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Building a PVC Hydroponic Strawberry Tower - Gridlock Gardening. If you have ever grown strawberries, you probably know that it can take a good amount of plants to get a decent size harvest.

Building a PVC Hydroponic Strawberry Tower - Gridlock Gardening

Of course having a good amount of plants also means more space taken up from your garden. One of the recent trends in small space and urban gardening is to grow your crops vertically instead of flat on the ground, allowing you to grow more than you could traditionally. Not only does growing vertically create a smaller footprint on the ground, which is ideal for us urban gardeners, but it also can also be beneficial in other ways. One of the biggest benefits of growing vertically is that you can keep your fruit off the ground and away from pests, as well as making it easier to harvest by keeping everything to a confined area. When planning my strawberry crop this year I decided to go with two different methods of vertical gardening.

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