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Inside Stitch: The Official Vera Bradley Blog. Favorite Ric Rac Tutorials… Pages This Blog 20 Ric Rac Tutorials Today I want to show you a variety of projects you can create using the popular ric rac trim!

Favorite Ric Rac Tutorials…

Lots of home décor, sewing, party ideas, and no sew projects, too! Here we go… Ric Rac Ribbon Tutorial by Me Sew Crazy Ric Rac Birthday Cake by Living Locurto Ric Rac Bunting Tutorial by I Heart Naptime Ric Rac Tea Towels by Smashed Peas and Carrots Girl's Ric Rac Dress from Craftiness is Not Optional Ric Rac Flower Tutorial by Oh For Sweetness Sake. 8 Cute DIY Bookmark Ideas. Bookmarks | 26 comments I don’t really use real bookmarks.

8 Cute DIY Bookmark Ideas

I’m not sure why. They’re not expensive, or hard to make, but I tend to just pick up whatever to mark my pages. Old receipts, scraps of paper, a pencil, etc. But I don’t ever dog ear my pages. Gifting DIY: Hot Pads. With the resurgence of handmade gifts this year, why not make these easy hot pads!

Gifting DIY: Hot Pads

They are a snap to sew up and the fabric combinations are endless. 1/2 yard of top fabric 1/2 yard bottom fabric 1/2 yard Insulbright 2 packages extra wide double fold bias tape Layer the pieces sandwiched together as they would be sewn. Bottom fabric wrong side up, 2 layers of Insulbright, and top fabric right side up Cut out your rough piece of 8.5: wide by 11″ long Draw a diagonal line from the top left to bottom right. Pin along the line and sew a line right down the mark Using your straightedge, draw another line 1″ away from the first line.

Continue across the whole piece Now cut the piece down to 7″ wide by 9.5″ long. Using a spool of thread as your guide, round each corner Pin your binding at the top of the pad, just to the left of the middle Sew the biding all the way on the front of the pad. Now fold the biding up over the edges (trim the corners a bit if needed) Tutorial: Sew Reversible, Reusable, Gift Bags. So I was sitting there last year, in the mountain of crumpled paper left by Christmas morning, and felt horrible at all the waste.

Tutorial: Sew Reversible, Reusable, Gift Bags

My internal conversation went something like this: For next year, I should probably make some gift bags out of fabric that would be reusable. But inexpensive cotton tends to be sort of thin. It would have to be lined. If it’s lined, I might as well use something not-Christmassy, so they will be reusable and reversible throughout the year, too. And I should make them in generic sizes, too. We should do this. Agreed, Smeagol. And then I got caught up in keeping the One Ring from being tossed into the fires of Mt. Prep work: Pre-wash and iron your fabric. Decide how big your bags need to be. Sew Sweetness: Tutorial: Caliti Convertible Clutch.

I’m excited to bring you this clutch pattern!

Sew Sweetness: Tutorial: Caliti Convertible Clutch

It converts from a tote into a clutch, with beautiful circle handles. I wrote this pattern for Pellon Projects; it uses 3 different kinds of interfacing, which will give you a chance to get familiar with each. This pattern is appropriate for intermediate level sewing. It features inner pockets, a magnetic closure, and a metal buckle.

You will also be required to make one buttonhole. SUPPLIES - 1/4 yard (or a fat quarter) exterior fabric - 2/3 yard interior fabric - 1/2 yard side accent/handle fabric - 2 yards Pellon SF-101 fusible woven interfacing - 1/2 yard Pellon Fusible Fleece - 1/2 yard Pellon Decor-Bond - magnetic snap - metal buckle with tongue (I used the Dritz 1-5/8″ fashion buckle) - coordinating thread - hand sewing needle STEP 1 ~ CUT OUT YOUR FABRICFrom the Exterior Fabric 1a. From the Interior Fabric 1b. 1c. From the Accent Fabric 1d. 1e. 1f. 1g. From the Pellon SF-101 Fusible Woven Interfacing 1h. From the Pellon Decor-Bond 1j. How To Find the Perfect Homemade Gift to Make!

How to find the perfect Homemade Gift to make is as easy as 1-2-3 with my Homemade Gift Site.

How To Find the Perfect Homemade Gift to Make!

The Homemade Gift Site from Tip Junkie is just another way I’m trying to serve you and help you to create moments that matter. The Tip Junkie homemade gift ideas blog has by far the most comprehensive search that you’ll find online for free homemade gift patterns. {squealing} Search for the Perfect Gift You can search by person, type of gift, event, and even what it costs to make. Felt Baby Shoes. I think it’s lovely to welcome a little one into the world surrounded by thoughtful handmade gifts, and these itty-bitty boots are just the ticket for such a reception.

Felt Baby Shoes

Brimming over with the “awww” factor, everyone who sees these Felt Baby Shoes wants to pick them up and coo, almost as if they contained a chubby little baby foot already! Sometimes when I get on a roll with a fun and easy project like this, it’s hard to stop. In this case, I ended up with a pile of eight pairs of shoes, all from one Purl Soho Wool Felt Bundle! Our gorgeous Autumn Bundle covers a beautiful spectrum of warm earth tones, just right for boys or girls.

Sew an Even Easier Drawstring Bag. Accessories Published on January 30th, 2012 | by Julie Finn I sew a lot of little drawstring bags, dozens at a time for my etsy shop, one or two every time a new mismatched set of chess pieces or Bella Sera trading cards presents itself as a storage problem, a couple every weekend, it seems, to package the gifts for the endless parade of children’s birthday parties that my daughters attend.

Sew an Even Easier Drawstring Bag

When I sew a lot of something, and often, I’m always trying to refine my methods. In the year since I crafted my first drawstring bag tutorial, I’ve refined it to correct these fiddly bits and to make the bag even quicker and easier to sew. Read on for the quickest, easiest, drawstring bag tutorial that you’re ever going to find: