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10 WEEKS TO FIT PROGRAM. Applying Mindfulness to Mundane Classroom Tasks. Day after day, I entered my psycho-physical education classroom at New Roads Middle School, primed and prepared to facilitate an inspiring lesson full of mindful practices.

Applying Mindfulness to Mundane Classroom Tasks

And day after day, I felt subtle disappointment as students stumbled in rowdy from recess and fumbled their way through the necessary task of moving the eight full-size tables and 25 chairs aside to make space for our work. A chore that could take well under five minutes was eating up our class time and starting our class period with a raucous energy. I tried assigning students to particular desks as they walked through the door. This helped establish greater participation, but the noise level was still an issue. I tried whispering to students as they entered the room to set a quiet tone. The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek: What’s YOUR Target Number? Sharing Kindergarten: What If Teachers ARE NOT the Problem? I recently saw this video on Facebook that touched my heart.

Sharing Kindergarten: What If Teachers ARE NOT the Problem?

I live and teach in Georgia. Right now, Georgia is considering an educational change that will take away step raises for years of experience as well as raises for advanced degrees in school. The Power of Keeping Your Cool. Many of us have done it.

The Power of Keeping Your Cool

After losing patience, we've become a bit snappy with a room full of students or raised our voices a level or two higher than we should have. It happens. The longer you teach, the more probable an incidence (or two) becomes. Responsive, Not Reactive Once a teacher loses it with a class or student, it takes some time to rebuild that feeling of safety and trust within those four walls, so it's wise to avoid heading in that direction early.

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business: Simple & Effective Classroom Managing With Class Dojo. After the big clip chart debate this past year, I got wondering what other options there were out there.

Mrs. Miner's Kindergarten Monkey Business: Simple & Effective Classroom Managing With Class Dojo

19 Ridiculously Simple DIYs Every Elementary School Teacher Should Know. Advice for a Kindergarten Teacher ~ Linky Party. I'm coming to you today with a linky party hosted by Sharing Kindergarten!

Advice for a Kindergarten Teacher ~ Linky Party

Here are my top 4 tips: I know there are probably things that you HAVE to have at a certain time - lunch, PE, Music, a reading block or math block. Since those things are generally set in stone, try to make sure the rest of your schedule suits your students' needs. Have a plan for several activities the first day or two and then observe how they do. WOW! New Teacher Tip: Handling Challenging Behavior Problems. Every class has its share of challenging students.

New Teacher Tip: Handling Challenging Behavior Problems

If you feel frustrated with the behavior issues that you have to handle, take comfort in the fact that you are not alone—handling behavior issues comes with the job description. Experienced teachers also have trouble managing talkative students, power struggles and disputes among students. Behavior Management: A Whole-School Approach, a book authored by behavior management expert Bill Rogers, delineates how to handle tough behaviors. Typical classroom behaviors and strategies for handling them are detailed below. Talking in Class The nonstop talking of a chatterbox can distract other students from concentrating on their work. The Starr Spangled Planner: Our Marble Jar: Why I Don't Reward Expected Behavior.

Please don't get me wrong!

The Starr Spangled Planner: Our Marble Jar: Why I Don't Reward Expected Behavior

I do not have a magical classroom where every child does everything right all the time! WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HUMANS, NOT ROBOTS! (and little humans no less!) Things go wrong all day, just like every classroom. Burn 600 Calories a Day With This 4-Minute Workout. Try this 4-minute workout and lose 600 calories.

Burn 600 Calories a Day With This 4-Minute Workout

The workout involves very simple exercises: jumping jacks, squats, pushups and lunges. The 4-minute workout is created by fitness coach Jim Saret. Saret hopes to encourage people to lose some weight and stay fit without stressing and going to the gym. “With these exercises you will burn 600 calories in 4 minutes, guaranteed.“, said Saret, in his interview for the ANC program “Headstart“. “While this workout is ideal to be done in 4 minutes, still depends on a person`s fitness level“, said Saret. “If you are in good condition, you can finish the workout in 2 minutes, so go and repeat the exercises until the 4-minute timer is over“, said Saret. The 4-Minute Workout Jumping Jacks Start the workout by doing ten reps of jumping jacks.

Squats Continue with ten reps of squats. “Squats are the one of the biggest fat-burning exercises“, he said. Pushups. Teacher Tips for the First Day of Kindergarten. Back to School & Parent Involvement. Whether any of us want to admit it or not, back to school is coming.

Back to School & Parent Involvement

For some of us, it's here... and we can certainly smell the scent of freshly sharpened pencils. That smells makes any teacher just jump with joy, right? (Maybe during the middle of the school year, not so much during the back to school rush, am I right?!). Pay attention, please… 37 Insanely Smart School Teacher Hacks. 10 Things to Do BEFORE You Set Up Your Classroom.

Open House Stations. Happy Sunday, friends!

Open House Stations

This note comes to you after my first 1st-grade Open House. Today I met my 24 wonderful, first-grade friends! Crockett's Classroom Forever in Third Grade: What Works, Teacher Appreciation Linky. No one appreciates teachers more than other teachers. We know what you do and why you do it! I'm sharing ideas that I hope will make your day a little easier. Read on to learn more. Bright Ideas Blog Hop- Get Students to Close Markers and Glue! How to Lose Weight Without Sagging Skin. As great as weight loss is, it can come with a down side: sagging skin. If you're significantly overweight, especially if you're older, your skin won't snap back easily, and you run the risk of having sagging skin after you've reached your goal weight. While genetics plays a big role in this, you can give your skin a little help.

Take it slow. Just about every diet expert advises you to lose no more than 1 or 2 pounds a week, usually stressing that this will better ensure that you can keep the weight off. However, it also helps the skin "keep up" with the weight loss and shrink along with the fat underneath. Exercise. Eat smart. 10 Rhetorical Questions to Stop Using in the Classroom - Bloglovin.