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Early Mathematics

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Kindergarten worksheets, Phonics and Math Games. Kindergarten Math Worksheets Kindergarten Test Prep Kindergarten Math Common Core Test PrepMonthly Calendar Printable 2014USA StatesMother's Day Addition WorksheetsMother's DayMemorial DayCinco de MayoArbor Day World Environment DayArmed Forces DayNational Teachers Day Counting Worksheets for Kindergarten How many?

(# 1-10, circle)How many? Addition Worksheets for Kindergarten Learning Addition worksheets Addition worksheets Addition Subtraction Worksheets for Kindergarten Learning Subtraction worksheets Subtraction worksheets Addition and Subtraction mixed worksheets Fact Family Worksheets - Addition and SubtractionSubtractionLearning Multiplication worksheets Number Sense Worksheets for Kindergarten Less than Greater than worksheets Count by 2,3,4,5 WorksheetsHundreds ChartOrdinal numbers Telling Time Worksheets for Kindergarten Telling Time Worksheets Calendar WorksheetsMonthly Calendar Printable 2012 Handwriting Practice for Days of the Week and Months. The Math Worksheet Preschool Education Music & Songs: Shapes. What Shape is this?

Preschool Education Music & Songs: Shapes

Added 8-7-97 Original Author Unknown Sung to: "The Muffin Man" Do you know what shape this is, What shape this is, what shape this is? Do you know what shape this is I'm holding in my hand? The Square Song added 8-7-97 Original Author Unknown Sung to: "You are my Sunshine" I am a Square, a lovely Square, I have four sides, they're all the same. The Triangle Song added 8-7-97 Original Author Unknown Sung to: "POP! I am a small triangle I have three sides you see.

Shapes added 8-7-97 Original Author Unknown Sung to: "Frere Jacques" This is a square, this is a square, How can you tell? Triangles added 8-7-97 Original Author Unknown Sung to: "Jingle Bells" Triangles, triangles, Have three sides. Songs & Poems - Shapes. Round is a Pancake Round is a pancake, Round is a plum, Round is a doughnut, Round is a drum.

Songs & Poems - Shapes

Round is a puppy, Curled up on a rug. Round are the spots, On a wee ladybug. Look all around, On the ground, in the air, You will find round things everywhere! Circle Song (to the tune of: "If You're Happy and You Know It") A circle is a shape that goes round. Tiptoe slowly on the circle and go round. Suzy Circle I'm Suzy Circle. Circle Here's a circle Here's a circle How can you tell? Make A Circle (to the tune of "Pop Goes the Weasel") Round and round on the paper I go, What fun to go around like so, What have I made, do you know?

The Rolling Circle Song (to the tune of "Have You Ever Seen A Lassie? ") Pattern Block Templates. Pattern Blocks. Summary:Students will use pattern blocks to identify and label shapes.

Pattern Blocks

Main Curriculum Tie: Mathematics Grade 1 Reason with shapes and their attributes. 1.Distinguish between defining attributes (e.g., triangles are closed and three-sided) versus non-defining attributes (e.g., color, orientation, overall size) ; build and draw shapes to possess defining attributes. Materials: Additional Resources Books A Cloak For The Dreamer, by Aileen Friedman; ISBN 978-0590489874 Attachments Web Sites National Library of Virtual Manipulatives Background For Teachers:The new Utah Math Curriculum follows the Focal Points from NCTM. Intended Learning Outcomes:6. Instructional Procedures:Invitation to Learn Distribute a baggie to each student filled with standard pattern blocks. Instructional Procedures Vocabulary Journal – Pattern Blocks Using the Vocabulary Journal Template, copy and compile journals for each of your students. Pattern Blocks Activity Cards Stampin’ Shapes Extensions: Family Connections Marzano, R. What Works Clearinghouse: Practice Guides.

Math Connections at The Virtual Vine. Shapes * Cindy Circle I am Cindy Circle.

Math Connections at The Virtual Vine

Watch me turn. Round and round, And you will learn. And I don’t bend. Never end * Sammy Square Sammy Square is my name. I’m Sammy Square! ~ Author Unknown * Tommy Triangle Tommy Triangle is the name for me. . * Ricky Rectangle Ricky Rectangle is my name. . * Danny Diamond I am Danny Diamond. . * Opal Oval Opal Oval is my name. NLVM Geometry Manipulatives.