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Aspires to Real Estate Sales. After working for the Rudy Giuliani presidential campaign of 2007, Sanders Wallis embarked upon a busy life as Director of New Business Development for Wallis Printing Company.

Aspires to Real Estate Sales

Wallis also has an eye to his future. Recently, Wallis passed the Georgia Real Estate Commission Exam and aspires to transition his career into real estate professional sales. The need for real estate professionals is expected to increase by 3% from 2014 to 2024, as real estate sales and broker jobs assist clients to sell, buy and rent properties. Ken Wargo: What it Takes to Succeed in Sales. Ken Wargo, a self-driven professional, has a State of Wisconsin Sales License.

Ken Wargo: What it Takes to Succeed in Sales

He worked in collections for many years and was employed with Sallie Mae between 2003 and 2010. He has spent years developing his knowledge of business and sales. Michael Wiles – The Complete Person. Michael Wiles – The Complete Person Michael Wiles is well known as an actor and a musical director, and he has been able to establish a very sound resume over the years.

Michael Wiles – The Complete Person

He has been a member of the Actor’s Equity Association for well over a decade, and he has worked for many different theater companies. These would include the Contra Costa Civic Theater, the Berkeley Repertory Theater, the Pacific Alliance Stage Company, and the American Musical Theater. These professional responsibilities have certainly kept him occupied much of the time, but he has interests outside of his work that help make him a complete person. He was born in 1975, and he grew up in Helena Montana, so he has a thorough understanding of the “Big Sky Country” culture. Todd Brouillette: Three Ways to Support the Make-a-Wish Foundation. Todd Brouillette is a successful professional who has many years of experience in technology sales.

Todd Brouillette: Three Ways to Support the Make-a-Wish Foundation

He is considered by peers as a well-respected over achiever in business. When not busy with his work as an Oracle Enterprise Account Manager in the Data Storage Division, he is often active in the Rock N Roll and heavy metal music scenes wherein he not only stays involved as a fan, but also as a promoter. He supports not-for-profit organizations by generating ticket sales. He has long supported the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

The Make-a-Wish Foundation is focused on children and puts their interests first through excellent outreach and other programs. WHY TRACK YOUR ONLINE REPUTATION? Though unfortunate, a person’s online reputation is nearly always at risk.


Regardless of who you are, what you do or the size of your company, your brand name can be attacked in numerous online ways, as well as by a variety of people. Competitors, adversaries, dissatisfied customers, unhappy patients, disgruntled former employees and more now have access to the most advanced information distribution system in the world: The Internet. There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of online venues available to people looking for way to vent their frustrations, hurt their competitors or inflict harm on their enemies.

The need to track your online reputation is an undeniably more important than ever before. The benefits of online reputation tracking are numerous, perhaps even endless. Michael Wiles – Baseball Fan. Michael Wiles – Baseball Fan Michael Wiles is known in his Sacramento community as many things.

Michael Wiles – Baseball Fan

Mostly, he is known as a theater geek with decades of experience who has worked in hundreds of theater companies scattered around the West Coast, Idaho, and Montana. Since he moved to Northern California, he has worked as a casting director for various theater companies, an occupation that he says is his dream job. Michael Wiles Wiles is also known as an avid baseball fan. Bethany Kludt: A Healthy Lifestyle. Jackalyn Rainosek – A Brief History of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States. The Top Five Tips for Doctors. When the reputation of your medical practice is under attack online, you need the help of an experienced internet reputation management company, like

The Top Five Tips for Doctors

One disgruntled patient with a grudge and a little spare time can write reviews that could siphon away hundreds of patients, and hundreds of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, the team of reputation repair experts at has worked with doctors to develop proven solutions that will amend the damage and get the online reputation of your medical practice back on track. While every reputation attack on a medical professional is different, these 5 tips from the team of internet reputation management experts at will come in handy for most physicians looking to improve or repair their presence online: Keep your cool. An attack often feels personal, and in many ways, it is. 4 REPUTATION MANAGEMENT TIPS FROM INTERNETREPUTATION.COM. Reputation Management Advice by Whether you have a strong or weak internet reputation, you probably realize that you are susceptible to online attacks on your character.

