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Egypt . Towards the Coup

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Egypt's military ousts Morsi, takes control of Cairo - Middle East. Egypt in crisis: army deploys in Cairo streets; Morsi unseen - live updates. Welcome to Middle East Live on what is set to be a crucial day for the future of Egypt.

Egypt in crisis: army deploys in Cairo streets; Morsi unseen - live updates

As the army's deadline for resolving the country's political crisis approaches (5pm local time, 3pm GMT) the military leadership and President Mohamed Morsi remain at loggerheads. Egyptian Military Tanks Near Palace - Morsi Aide Sees Coup. Tahrir Square, where tens of thousands of opponents of the government had gathered each night since Sunday to demand Mr.

Egyptian Military Tanks Near Palace - Morsi Aide Sees Coup

Morsi’s removal, erupted in fireworks and jubilation at news of the ouster. At a square near the presidential palace where Mr. Morsi’s Islamist supporters had gathered, men broke into tears and vowed to stay until he was reinstated or they were forcibly removed. “The dogs have done it and made a coup against us,” they chanted. “Dying for the sake of God is more sublime than anything,” a speaker declared. Mr. Military vehicles and soldiers in riot gear had surrounded the rally in the hours before the takeover, and tensions escalated through the night. By the end of the night, Mr. For Mr. The generals built their case for intervention in a carefully orchestrated series of maneuvers, calling their actions an effort at a “national reconciliation” and refusing to call their takeover a coup.

Still, there was no mistaking the threat of force and signs of a crackdown. Mr. L'assedio della moschea di Al Fateh. Sabato 17 agosto, intorno alle 17, la polizia ha sgomberato gli ultimi sostenitori dell’ex presidente Mohamed Morsi che si erano barricati all’interno della moschea di Al Fateh, al Cairo.

L'assedio della moschea di Al Fateh

African Union suspends Egypt over president ouster. Erdogan Is Right on Egypt. A poster with the pictures of Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi and Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (R) is attached to a baby stroller during a pro-Islamist demonstration in Istanbul, July 1, 2013.

Erdogan Is Right on Egypt

(photo by REUTERS/Murad Sezer) Author: Mustafa Akyol Posted July 11, 2013. Israel Sees Prospect of a More Reliable Egypt and a Weaker Hamas. But with Mr.

Israel Sees Prospect of a More Reliable Egypt and a Weaker Hamas

Morsi’s ouster and the crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt this week, Israelis see the prospect of a return to what they view as a more reliable status quo, as well as a weakening of Hamas, the militant Islamic group that runs Gaza. And yet, the good news for Israel remains tempered by the danger of chronic instability next door. Da "fedele" scudiero a boia È l'esercito a dettare la linea. Un anno fa era il suo scudiero.

Da "fedele" scudiero a boia È l'esercito a dettare la linea

Egypt's army pumps $1 billion of own money into central bank, refuses foreign aid - Economy - Business. Egypt's army pumps $1 billion of own money into central bank, refuses foreign aid A faltering economy prompts the ruling military to share its private revenues, rejecting overseas aid due to concerns over loan conditions Ahram Online, Sunday 4 Dec 2011 Looking out for Egypt's economy?

Egypt's army pumps $1 billion of own money into central bank, refuses foreign aid - Economy - Business

Soldiers protect the Bourse during its closure earlier in 2011 (Photo: AP) Mourning and anger in Egypt. Army Ousts Egypt’s President; Morsi Is Taken Into Military Custody The New York Times. ‘Morsi ousted with US blessing’ — RT Op-Edge. Published time: July 04, 2013 11:24 Egyptian women shout slogans against President Mohammed Morsi as they join hundreds of thousands demonstrating against President Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim brotherhood outside the Egyptian presidential palace on July 3, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt.

‘Morsi ousted with US blessing’ — RT Op-Edge

(AFP Photo) From its inception the uprising against President Morsi was aided by the US, researcher and writer Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich told RT. She argues that whoever succeeds the ousted Egyptian leader will likely be beholden to the forces that put him in power. Egitto, il Paese tra golpe e caos. Ma “l’esercito Spa” non conosce crisi. Egypt coup highlights challenges facing Arab Islamists. Egyptian supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood march in support of ousted president Mohamed Morsi in Cairo on July 5, 2013.

