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The Best Sites for Royalty Free Stock Music and Sound Effects. You can't have video without audio... it just doesn't work.

The Best Sites for Royalty Free Stock Music and Sound Effects

That's why in high school it was A/V club, not just V Club... although that does sound pretty rad. Anywho... if you want to complete an animation, short film, commercial or whatever... you have to have good audio, and that means scores and sound effects! I have found some of the best places around the web to purchase packages, find individual songs, and even snag some free tracks for you and your work! AudioJungle. The Dub Scrolls - Effects. First a general advice: To make your song sound crisp, and punchy, filter all unwanted frequency out of every sound that you use; this clears all the mud out, do this before you add your effects, as it makes it easier to distiguish what you are filtering out.

The Dub Scrolls - Effects

Submitted by Stonelion For definitions and history of the common effects (delay,reverb,phaser,pitch shift) check this document by Scott Madigan. BMG's effects manifesto: "The basic tools of dub are: Your brain and creative rearangements of reality. The goal: To make the music come alive with madness, to be constantly inventive, deep, liquid, organic. Mario Piano Sheet Music - Overworld / Main Theme. Tools & tricks Adobe Photoshop. RedRaven Tutorial - How to use Sytrus to make a BIG Dubstep Bass. Freesound Project.