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Anna Hutsol. Topless Protests: Femen Mastermind Scandal Could Be Publicity Stunt. It's a ruinous revelation: Behind Femen, the militant feminist group waging war against the patriarchy, a man is pulling the strings.

Topless Protests: Femen Mastermind Scandal Could Be Publicity Stunt

Worse, he's a man who berates the young women before sending them out on the streets for one of their topless protests. That's what's been captured in a recent documentary film that's released a flood of headlines around the world voicing shock, outrage and, above all, schadenfreude. All those who shook their head at the group's bawdy brand of Ukranian feminism can now feel vindicated. When young, attractive women walk half-naked through the streets, there must be a man behind it. It was obvious from the start. But anyone who thinks the documentary has finally exposed the true face of Femen may be mistaken.

The first act: The documentary "Ukraine is not a brother," which to date has only been screened at the Venice Film Festival, leaves little room for doubt. Toward the end of the film, Green asked him whether he started Femen to meet women. Are FEMEN’s agents provocateurs prostitutes? “Justice fucks me” – FEMEN activist Éloïse Bouton, aka Alise (lizaliz) on her call girl profile and aka boutoneloise on Facebook.

Are FEMEN’s agents provocateurs prostitutes?

FEMEN, what is that? The “global” “women’s movement” “morally and physically fit soldiers” “sexstremists”, they will “make you want to riot”(1). On their web site you can see bloody and reversed symbology depicting the objectives of this iconoclast organisation. They are talking like anarchists, their symbology is the one of communism and satanism, they go further than feminists, so call them “sexstremists”. Exclusif: une infiltrée chez les Femen. Cette maladie, qui désigne l’annihilation de toute volonté, serait-elle devenue la caractéristique la mieux partagée de nos gouvernants ?

Exclusif: une infiltrée chez les Femen

« Les femmes voilées » répondent aux « seins nus » Depuis quelque temps, on ne parle que de lui, ce mouvement qui réclame la liberté de la femme avec une manière contestée par de nombreuses personnes : poser seins nus en y inscrivant sur sa poitrine toute sorte de messages directes du genre : «fuck you moral », « Mon corps m’appartient, il n’est l’honneur de personne».

« Les femmes voilées » répondent aux « seins nus »

Le Femen qui continue à susciter la polémique, dans le monde, et à provoquer la consternation et la colère des islamistes, qu’il dénonce en premier lieu, utilise la nudité pour réclamer la concrétisation des droits des femmes, leur liberté, leur autonomie et leur droit d’exister comme un être indépendant, ayant le droit de penser et d’agir en toute autonomie. Tunisia. Protesta a seno nudo, 4 mesi di carcere alle Femen. Le Femen si spogliano (e aggrediscono i cristiani) per denaro. Richest Expats: Jed Sunden. Jed Sunden, 39;$16.5 million; #9 Richest #8 Most Influential When reading the list of Manhattan’s Stuyvesant High School’s notable alumni, you’ll notice KP Media owner Jed Sunden (class of ‘88) listed alongside jazz legend Thelonious Monk (class of ‘35), U.S.

Richest Expats: Jed Sunden

President Barack Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod (class of ‘72) and witty writer Gary Shteyngart (class of ’91), among others. Yaroslav Debelyi The irony is Stuyvesant is a specialized math, science and technology school. It does not produce journalists or publishers. Femen is financed by a Jew. A topless Femen activist held a fake gun in her mouth on the altar of Notre Dame cathedral – a day after historian Dominique Venner shot himself dead inside the iconic Paris building.

Femen is financed by a Jew

The woman staged a protest in the 12th century cathedral today with the slogan “may fascists rest in hell” emblazoned across her bare chest. Femen is a degenerate collective of feminists known for their provocative and vulgar “protests”. Each new recruit to Femen has to show off her breasts to audition for the role, and has to agree to be photographed topless in order to be admitted to the group.

Femen “activists” receive a salary of about $1000, and was in the beginning partly financed by the Jew Jed Sunden: In 2008, when topless protests were a novelty in Ukraine, Hutsol got a call from publisher Jed Sunden, the owner of KP Media. Sunden is the founder of the media company KP Media and former owner of the Kyiv Post newspaper. Ukraine: Offbeat Feminist Group Fights Sexism And Authoritarianism Eurasia Review.

By RFE RL By Tom Balmforth for RFE/RL Bare breasts, hijabs, and fried eggs are not common ingredients in social protest movements.

Ukraine: Offbeat Feminist Group Fights Sexism And Authoritarianism Eurasia Review

But to “Femen” — a Ukrainian feminist movement with hundreds of members and thousands of supporters — such tactics are essential elements in their struggle to raise social consciousness as an increasingly authoritarian state attempts to silence them. Anna Gutsol, the petite ginger-haired mastermind of Femen, spoke to RFE/RL in “Cupidon,” the group’s cellar bar and headquarters in downtown Kyiv. “When there is this kind of pressure, people realize it is not enough to just go out and demonstrate and set up tents. Topless Protests That is precisely what Femen have done since they formed in 2008. “Topless protests are probably the strongest and most effective form of peaceful and nonviolent protests to attract attention.

Earlier this month, for example, they protested in trademark style against a Saudi Arabian law preventing women from driving. Femen, Who funds the group? Russia Today: FEMEN is a cover for (jew) Jed Sunden’s political agenda. A FEMEN “activist” cuts down a cross erected as a monument to the victims of jewish communism.

Russia Today: FEMEN is a cover for (jew) Jed Sunden’s political agenda

Each new recruit to the Ukrainian feminist movement FEMEN, famous for their topless stunts, has to show off her breasts to audition for the role, according to firsthand experience by a TV journalist who flashed in order to infiltrate the group. The woman told website that she had to agree to be photographed topless in order to be admitted to FEMEN and be kept abreast of their activities. “It’s required so that I know that you’re ready to strip down,” the woman quoted Aleksandra Shevchenko, the movement’s leader, as saying. The women describe themselves as “sextremists”. However, the Ukrainian government considers them extremists. The undercover FEMEN “activist” also received instructions on how to behave in the thick of the action.