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opsound: free love, free music

opsound: free love, free music

Opsound Lives! Apologies for our recent outage. We've been dealing with some technical and maintenance issues. If you notice further bugs or problems, please contact us at opsound[at]opsound[dot]org. We have a new mailing list to help keep you informed. You can also follow Opsound on Twitter and Facebook.
Looking for music for a video, school project, game you’re developing, podcast or just for listening in your cubicle or mobile music device? Find exactly the music you’re looking for - podsafe, liberally licensed - using dig.ccMixter Music Discovery tool. Find out why one out of six uploads to ccMixter are used in a YouTube(tm) video, flickr moving image, podcast, compilation album and thousands of other places all over the web. Welcome to ccMixter

Welcome to ccMixter