Egypt coup highlights challenges facing Arab Islamists

The military coup in Egypt has starkly illustrated the failure of Islamist parties elected in the wake of the Arab Spring to adapt to the practicalities of power and respond to popular expectation, analysts say.AFP Egyptian security forces take position outside the headquarters of the Republican Guard in Cairo on July 5, 2013. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood and the closely connected Ennahda party in Tunisia, were largely absent from the mass protests and therefore unable to take ownership of them, one expert says.AFP TUNIS (AFP) – The military coup in Egypt has starkly illustrated the failure of Islamist parties elected in the wake of the Arab Spring to adapt to the practicalities of power and respond to popular expectation, analysts say.

"The Islamists were surprised by the revolutions. Full text: Mohamed El Baradei's report to the UN security council. My report to the Council today is an update on the status of the IAEA's nuclear verification activities in Iraq pursuant to Security Council resolution 1441 and other relevant resolutions.

Full text: Mohamed El Baradei's report to the UN security council

Less than three weeks have passed since my last update to the Council, on 27 January - a relatively short period in the overall inspection process. However, I believe it is important for the Council to remain actively engaged and fully informed at this critical time. The focus of the IAEA's inspections has now moved from the "reconnaissance phase" into the "investigative phase". The "reconnaissance phase" was aimed at re-establishing rapidly our knowledge base of Iraq's nuclear capabilities, ensuring that nuclear activities at known key facilities had not been resumed, verifying the location of nuclear material and relevant non-nuclear material and equipment, and identifying the current workplaces of former key Iraqi personnel.

17 dead, hundreds wounded as post-coup violence erupts in Egypt. A bus passes a destroyed pickup truck with loudspeakers that was used by supporters of ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy on Friday, August 2. The supporters and security forces clashed in Sixth of October City in Giza, south of Cairo, after the government ordered their protest camps be broken up. Jackson Diehl: Egypt’s misguided coup. The Islamic character of Egypt’s ousted government should not obscure the way the country resembles Argentina, Venezuela, Turkey, Thailand and other developing nations in which free elections after decades of autocracy have brought a new elite to power.

The new rulers typically represent previously disenfranchised poor and rural populations, who often don’t share the cultural values of the capital’s middle and upper classes. Once in office, new governments made up almost entirely of novice officials frequently overreach. They battle with the old establishment in the bureaucracy, judiciary and media. The Dark Tunnel. Mahmoud Salem This should be a Happy Story If this revolution had a motto, it would be “Everything you ever wanted, in the worst possible way”.

Conventional wisdom said that if there was ever a revolution against Mubarak, then the Muslim Brotherhood would win. Conventional Wisdom said that if the Islamists ever made it to power they would never leave it, one man one vote one time, and that the country would turn Islamist. Why Sisi Can’t Imitate Nasser’s Model. Protesters cheer with Egyptian flags and a banner of army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, seen between former presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar Sadat, as they gather for a mass protest to support the army in front of the presidential palace in Cairo, July 26, 2013.

(photo by REUTERS/Asmaa Waguih) Author: Al-Hayat (Pan Arab) Posted August 4, 2013 This may not be a logical issue; history often repeats itself where the first time is a tragedy and the second time is a comedy. Anti-U.S. Hostility Ramps Up in Egypt. Egypt at 'dangerous stalemate' in political crisis. Egitto: Mansour, Fratelli musulmani sono parte nazione - Politica. BREAKING: Egypt Constitutional Court postpones all sessions indefinitely. Egypt Constitutional Court postpones all sessions indefinitely In response to hundreds outside court building protesting expected verdict dissolving Constituent Assembly and Shura Council, High Constitutional Court declares open-ended strike Ahram Online , Sunday 2 Dec 2012 Riot police form a cordon as several thousand supporters of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi surround the Supreme Constitutional Court on Sunday to prevent the judges from entering and ruling on the legitimacy of the nation's Islamist-dominated constituent assembly, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2012.

Qatar on Defense Over Meddling in Egypt. Author: As-Safir (Lebanon) Posted January 10, 2013 The traffic jam that has hit the streets of Cairo and several Egyptian governorates in the past two days following heavy rainfall prompted Twitter and Facebook users to ask sarcastically, "Why didn't Qatar help us remove the water, like it helped helped Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi by granting him $4 billion, which he is bragging about? " Summary⎙ Print Questions are being asked about Qatar’s interests in Egypt’s domestic affairs and Al-Jazeera’s Egyptian programming, writes Mohammad Hisham Abeih. Author Mohammad Hisham Abeih Posted January 10, 2013. The ‘naked truth’ about Egypt’s Brotherhood. Until this week, many observers may have still wondered what kind of rulers the Muslim Brotherhood are in Egypt.

