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Flipped Classroom

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How flipped learning works in (and out of) the classroom. The days of tried-and-tested classroom quizzes are getting shaken up.

How flipped learning works in (and out of) the classroom

Thanks to education technology, we’re seeing a massive influx of entertaining yet useful apps and web tools that make quizzes a bit more engaging. These teacher tools are changing how classrooms operate, how results are measured, and how effective lessons can be. Besides, who wouldn’t like taking a quiz on an iPad rather than with a pencil and paper? I’m envious of today’s students, to be honest. In any case, identifying which teacher tools work best is tough. See Also: The 25 best education apps for connected classrooms Since there really is now singular ‘perfect’ app, let’s take a look at some of the options that are quite good.

So how do we go about choosing the best teacher tools for a particular teacher, classroom, or student? These are just a few basic questions to ask yourself before choosing any of the below. Project Based Learning Connects To Flip Learning… Plus Hundreds of Resources. Welcome a post that is a companion to my PBL Flipped Learning Presentation.

Project Based Learning Connects To Flip Learning… Plus Hundreds of Resources

You will see that Flipped Learning really does connect with PBL plus find 100’s of resources. Those at my presentation will even learn more! First, to ensure you do not miss a valuable post or other resources covering PBL, Digital Curriculum, Web 2.0, STEM, 21st century learning, and technology integration, please sign up for 21centuryedtech by email or RSS.

As always, I invite you to follow me on twitter (@mjgormans). Please give this post a retweet and pass it on. Booking Info – Time to think about your school or conference needs. Project Based Learning and Flipped Classrooms: There Really is a Connection – Mike Gorman ( Have you ever considered flipping your classroom and engaging students in Project Based Learning at the same time? As we look at the process of PBL and Flipped Learning we can begin to see how the two together can promote Bloom’s higher order learning. Webinars and Podcasts PBL Links Books. Flipping and Creating Video Presentations. What is lesson flipping?

Flipping and Creating Video Presentations

Is it an effective technique for language learning? Thomas Healy, co-author of Smart Choice Second Edition, explains how he has used the concept of ‘flipping’ in his classroom ahead of his webinar on 17th or 19th February on the topic. Since I started teaching over twenty years ago, there is one challenge that I continue to obsess about: I have many students, but there is only one of me. To address this reality, I’ve tried over the years to do a better job of making use of group work, collaborative learning opportunities, as well as trying to help my learners develop independent learning skills. Dealing with the needs of individual learner’s needs, however, remains a major challenge.

Flipping is a very simple notion. Fascinating, I thought, but would this work with language learners? Soon, it became apparent to me that I could not flip many elements of the class. When I went about this project, I was amazed at how simple the technology was. Step 1. Step 2. Mr. Salamanca's Math class. Flipped classrooms. The Flipped Classroom. Flipping The Classroom (Reverse Instruction) The Minimalist’s Guide to Creating a Class or Course Web Site January 30, 2014 Have you wished you had a web site to share assignments, links, discussions, and more, but always thought it would be too difficult to create one?

Flipping The Classroom (Reverse Instruction)

It absolutely doesn’t have to be. Educators are increasingly turning to technology to improve their teaching, communication and organization skills. Having a web page to use to deliver and […] Read the full article → Flipped Classroom – The (1 Minute) Movie January 12, 2014 The Flipped Classroom was a Hot Topic in 2013, for Good Reason The Flipped Classroom got a lot of attention in the media during 2013, and this shows no sign of abating as we move into 2014. Read the full article → Zaption - Interactive Video for Learning. 6 YouTube lessons for building better instructional videos. With the rise of the blended learning model of education, video is becoming an increasingly important medium for instruction.

6 YouTube lessons for building better instructional videos

The essential components of blended learning - such as flipped classrooms, MOOCs and “Bring Your Own Device” programs - are facilitated by video instruction to ensure the personalization and flexibility of a digitized education system. Over the last few years, a wave of YouTube channels has emerged to deliver high quality educational content in an accessible, engaging format. Although instructional and lecture videos can be found all over YouTube, these channels distinguish themselves by employing strategies to appeal to audiences. While they do not follow a typical school curriculum, and should certainly not replace one, their success on YouTube serves as a useful guide for instructors seeking to make the most out of video learning.

Here are six takeaways from these channels: 1. Sometimes, the most compelling videos are short and to the point. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Edmodo. The 10 Best Web Tools For Flipped Classrooms. While flipping the classroom is still one of the hottest trends in education, it’s got nothing on time-saving and downright useful apps and web tools. In an effort to provide a quick look at some of the best web tools for flipped classrooms, I thought it would be useful to poll the @Edudemic Twitter followers . POLL: What are your favorite apps and tools for flipped classrooms? — Edudemic (@Edudemic) April 5, 2013 Including the tweets, I also got at least 40 emails from friends, colleagues, and administrators from around the world.