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MBT Technical Services

Modern Building Technologies Technical Services has grown to become one of the pioneers in providing building technology solutions in UAE market. Our emphasis on innovative technologies has assured us a leading role as a reliable solution provider to the construction and related industries.

MBT - Wall Protection, Wall Cladding and Wall Covering Solutions. MBT - Parking Accessories in UAE. MBT - HPL Toilet Cubicles, Lockers, Benches and Urinal Partition. MBT is an ISO certified company with an exceptional information and operational management system.

MBT - HPL Toilet Cubicles, Lockers, Benches and Urinal Partition

Therefore, we always aim to provide the most innovative products and installation methods to our customers. We are one of the leading supply and installation companies related to High Pressure Laminated (HPL) products. We serve numerous well known organizations and property developers within the UAE. Regardless of the project's size or scale, MBT always aims to exceed customer expectations. Cubicles These are made of High Pressure Compact Laminates (HPL). Usually 13mm thick, High Pressure Compact Laminates (HPL) are robust and stylish panels. Lockers HPL Lockers are already a norm, when it comes to locker construction. MBT - Hotels - Schools- Hospitals Interior by MBT. A detailed project plan and budget that allows you to make a solid business case for refurbishment before you get started.

MBT - Hotels - Schools- Hospitals Interior by MBT

Our team works on hotels large and small, and from basic to luxury. In every case we tailor a plan that fits within your budget and timescales. Art Code is a sister company of MBT. We're a renowned interiors Contracting company, and run operations throughout the Middle Eastern region. We have several branches in: Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, UK and Spain. Art Code provides Turnkey solutions for projects in interiors works, furniture, and lighting.

Art Code has been recognized as a specialized organization, aiming to fulfill the growing demand for high quality services. MBT - Furniture, Fixture and Equipment for Hotels. Art Code contracting are specialists in high quality refurbishment and fitting out.

MBT - Furniture, Fixture and Equipment for Hotels

We provide comprehensive products and solutions. That is, along with an access to a large portfolio of affiliates, whom are renowned in their respective fields We believe that there's a need for interior company, that does things different. Our focus is on developing a thorough understanding of the needs of our clients. MBT - Solid Surface Countertops. MBT - Structural and Architectural Expansion Joint and Sealant Products. MBT - Entrance Mats, Indoor Outdoor Heavy Duty Floor Protector Mats. MBT - Profiles for Ceramic, Parquet and Skirting Boards. MBT - Laboratory Furniture and Mobile Workstation Modular Lab in UAE. • Laboratory Furniture • Fume Hood by Lab Crafters• SV Storage• Modulex Mobile Workstation• Bedside Cabinet• Enovate Wall Workstation• Rubbermaid Healthcare• Crockery• M.A.G.S (PPE Dispenser)• Medication Cassette• Bed Head Panel• Topro Healthcare is one of MBT’s domains of expertise.

MBT - Laboratory Furniture and Mobile Workstation Modular Lab in UAE

We are committed to providing our customers with extensive solutions, as per their laboratory furniture needs across the Middle Eastern Region. MBT - Wood Industries and Pergolas. MBT has consistently been in the forefront of the construction industry.

MBT - Wood Industries and Pergolas

We do that by offering our customers high-quality customized materials. MBT has gained vast experience through completing well-known projects, for reputed customers and consultants in the UAE. Hence, MBT provides the best in class services and expertise in the field of joineries. It is no less than at par with the competition, if not better. MBT offers the supply & installation of every single one of these items: MBT - Insulated Roof Hatch, Access Doors. MBT - Flooring Solutions - Skirting and Wood-Plastic Composite. MBT (Modern Building Technologies Technical Services) passionately provides flooring solutions, that enhance your enivornment's hygiene.We offer various hygienic flooring solutions for hospitals, commercial & residential areas, schools, sports clubs, and such, in the UAE.

MBT - Flooring Solutions - Skirting and Wood-Plastic Composite

We specialize in green solutions. This is because we believe, in promoting cleanliness and eco-friendliness through the corporate sector. Furthermore, MBT's luxury vinyl tile creates stunning floors. They're designed to look like hardwood or stone, and built to endure the busiest lifestyles. They're a viable solutions for kitchens, baths, basements, and beyond.We're also one of the best skirting suppliers in the market. MBT - Bella Roma Medical & Aesthic Surgery Center.