4 REPUTATION MANAGEMENT TIPS FROM INTERNETREPUTATION.COM understands this concern, so the company has developed a sophisticated reputation management system that controls negative publicity, generates positive press, and protects you against future issues. Maintain Control of Your Online Presence Damaging content spreads quickly across the web, so as you develop a system for protecting yourself, remember that reputation management requires constant vigilance. As soon as a problem arises, immediate action must be taken to contain the damage . Daniel Chammas – Highly Skilled Litigator. Daniel Chammas is a highly skilled litigator with over fifteen years of experience advising corporate clients and defending them in the courtroom.

Daniel Chammas – Highly Skilled Litigator

Chammas started his legal career at McDermott, Will, and Emery after receiving his Juris Doctor from Stanford University Law School. He spent ten years with McDermott, Will, and Emery, eventually working his way up to partner. Todd Brouillette – Three Important Things to Remember When You Go Salmon Fishing. If you are looking for an exciting outdoor activity, you might want to go on a salmon fishing trip.

Todd Brouillette – Three Important Things to Remember When You Go Salmon Fishing

Salmon fishing is exciting and challenging and is the ideal activity for an outdoor trip. Todd Brouillette likes salmon fishing and goes fishing whenever it is possible. Here are some three important things you need to remember when you go salmon fishing. Lines. Todd Brouillette: The Beginning of Rock n’ Roll. Todd Brouillette is a successful professional currently working in the realm of technology, specifically in the field of data storage. He is an Account Manager for Oracle Enterprise, and is committed to working hard for the sake of the company.

Amongst his peers and colleagues, he is known as an over achiever who can take care of the difficult tasks that no one else can seem complete. He moved to Silicon Valley to work in the technology industry in 1995, and realized that it was the field he was meant to be in. However, what he loves more than even his job is rock n’ roll music. Tammie Hawkins: Tips For Planning The Perfect Event. Planning events is what Tammie Hawkins, but she understands that a lot of people struggle to get things to come together into one perfect moment. She has developed the following tips that she thinks will be helpful to anybody who is looking to plan an event, no matter what the size. Communication Is Important Failing to communicate important information about the event, such as when it is being held and where, at the earliest possible opportunity will lead to people simply not being able to turn up because they have prior engagements. As soon as you have a venue, time and date set in stone, you need to get the message out there by way of invites, social media and any other tools that you have at your disposal.

Bethany Kludt. Follows Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership. Jackalyn Rainosek of DTP Leadership in Houston, Texas has made a life study of the dynamic Leadership Challenge program of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, as set forth in their original book The Leadership Challenge of 1987. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership identified in the program include the first, Model the Way, which sets forth the need for true leaders to model the behavior they want to see in others, visually and aurally.

The second practice is called Inspire a Shared Vision, which sets out the necessity of setting forth goals which create a vision everyone in an organization can invest in and work toward together. Challenge the Process encourages dynamic leaders to move outside ordinary boundaries and think innovatively for change. The fourth practice, Enable Others to Act, exhorts leaders to work for a safe environment where groups can work together, test ideas and experiment with solutions and engage each other with trust.

David Gianulias. Aug16 David Gianulias is the owner of Levendi Winery where he produces numerous types of wine. Owning a winery can be challenging but also very rewarding. Finding Clients As An Attorney. Daniel Chammas: Finding Clients As An Attorney Daniel Chammas is a successful attorney who defends companies and businesses during class action lawsuits. He has built up his reputation and now has many clients who seek him out. If you need to find clients as an attorney, these tips can help. Have A PortfolioIf you want toshow your clients that you are able to represent their cases, you should have aportfolio that shows all of the similar cases you have represented in the past.This will help you attract new clients and make you a more well-roundedattorney.

Reasons to Be Involved in Politics. Knows How to Network. Appreciation for the Actors Equity Association. Choosing The Right Attorney. Enjoying Wine To The Fullest. Benefits of Staying Active and Fit. Tips for Starting Your Own Business. Benefits of Staying Active and Fit. Tips on Running a Business.