al-Mismari told MEE. “There is now fighting around the port of Zueitina.” There are ongoing clashes at a third oil port.

Does Federalism Have a Future in Libya? Libya's jihadist challenge to last beyond Sirte defeat. Why does the USA bomb Libya again? MATTIA TOALDO, LIMES ONLINE DEL 2/08/2016 —UNO SCHEMA SEMPLICE SULLA LIBIA/ GLI USA E L’ISIS IN QUESTO MOMENTO // segnalate con colore le novità rispetto a post già pubblicati, il blog. UN-installed government cracks down on media as anti protests rage in Tripoli and Misrata. Here's Pentagon statement on US airstrikes against #ISIS targets in #Libya. Libia: primi raid aerei Usa contro l'Is. L'attacco richiesto dal premier Serraj. Guida rapida ai principali attori libici. - Ufficio di Roma. #Gaddafi Heir Apparent Released From Prison - Tunisia Live.

Is General Hifter becoming Putin's man in Libya? «Io, kamikaze dell’Isis Arriveremo a Roma» Blast at ammunition depot kills dozens in Libya - News from Al Jazeera. If We Go Back to Libya, Where’s It Going To Lead? Libia, tra desideri e rischi per l’Italia. The Battle for Sirte Enters a Decisive Phase. The story behind the general who will likely shape Libya's future. Maltese PM Joseph Muscat in #Tripoli, the first PM to visit Tripoli for talks with #GNA PM Faiz Al-Serraj #Libya. Pretense is over: Gaddafi-dam calls “brother Jathran” & Tribes to “OPEN the ROAD & JOIN” LNA to Sirte. #Libya #ليبيا. Vi spiego tutte le tensioni fra Serraj e Haftar in Libia. Italian-British force ambushed by IS in Libya.


Libya GNA. Libia, ecco chi arma e perché il generale Haftar. Libia, il generale Haftar avanza verso Sirte con l’appoggio di Egitto ed Emirati. In una tabella la spiegazione dell’attacco agli interessi italiani in Libya e del litigio con l’Egitto indotto dall’estero. E probabilmente anche dei recenti attacchi al nostro governo… United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) «La Libia unita, sogno impossibile. L’Italia punti sulla Tripolitania» Tripoli e Tobruk: no al governo di unità. Concerned by rise in kidnappings/illegal detention of activists, figures' relatives, bank employees, others in Tripoli, Wershefana & Tobruk. U.N. Report Sees Array of Nations, People and Companies Breaking Libyan Arms Embargo. United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL) France Urges EU Sanctions Against Libya 'Spoilers' Ment on Libya. En Libye, le gouvernement d’« union nationale » proclame sa légitimité. Libia, nasce il governo di unità nazionale. Paolo Gentiloni: "Sanzioni Ue a coloro che si oppongono"

Guido Olimpio - Usa e raid in Libia (uscito su cartaceo... Il "sindaco" di Sabrata: "Non c'entro col sequestro, ora combatto contro l'Is" Renzi: intervento in Libia solo con l’ok del Parlamento. Islamic State Libya Setback Bolsters Ambition of Defiant General. Report of the Secretary-General on the United Nations Support Mission in Libya. The Next Dangerous Move in Libya. A Warning Before Injecting U.S Military Force Into Libya Again. How Much of Libya Does the Islamic State Control? WikiLeaks, svelati i documenti sulla missione Ue contro il traffico di migranti in Libia.

Libya - Presentation of a national unity government (14.02.16) - France-Diplomatie - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development. The Next Front Against ISIS. How likely is international military intervention in Libya? Guido Olimpio - Libia nel mirino (uscito su Corsera)... Libia, il Pentagono studia. Al-Sarraj announces the formation of GNA. Libya's unity government nominated. Council conclusions on Libya. Libia, Kobler: 'Governo formato, parlamento dia fiducia' - Africa. Se lasciamo la Libia agli altri - Analisi Difesa. AQIM Leader Abu Abaydah Youssef al-Anabi rejects Skhirat Agreement to end political crisis in #Libya.

Libia, quel volo anomalo e l’ipotesi di un blitz partito dalla Francia. - Connecting People Through News. Turkey Mediates for Solution in Libya - ASHARQ AL-AWSAT. Libia, i pregi di un accordo imperfetto. Jadhran: Haftar and IS are two sides of one coin. La Libia e i giochi di prestigio dell’Onu. Si chiamava Libia. Islamic State battles to seize control of key Libyan oil depot. After Syria & Iraq Now Libya Wants Russia’s Support to Fight the NATO & Saudi Backed Wahabi ISIS Terrorists.

The Five Key Challenges to a Sustainable Peace in Libya. Lawless Libya: Can peace be achieved? Titled.