MBT - Jumeria Village (14D, 11K, 11F, 11L) on We Heart It. MBT - Al Jahily Clinic on We Heart It. MBT - The Living Legend 500 Villas. MBT - Ministry of Interior Central Security Building - Jail Project (Ph1 & Ph2) MBT - Dar Alshifa Hospital. MBT - Al Falah Development in Abu Dhabi 500 Villas package. MBT - Emirates Hills Mosque. MBT - Jumeira Village Villa. MBT - Ajman Specialty General Hospital. MBT - Zayed Military Hospital. MBT - Al Noor Hospital. MBT - Bourn Hall Clinic on We Heart It. Location: Dubai - UAE #DMSSystem #ExpansionJoints #MBTDubai Cover plates #HeavyDutyExpansionJoints #ParkingExpansionJoints.

Location: Riyadh #EntranceMats #FloorProtectorMats #IndoorMats #OutdoorMats. Location: Abu Dhabi - UAE #EntranceMats #FloorProtectorMats #IndoorMats #OutdoorMats. MBT - Design Construction of Abu Dhabi Club for Special Needs. MBT - Blog - Heavy Duty Wall Covering by MBT. Sometimes when the wall becomes effectively damaged due to unexpected weather or polluted environment and abnormal activity, heavy-duty wall covering is a method which makes effectively prevents the wall from heavy impact with entourage in over the wall.

MBT - Blog - Heavy Duty Wall Covering by MBT

Due to using this methodology of the process, it secures the wall from damage caused by rubbing something hard on it. As it create the circle to prevent the wall from corrosion. Heavy duty wall covering makes the layer between the wall and the actual wallpaper; it covers uneven plaster, brick, and many other surfaces as well as covering reduces the noise coming from the outside. This wall covering methods can be used in any populated environment to secure property safety and give long life to the wall. Especially it is best for public properties such as corridors, public spaces, schools and any other high public traffic areas.

MBT - Blog - Parking Accessories in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman. The parking issue is become big issue in this globalization era.

MBT - Blog - Parking Accessories in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman

So, to maximize the parking revenue and in the same time providing safe environment for the car parking users, Modern Building Technologies have several type of the parking accessories in UAE, which helps us for hassle free parking. Parking wheel stopper Parking wheel stoppers are great to block drivers from over-running the parking spots and hitting the walls of your garage or other parked cars. It also protects physical assets preventing vehicles from coming into contact with them. MBT - Blog - Solid Surface Countertops in Dubai, UAE by MBT. MBT Technical Services is well known for its design and installation of different solid surface vanity counters and solid surface countertops.

MBT - Blog - Solid Surface Countertops in Dubai, UAE by MBT

Solid surface is a non-porous low-maintenance material used for surfaces such as countertops. Solid-surface material gives your kitchen or bathroom counter the solidity and general appearance of stone. MBT - Blog - Skirting Solution by MBT. Skirting are the strips, covering the lowest part of any interior wall.

MBT - Blog - Skirting Solution by MBT

Its purpose is to cover the joints between the wall surface and the floor. The main purpose of it to cover the uneven edge as flooring meets the wall, skirting protects the wall from kicks, abrasion and furniture, and also can serve as a decorative molding. MBT - Blog - Expansion Joints in UAE. Expansion Joints help retain structural integrity. They permit thermal contraction and expansion, without inducing stresses into the elements. Expansion joints are designed for several tasks. MBT - Blog - Handrails, Bumper Rails, Crash Rails, Rub Rails and Impact Rails. It is difficult to select which type of wall protection method is suitable for you. Approaching wall protection is a complete line of products and custom solutions that are based on a system.

Whether to maintain a hospital, school, laboratory or any store wall damage is a common. MBT - Blog - Mobile Workstation Modular Lab and Laboratory Furniture in UAE by MBT. Healthcare as one of MBT’s domains of expertise, we are committed to provide our customers with an extensive solution when it comes to their requirements to laboratory furniture needs across Middle East Region. MBT always aims to provide design focused and cost effective solutions to its customers without compromising on quality, reliability and safety.

Wide range of products includes laboratory furniture, fume hoods by crafters, module mobile stations, bedside cabinets, workstation, crockery, PPE dispenser, medication cassette, rub rail, bed head panel and rollators. Laboratory FurnitureMobile Workstation Modular LabFume Hood by Lab CraftersSV StorageModulex Mobile WorkstationBedside CabinetEnovate Wall WorkstationRubbermaid HealthcareCrockeryM.A.G.S (PPE Dispenser)Medication CassetteBed Head PanelTopro. MBT - Blog - Choose a Right Flooring For Interior. When it comes to think about interior, we start doing renovation to walls, replace the furniture and more and except one thing one, the floor. We almost for grant it. Flooring it is not just a word; It is a mirror of your property infrastructure maintenance.

