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Experience New Zealand as a Local - MAYSHAD WOMAN MAG. New Zealand, a place that is as alien to Many People as Mars is to Humanity. A place so different you won’t know what to do, so here are few tips from my back yard Queenstown. Coming from a place that is flooded with tourists every year made me think about the top ten tourist activities with a local twist. Number One Skyline Queenstown It’s fun for the whole family, even grandma. Local Rating 10/10. Number Two TSS Earnslaw Take in the breath; taking views aboard the TSS Earnslaw, she sails from Queenstown across Lake Wakatipu to Walter peak station.

Local rating 8/10. Number Three Cardrona Alpine Resort If you can brave New Zealand in the winter, make sure to find time to hit the renowned slope of Mount Cardrona. Local rating 10/10. Number Four Bungy Jumping AJ Hacket Bungy has 3 sites around Queenstown Kawarau Bridge, Skyline and the Nevis Valley. Number Five Ferg Burger This would probably have to be the best burger joint in the world, period. Number Six Shot Over Jet Local rating 9/10. Number Seven. MIX STRIPES & CHECKS TOGETHER WITH STYLE. And now after reading the title, you are still wondering how we can do it. I always loved stripes and checks, but I never mixed those patterns (maybe because they were not a fashion match). One weekend in a friend party, I had the courage and I did it and trust me, I had a lot of compliments that night.

Since that weekend whenever I get the opportunity to match them I do it. And I receive nice feedback and compliments every time and so can you. Step out from your comfort fashion zone and try those outfit ideas. Meridian striped boiled wool cardigan by MADEWELL Corin ribbed merino wool-blend turtleneck sweater by ACNE STUDIOS 620 Super Skinny mid-rise jeans by J BRAND Tinsley Rubber Rain Boot by SAM EDELMAN Checked cashmere scarf by BURBERRY Cheyne textured-leather clutch by MULBERRY Reversible checked merino wool wrap by BURBERRY Blue Lagoon Smoothie Bowl. I love making smoothie bowls! They are my all time favorites for breakfast because they are delicious, filling and full of vitamins and fiber to keep you full until lunch. I always add superfoods to my smoothies to get extra protein or omegas. And I like the fact that they’re so versatile and I can get creative by mixing different ingredients.

This smoothie bowl is full of protein, vitamins and antioxidants. Ingredients : – 1 frozen banana – 1 cup frozen pineapple – 1 cup chopped kale – 1 tsp spirulina – 1 cup non-dairy milk (I used almond milk) Toppings I used (optional) : Dragon fruit (Pitaya) – Cacao nibs – Dried mulberries – Physalis – Figs How to : 1. Blue Lagoon Smoothie Bowl was last modified: December 26th, 2016 by Moon - Daily Bowl of Happiness.

Reconnect with your roots- Go to your Family Gatherings! Michael J.Fox said, “Family is not an important thing, it’s everything” I relate to this quote as my family means the world to me. There is no other way to keep a family united than by having regular family gatherings. These gatherings can occur yearly, in every family member’s birthday or any special holiday like Christmas that is about to come up. Family gatherings are important because they enable family communication, establish family traditions, and keep members connected with each other.

Beyond that, family gatherings are important for my children as they show them that they are growing up in a safe environment and they would know that these people will always be there for them. Signed by: @Chloe Magnus Single mom, having a balanced life between my Mom’s life, work, sport and kitchen, everything I do is done with love.

Reconnect with your roots- Go to your Family Gatherings! Skiing in the Swiss Alps – Go to Andermatt - Winter holidays. Located in the center cross of east-west and north-south of Switzerland, Andermatt is one of the most beautiful mountain villages with timeless charms that I’ve ever been to. It’s a very calm village, If you are planning for a family travel for your winter break with two perfect mountains for skiing, Andermatt is the perfect destination! Stay at the Chedi Andermatt This luxurious hotel has a beautiful location and is one of the most elegant Ski Chalet of the village; it’s surrounded by the white snowy Swiss Alps. Visit St.Peter& Paul Church The white & gold interior design of this place is breathtaking; the church is located in the town center and was built in 1602 Go on Snow adventures You can’t spend your winter break without having some fun activities in the snow.

Imholzsport Andermatt will satisfy your needs from snowboarding, skiing to telegraph, you will surely have a blast during your stay and these are fun activities to be shared with your kids. Signed by: @Emily Daniel. The Healthy Christmas Breakfast Kids Menu- Christmas celebration. Christmas is a great holiday to be spent at home with family and friends around a table of yummy food made with Love and shared with the beloved ones! What is particular about this Day of every year, is that I always find myself getting back to my childhood spirit and feeling so happy to prepare different dishes to cherish my family. My kids are also so excited to join me over the Kitchen; everyone is trying to help… Our way to spread Love between us and our ritual to spend our Christmas morning.

I will be unable to share with you all the recipes I prepare for this occasion, as my article will be long and boring. But I opted for my great grand mother’s recipes that are now becoming a heritage in our family, and that are passed by generations. To start, Let me introduce you the Baked green Eggs: A must on every Christmas kids brunch menu is Baked green eggs; Ingredients: 100g roughly chopped baby spinach4 tablespoon of fresh pesto100ml double cream1 tablespoon finely grated Gruyere4 eggs. Stick to Neutrals: The Best Eye Nude Make up for every skin tone. Nude is the New Trendy Make up…But what I like most about it, is that not only it is trendy, but I find it very Chic and Discreet.

As I am an active woman, I might have Days that begin at 08:00 in the morning and can last sometimes to 10:00 p.m. between my office, meetings, outside lunchs and sometimes business Dinners, I need to adapt a look that will work for both, mornings and evenings! And my look is definitely including my make up that I don’t have time to change every 2 hours! And Guess what? Eye make up is the key to a beautiful look, and as I already mentioned, the most classy and simple one is the nude. But it differs from a Blondie to a Brunette. I am sharing with you two different nude make-ups and my beauty tips, or products… Ones that Help me master my Make up and make it last long! Here are 4 tips for a good eye make up Fix Use a spray to fix your make up.

Absorbing sheets Use absorbing sheets , to take off the extra oil, hence you will avoid having shiny spots. Base Nude. Stick to Neutrals: The Best Eye Nude Make up for every skin tone. Latest Fashion Trends For Women 2016 | About luxury Fashion Designers. Summer Destinations - mayshadwomanblog. Lifestyle Trends | Empowering Lifestyle Magazine | Empowering Magazine.