Since assuming office last June, questions were being raised around the dubious power-consolidation strategy carried out by President Mohammed Mursi, the democratically elected Brotherhood candidate who came into power on the back of the demise of the Mubarak regime in 2011. However, there was very little room left for uncertainty recently, when a highly disturbing video of Egyptian police brutality went viral. The footage shows police officers stripping middle-aged protester Hamada Saber naked, and beating him senseless in front of the presidential palace; this was said to have taken place last Friday. Tamarrud e la App anti-Mursi. Tamarrud (disobbedienza), il movimento che da mesi raccoglie firme per chiedere le dimissioni del presidente egiziano Mursi, è nato criticando espressamente i metodi tradizionali di contestazione politica utilizzati finora dall’opposizione egiziana. “La protesta si è chiusa nella piazza, ha alienato la gente comune, e si è troppe volte fatta violenta”, ha detto in più occasioni Mahmoud Badr, portavoce del gruppo.

La raccolta delle firme, le assemblee, il volantinaggio, sembrano invece aver avuto molto più successo nel coinvolgimento delle persone. Reading Egypt's Draft Constitution. The Junk Bond “Teflon Guy” Behind Egypt’s Nonviolent Revolution. Le plaidoyer de Mohamed ElBaradei. Par Mohamed ElBaradei Voici deux mois seulement se sont tenues en Égypte des élections législatives totalement truquées. Egitto nel caos, l'esercito dà l'ultimatum alla politica: "Avete 48 ore per rispondere al popolo" Le forze armate danno 48 ore a tutte le forze politiche per rispondere alla richieste del popolo di uscire dalla crisi. Egitto, piano esercito modifica costituzione,cancella parlamento. Can a Coup Ever Be Democratic.

Israel nervously watches Egyptian crisis. AP — Israeli officials are warily watching the mass protests in neighboring Egypt, fearing a collapse of the Islamist government could threaten the historic peace treaty between the two nations. Egypt arrests leading Brotherhood members, including El-Katatni. L’esercito assalta la moschea al Cairo Spari sul minareto: “Ci uccidono tutti” Egypt arrests Brotherhood’s supreme guide. Egyptian military present in state TV building ahead of statement. Is There an Egyptian Nation? When is a coup not a coup? Obama faces tricky call in Egypt. Transcript: Egypt's army statement - Middle East. Eric Trager: Witnessing a Coup in Egypt. Egitto, un governo tecnico per future elezioni ad alta tensione. Egitto nel caos, in due giorni 37 vittime El Baradei premier ad interim No della Fratellanza: è uomo degli Usa. US controlling both sides of Egypt coup: Michel Chossudovsky. L'Egitto? Come 40 anni fa in Cile - Egitto nel caos, interviene l’esercito Ancora scontri in piazza: morti e feriti.

The Egyptian people rise up and overthrow Morsi – or was it the army..? Egypt braces for rival rallies, army signals crackdown. General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi: top brass ready to defend the people. Timeline: The one-year rule of Egypt's Mursi. Morsi refuses army road map, says he remains Egypt president. Egypt's Rebel, NSF urge protesters to protect revolution as clashes erupt near Cairo's Tahrir. Millions of Egyptians Demand Morsi’s Downfall. Morsi meets Egypt army chief after ultimatum. Egypt opposition claims anti-Morsi petition has 22 million signatures. Showdown? Egypt's Morsy defies military 'ultimatum' National Alliance in Support of Electoral Legitimacy Speech to Egypt People on Eve of June 30. Égypte : l'ultimatum de l'armée au président Morsi.

Egitto, Morsi respinge l'ultimatum dell'esercito. Obama: risponda alla piazza. Why Egyptians Are So Unhappy With Morsi, in One Chart - Olga Khazan. EGITTO Massacro di Maspero, la Corte marziale condanna a tre anni di carcere due cristiani copti. Egypt's New Anti-Muslim-Brotherhood Militia. Press syndicate boss rejects disciplinary attempts over role in draft constitution. Constituent Assembly immune from court verdicts: Presidential spokesperson. Mparison of Egypt's suspended and draft constitutions. Egypt: New Constitution Mixed on Support of Rights. BREAKING: President Morsi sets r... Voto: l'Egitto ai Fratelli - ATTUALITA.