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Lies Against ISIS By Exposing Falsehood And say: "... - The Snowden Hoax- How a Lie Traveled Around the World Before the Truth Could Get Its Boots On WikiLeaks Denies This Report on Twitter Snowden’s Lawyer says it’s a Hoax ►This Lie was spread by a Shia source: 2.

Lies Against ISIS By Exposing Falsehood And say: "... -

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is a Jewish Mossad named Elliot Shimon and he created the Islamic Caliphate to carry out Israel's agenda to restore the Kingdom of David: Refutation This guy is a party animal named Motaz Hattar, not Abu Bakr 3. Refutation: ►Some people would believe anything these days. Photoshop Image Real Picture: Sami Abdullahu, an ISIS fighter who died in Syria. 4. Refutation: ►This conspiracy is perhaps one of the biggest conspiracy people have against the Islamic State and the reason most believe ISIS is a CIA asset. Source: ► Huffington Post: John McCain Visits Syria To Meet With Rebel Leadership ► ► The Person is the pic is Ahmed Hayyad, not Abu Bakr Michael Scheuer (Left) and Mohammed Morsi (Right) 5. Since when do Yazidis put on bindi (dot in the head)?

6. Another weak Photoshop 7. ‘Enlightened’ USA: FBI warns of right wing militia attacks against Muslims. Crosspost: CJ Werleman Those who naively and optimistically believe the “enlightened” West is incapable of repeating the genocidal horrors of the 20th century are those most susceptible to mankind’s destructive impulse.

‘Enlightened’ USA: FBI warns of right wing militia attacks against Muslims

In American society, there’s an unconscious faith in the nation state, technology, modernity and science that assures Americans that the horrors of a fascistic state could never happen here. But to believe this one must forget, as Karen Armstrong, a prodigious religious historian reminds us, that the most advanced educational institutions in the Western world were located directly next door to the gas chambers. Notwithstanding the fact it was not that long ago hundreds of thousands Japanese American civilians were harassed, removed from their homes, and placed into military internment camps. Decades later those of Russian heritage were treated to similar discrimination. Today, it is the Muslims who are victims of national headlines.

Aux origines de l'islamophobie médiatique. Extraits du livre de Sébastien Fontenelle sur les Briseurs de tabou.

Aux origines de l'islamophobie médiatique

Où l'on découvre comment les médias fantasment l'islam et l'origine de l'islamophobie. Il est des auteurs assez chanceux (d'aucuns diront le cul bordé de nouilles) pour que leur prose, rédigé comme il se doit des semaines avant d'être publié, soient, à parution porté par l'actualité. Non seulement Sébastien Fontenelle dispose de l'insigne honneur d'être l'un des journaliste de Bakchich, mais encore cette plume taillée à la faucille et sculpté au marteau (voire écrivant un couteau entre les dents), a vu, ces dernières semaines, un beau débat médiatique autour de l'Islam émerger (à nouveau), quelques jours seulement avant la mise en librairie de sa dernière oeuvre Les Briseurs de Tabous, intellectuels et journaliste «anti-conformistes» au service de l'ordre dominant (La découverte). « L’islam imaginaire » Dans ce raz-de-marée, certaines déclarations (et proclamations) se distinguent par leur particulière trivialité.

Mis-characterization of Sunni Muslims role in Terrorism and Saudi Iran Proxy War, Guardian of UK – by Ali Taj « World Shia Forum. While Cortiona Luke admits that Pakistani media is compromised and obfuscates the Shia Genocide and persecution of other communities in Pakistan, she is still proceeding to accept the mis leading narrative of Sunni Terrorists propagated by the compromised Pakistani media. The correct term to use with be the Takfiri Deobandi Terrorists or Militant Takfiri Doebandis. Indeed moderate Deobandis and Sunni Muslims have been the targets of the Takfiri Deobandis. Molana Hassan Jan was one such Deobandi hero. It is really important to accurately point out these killer groups for western media, there is too much pressure on Pakistani media will never do this.

While it is true that the United States is trying to manipulate the Saudi and other Arab monarchies to stand up against Iran. Editor’s note: Dear readers, the following debate took place on a facebook forum that highlights the nature and reasons of Shia genocide in Pakistan. Louise (Kailua, HI)'s review of Engaging the Muslim World. While the title is about "engaging" the Muslim world, the book is actually an issue by issue and country by country report on the news making parts of the Muslim world.

Louise (Kailua, HI)'s review of Engaging the Muslim World

It has a concluding chapter on the importance of engagement. Ideas on how this engagement can take place are suggested throughout the book. Refreshingly, the issue of oil is discussed. If you follow the US news reports, you might reasonably conclude that oil is a side issue. Cole is up front with it and begins his book with the facts of oil availability, dependence and depletion. While I had accepted it, I was not surprised to learn that Ahmadinejad's quote (actually from Khomeini) "Israel must be wiped off the face of the map" was actually "This Occupation regime over Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time".