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5 Roadblocks to Creativity and How to Break Through. How comfortable are you?

5 Roadblocks to Creativity and How to Break Through

Do you like snuggling in your comfort zone? I certainly do, and it seems I’ve been superglued to my comfy chair for the past 12 years. I think Monty Python was right in the Comfy Chair being an instrument of torture, because it can slowly poison you- robbing you of your creativity and of all the amazing things you are capable of… I originally trained as a singer (I attended the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester, UK after doing a university degree). After exiting into the “real world”, I enjoyed singing wonderful music on stage, performing and getting to meet some great people.

A few years later, I decided I wanted to do something else in addition to all the music. I say “web agency”, but at the start it was probably more of a bit of a hobby. Now I really don’t regret my career path. Holding on to certain things in your life can be a little like a child holding on to a comfort blanket for a little too long. Speaking at Bablecamp, in Brno, Czech Republic. Leadership for 21st Century Learning. Object moved. This is the latest of the influential series of OECD reports on Innovative Learning Environments.

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“Learning leadership” is fundamental because it is about setting direction, taking responsibility for putting learning at the centre and keeping it there. This becomes increasingly complex in 21st century settings, calling for innovation and going beyond the heroics of individual leaders. Many need to be involved, bringing in diverse partners at different levels. This is all explored in this volume. It clarifies the concepts and the dimensions of learning leadership, relating it to extensive international research and identifying promising strategies to promote it. This report will prove to be a valuable resource for all those interested in schooling. Executive summary 9Chapter 1. The four traits of collaborative leadership. In the latest in our series about The Future of Work, Katie McCrory explores the changing nature of leadership.

The four traits of collaborative leadership

Some say being a CEO is the loneliest job in the world. Perched right at the top of that org chart, responsible for every tough business decision, knowing you can never forge true friendships with people you might have to fire the next day. You’re across everything, but never fully present on anything. And when things go wrong, as they inevitably do, it doesn’t matter who messed up – the buck will always stop with you. The Challenges of Digital Leadership. ​As founding director of CASTLE (the Center for the Advanced Study of Tech­nology Leadership in Education), the nation’s only university center dedicated to the technology needs of school leaders, I have had the good fortune to work with administrators all over the world on digital leadership issues.

The Challenges of Digital Leadership

Because digital devices and online environments can simultaneously be transformatively empowering and maddeningly disruptive, the work of integrating digital learning tools into schools is usually difficult and complex. Common challenges arise, however, and can be thoughtfully addressed by proactive leadership. Vision By far the most prevalent issue I see in schools struggling with their technology integration and implementation is the lack of a collective vision for how digital learning tools will be used to enhance learning. The most successful schools that I see have rich, robust visions for how digital technologies will transform learning and empower students. Fear Control Support. Working out a school's competitive position even when it's not competing #28daysofwriting. Most schools are state schools, so the idea that leadership might spend time working out a competitive position, or value proposition, often seems absurd.

Working out a school's competitive position even when it's not competing #28daysofwriting

Surely that is an exercise the preserve of private schools and, even more so, private business? State schools are for local kids - the value proposition is that the school is closest to your home. Period. Steve Mouldey blogged yesterday about his own school's vision, and how it sets this state school, Hobsonville, apart from other schools in the area. In this post he cites an excerpt from Grant Lichtman's #EdJourney (pp. 92-94) where the notion of value proposition is justified on the fact that students have more mobility between education provision (other schools, homeschooling, online) than ever before.

New publications. Expenditure on Education and Training in Australia: Analysis and Background Paper This paper describes expenditure across schools, VET and higher education at both state/territory and Commonwealth level.

New publications

The ABS data used in the analysis captures expenditure through each education system. This paper also examines real government recurrent spending per student, based on the administrative data from the separate sectors. From Overview, part of the full report online. Published as analysis and background paper No. 01/2014, Mitchell Institute. Subject Headings VET (Vocational Education and Training)Tertiary educationSecondary educationPrimary educationStatisticsEducation finance Studies and Global Perspectives of Second Language Teaching and Learning John Schwieter, Editor This book explores theories and pedagogies in the L2 classroom that have led to an understanding of how non-native languages are taught and learned. Key Learning Areas Languages Peter Earley Mike Tomlinson Anthony Shaddock. Stop Enabling Gossip on Your Team. Every Friday, the CEO of a prominent tech company (I’ll call him Ken), gathers his troops in the courtyard of their campus for critical updates.

Stop Enabling Gossip on Your Team

The level of candor in these meetings is impressive but the most fascinating part — and what makes this company so unique, is the Q&A that follows. It’s a no-holds-barred exchange that would take the breath away of most corporate managers. The CEO implores people to ask tough questions. On a recent Friday at 4:55pm with seconds left in the meeting Ken points to an employee with a hand raised.

Albany Senior High School/Curriculum plans/Visual Arts. Vision At Albany Senior High School we nurture each other we inspire each other we empower each other.

Albany Senior High School/Curriculum plans/Visual Arts

Why Leadership Should Be Hard. Why Leadership Should Be Hard With the arrival of this last month of the year, I’ve been finding myself in a mixed state of mental exhaustion and reflection, which considering the work involved in bringing my first leadership book out into the world alongside my regular workload is quite understandable.

Why Leadership Should Be Hard

What’s interesting, though, is how many of the leaders I’ve spoken and worked with over the past year are also in this dualistic state. Unfortunately, for most of them, the mental exhaustion is far outweighing any notions of making efforts for reflection and review. Indeed, I’ve seen many leaders shake their heads and admit with some frustration how their job has become so much harder than it used to be.