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9+ things that will disappear in our lifetime. My buddy Ian Jukes forwarded me an email with this list with commentaries by Plinio Granado.

9+ things that will disappear in our lifetime

I love such speculations and having just dropped our cable TV service and our land telephone line (not because we couldn't afford them, but because we weren't using them), the e-mail resonated with me. I agree and look forward to most of these things "going missing. " Whether these changes are good or bad depends in part on how we adapt to them. But, ready or not, here they come .....The Post Office. Get ready to imagine a world without the post office. Can we construct a similar list for 9 things that will disappear in our lifetimes from K-12 education? Book-only libraries and librarians. What's on your list of things that will (or should) disappear from your school before you kick the bucket? 9 Great Articles about The 21st Century Education. I am sharing with you in this post that features the most successful articles I have covered in the section of the 21 st century education.These posts have been viewed thousands of times and I deemed it necessary to amass them all in one article to make it easy and accessible for everyone.

9 Great Articles about The 21st Century Education

Just a brief of overview before you start reading the list. If you are an educator or teacher which I am pretty sure most of you here are then you will find the following articles helpful in building a general concept about the importance of technology in teaching and how we can have a hand in the right implementation of this technology into our classrooms. The aim is to promote learning and sharpen our students skills and equip them with the right tools to succeed in the 21st century world market. 1- The 21st Century Skills Teachers Should Have. 10 Brain-Based Learning Laws That Trump Traditional Education. If you play cards you know the importance of a trump.

10 Brain-Based Learning Laws That Trump Traditional Education

No, not the Donald with the bad red hair. A trump is a card which ranks higher than the played cards. What is a Flipped Classroom? M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education For All.

Keeping up w/ change

Skills. Curriculum. Technology. iPad Distribution for 1,000+ Students – Here’s The Plan. PBL. Lessons learned from using Khan Academy content in a blended learning pilot. Final sentence added 3/1/2012.

Lessons learned from using Khan Academy content in a blended learning pilot

In this December 2011 report [23 page PDF] Brian Greenberg, Leonard Medlock and Darri Stephens report on the "performance and engagement of low‐performing high school algebra students receiving a mix of traditional teacher-­led instruction and self‐guided instruction through the Khan Academy website". The authors seek to compare the performance of two groups of "summer school" learners, one group taught traditionally and one group teacher-supported in largely individual use of Khan Academy content (thus "blended learning"). Both groups made substantial progress (as judged by the increase in percentage questions answered correctly on the MDTP Algebra II Readiness Exam). The Khan Academy group is reported - with plenty of caveats, and with the rather disconcerting bar chart above - to have made very slightly more progress.

Prepping for a new Moodle and the Grid Format. The organisation I’m working for will be upgrading to Moodle 2.1 from Moodle 1.9x on Monday and part of that preparation involved an audit to identify potential problem areas.

Prepping for a new Moodle and the Grid Format

Knowing the issues There have been several issues that have needed resolution, including:site documents and site resources and activities opening in new windows. site files being shared by pages full of manual links to them YouTube videos embedded using embed code instead of the media filter settings. messy code resulting from content pasted in from MS Word and other sources (the Word clean in the editor does NOT clean this code)manually formatted text (not as bad as some web sitesI’ve seen in past where 4 different fonts and 3 different styles appeared on one page)lack of link titles for accessibilityimages manually sized via attributesAll of this has resulted in me seeing angle brackets and source code in my sleep.

Reader. Getting teachers on board the iPad Express. Technology has been with us since I’ve been a teacher.

Getting teachers on board the iPad Express

I started my career succumbing to the alluring aroma of the Gestetner (Ditto/Banda/spirit duplicator) machine and its purple stained sheet. Then the photocopier arrived and we didn’t think it could get any better than making copies of a page for every child. The reality is that many teachers still rely heavily on the immediacy and simplicity of the photocopied black line master provided by someone else. It is far less confusing that all that technical mum jumbo introduced with the computer in the 90s. The challenge then with the iPad is like anything else computer related. So how do we do it? Get Leadership on board. That’s distributive leadership and in theory it works effectively. Early testers You can’t expect everyone to jump on board just because you’re excited. 21 Things That Will be Obsolete in 2020.