Flooring is an important part of the health of the building. There is various segment of the floor like. MBT - Blog - Entrance Matting System, Roof Hatches and Access Doors by MBT in Dubai. Access doors and roof hatches and entrance mat system, are among the unsung heroes of the construction industry. Also proper use of entrance mats can reduce the amount of dirt that is brought into the building that would otherwise get trapped in interior carpeting. This way, they help protect the finishing of building floors. In other words, they prolong the life of floors and doorways. Due to their varieties in design, they add a hint of style to doorways as well.

They typically go unnoticed. Roof hatches and floor doors or access doors are designed for specific settings and purposes. All these products, are essential components of a commercial building. MBT - Blog - Gym Flooring – Best Thing to Have in Gym. Healthy body is the key factor for happy life. MBT - Blog - How Wall Covering Gives Interior Look Better. There are many people who do not like coloured and painted walls.

They prefer the natural and classy white walls instead of the painted or patterned walls. Even if they want to make some changes to their houses, they will use creative ways to cover the wall instead of painting the wall. MBT - Blog - Furniture, Fixture and Equipment for Hotels by MBT. Art Code contracting are specialists in high quality refurbishment and fitting out providing comprehensive products and solutions with an access to a large portfolio of aliates that are renowned in their respective fields. MBT - Blog - Prevent Sports Injuries by Sports Flooring. Sports flooring is not one thing but a variety of approaches to floor construction or floor covering using a variety of products for a variety of athletic purpose or for a players.

Sports flooring is made from variety of natural and synthetic material. The sports floor being used by children, youth, joggers or elite sportspeople, it's very important that the installed floor meets your requirements. To make the choice of a sports floor as effective as possible for the intended user group it is important to consider the following factors:

MBT - Blog - Change Your Interior by Wall Laminates. Modern houses needs modern interior. MBT - Blog - All About Self-Leveling. When it comes to having even-surface floor it’s really important to know about the quality of concrete used. This determines the durability and perfection of tiles as uneven flooring often lead the tiles to crack. There is one way to prevent damage is by using self-leveling concrete. A self leveling compound is a chemical mixture used to smooth uneven concrete or wooden floors. Self-leveling concrete is a cementitious mixture much like concrete. But unlike concrete, it flows easier and sets up much faster. Self-leveling concrete has increased in popularity as the degree of flatness and smoothness required for floor covering products has increased, with vinyl goods becoming thinner and floor tiles becoming larger.

MBT - Blog - Why to use Wall Protection? At the time of designing a building wall protection is an important component to consider. MBT - Blog - Why Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring is in Trend? Luxury vinyl tile flooring contemporary flooring tile which looks very stylish and costs a fraction of amount when compared to all other popular floor tiles that are in market now a days. It’s a great way to give a rich look to the house in a relatively small budget. Vinyl tiles are hard, tough and sturdy. Another important aspect about this flooring tile that has led to the growth of its use is the fact that it is low maintenance and quite easy to install.

This reason way many developers have started installing luxury vinyl tile flooring in their new projects because they are able to portray the look of a lavish flooring at the fraction of the cost that actual wood or real stone flooring would cost. Due to cost economy, luxury vinyl flooring is also extensively used for renovation; especially by those who are willing to stretch their budgets a little to achieve a high-end look for their house or commercial unit which is under renovation. MBT - Blog - Flooring Solutions in UAE. MBT - Blog - Where to Use Raised Flooring? Simplifying the term raised flooring is created to add the void or space between the flooring and the actual ground level. It is used in many different buildings, from airports to office blocks, hospitals to shopping centres with a number of benefits, mainly for access, but also to hide any undulations that might occur. Service buildings also need raised flooring to gain access so that telecoms, data, electrical power, environmental control and air conditioning, as well as water and drainage, and security teams can get to their respective areas to maintain, fix and manage.

Other benefits to raised flooring: Easy and quick access to data cabling. A cavity depth allows an HVAC system to be utilised so that a quality air conditioning system can be implemented, and it means less hassle or time also money Types of raised flooring: There are basically two categories of raising flooring; lock down or gravity held. MBT - Blog - Wall Cladding by MBT. MBT - Blog - Interior Works, Furniture and Lighting by MBT. MBT - Blog - Wood Industries and Interior Designing in UAE by MBT. MBT - Blog - Wall Covering Solution by MBT in UAE. MBT - Blog - Profile, Trim & Edging for Floors and Walls by MBT. MBT - Blog - HPL Toilet Cubicles, Urinal Partitions and HPL Lockers in UAE by MBT.

MBT - Blog - Flooring Solutions in UAE. MBT - Blog - Wall Protection, Wall Covering & Wall Cladding Solutions. MBT - Blog - Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E) Services.