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19 אתרי תמונות חינמיים הטובים ביותר ברשת. 75 of the Smartest Resources for Web Designers – cmd + T – Medium. A lot of these lists just cram everything and anything into the lineup.

75 of the Smartest Resources for Web Designers – cmd + T – Medium

So, we decided to pick our designers’ brains to bring you the best resources that we are using on a daily basis. Feel free to add other useful resources in the comments below :) Images + Video 1. Design Crew. HERBOS on Packaging of the World. Designer: Ana Cecilia Gutiérrez Garralda Creative Director: Rodrigo Quiroz Miranda Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Client: San Pablo Farmacia Location: Mexico City, Mexico Packaging Contents: Body Splash Aromatherapy Herbos is an herbal products trademark that is sold exclusively in one of the largest drugstore chains in Mexico.

HERBOS on Packaging of the World

On its first product line, Herbos showcases nine different products used in aromatherapy.The primary plant or flower used in the oil of each product was used as a reference for the packaging graphic design, since this is most important trait for the consumers of herbal products.Each product used in aromatherapy has a specific therapeutic purpose and the name of each product was selected depending on the benefits they provide.The box finishes give a special touch to the packaging; the embossing of the typeface, UV varnish on the icon pattern design, and the silver hot stamping on the top section along with the Herbos logo.

Iflexion: Advanced Web Development, Enterprise Web Application Development, Custom Website Programming Services. Facebook. RGB-to-Hex Color Converter. RGB-to-Hex Conversion Question: How do I convert RGB values of a color to a hexadecimal string?

RGB-to-Hex Color Converter

Answer: The RGB-to-hexadecimal converter algorithm is simple: make sure that your values are in the range 0...255, convert R, G, B to hex strings, and then concatenate the three hex strings together. Convert RGB to Hex color values here: function rgbToHex(R,G,B) {return toHex(R)+toHex(G)+toHex(B)} function toHex(n) { n = parseInt(n,10); if (isNaN(n)) return "00"; n = Math.max(0,Math.min(n,255)); return "0123456789ABCDEF".charAt((n-n%16)/16) + "0123456789ABCDEF".charAt(n%16); } Notes: The script parses the input R, G, B values as integers using the standard function parseInt(string,10); the second, optional argument 10 specifies that the value must be parsed as a decimal number. RGB/hex codes for named colors supported in most browsers are listed below: The ultimate favicon generator - Favic-o-matic. Customize Your PayPal Screen - Life in the Grid. PayPal has pretty much been the standard when it comes to doing any type of e-commerce transaction in a quick and easy format.

Customize Your PayPal Screen - Life in the Grid

Simply sign up for an account, set up your bank information, grab a button to put on your site and you’re in business. However, to customize your PayPal screen is not exactly straightforward. I had to do this process the other day for this site, and I was so frustrated with how much time I spent looking around for the settings, that I decided to write this article to help you get it done quicker. Web Design: High-end Restaurant Website by The Paris Studio. Color Hex Color Codes. Get Colors from Image. With the magic of HTML5 you can get colors from any image with this simple online tool.

Get Colors from Image

To use this new color tool it's recomended that you upgrade your web browser to the latest version. (For the full HTML5 support). Step 1: Select image from your computer and click "Show image" button. Scaled version of the image will show up. Step 2: Click anywhere on the image to choose an area. 9x9 pixels will be magnified in a small box. Step 3: Click anywhere in the small box to select desired color.

Step 4: Click again on the image to choose another 9x9 pixels area. Color Code: Interesting fact :) This is probably the only tool of this kind that doesn't upload your images on the webserver to do the magic. For all who ♥ color. Marcela Uliano da Silva's Crusade Against the Golden Mussel. Save the Earth by killing it?

Marcela Uliano da Silva's Crusade Against the Golden Mussel

Sure, but only a little part of it. So goes the philosophy of young superstar Brazilian biologist Marcela Uliano da Silva, who wants to eradicate a foreign species encroaching on the Amazon River’s shores: the golden mussel. It’s controversial. But before she can stamp out the mussel, she’s decided to arm herself with the nerdiest of all weapons … sequencing the invasive species’ genome. 1713?originUrl= 1709?originUrl= 1712?originUrl= Convince & Convert Digital Marketing Advisors. Startup Stock Photos.

מחירון גרפיקה מעצבים גרפיים וגרפיקאים ב 2015.

Inspiraion for website design

Image banks creative commons. Plans and Pricing. Last Of Songs - Presented by Irit Dekel & Eldad Zitrin. Get Inspired. Get Inspired. Portfolio - The Creative Corporation. Get Inspired. Website & Blog Design Archives - Sombras Blancas Art & Design. Graphic Design Pricing, Freelance Designer Rates. 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied. CUSTOM Company Business Logo Design Corporate by KaizenDesign. Business Logo Design Premade Custom Photography Logo by MMXLV. Custom Logo Design graphic design professional by BannerExpress. 4 Common Small Biz Web Design Disasters. By Sam Butterworth, Just Template IT The vast majority of small business owners understand just how important their website is to the success or failure of their company.

4 Common Small Biz Web Design Disasters

For many, it’s the central hub of their business and has a pivotal role in their marketing and branding. Masswerks. 50 New Single Page Website Designs For Your Inspiration. 22.1.15 313 / Anders Ross Every year web design trends come and go, and it's necessary for designers to keep up with them in order to stay up-to-date.

50 New Single Page Website Designs For Your Inspiration

Designers see each other's work, browse likes and comments, Every year web design trends come and go, and it`s necessary for designers to keep up with them in order to stay up-to-date. Designers see each other`s work, browse likes and comments, and draw conclusions. Photoshop Help. Retina Icons - 1350+ Icons for iOS 7 & iOS 8. Websites We Visit: How They Look Like 10 Years Ago. Most of us probably got our Internet connection somewhere 10 years back.

Websites We Visit: How They Look Like 10 Years Ago

It was also around that time we seen the sudden boom on Internet, thanks to Marc Andreessen and Netscape Communicator. Now that we are almost at the end of 2008, we thought it’s pretty interesting to look back at how some of the trend setters and the most trafficked websites were like 10 years back. Here are some of the top-tier brands of the tech industries and their websites have stayed on the Internet for more than a decade.

5 popular websites and how they looked 10 years ago. As we’ve seen in this other post, a lot has changed in the past 10 years when it comes to website design.

5 popular websites and how they looked 10 years ago

The code has become more advanced, offering better options and usability with the improved CSS3, HTML5, Javascript and jQuery. Ten years ago it was a very different story with the use of Flash and HTML Tables ruled the websites and CSS was still not widely used. Now let’s take a look back 10 years ago at some of the most popular websites visited today, and survey how much they’ve changed. Apple. How 20 popular websites looked when they launched. 2. - launched in 2004 3. - launched in 2003 4. - launched in 1994 5. - launched in 2005 6. - launched in 2001 7. - launched in 1995. The Evolution of Websites: How 10 Popular Websites Have (And Have Not) Changed.

What 10 Of Your Favorite Retail Websites Looked Like 10+ Years Ago. How 5 of the Biggest Websites Looked in 1998. Image Source Ah how the internet has changed. In just over a decade the internet has become one of the most important parts in our modern world. Naturally the design has changed a lot over time as well. From flashy gifs and bright blue text we have transformed to a cleaner, more organized internet. However; this doesn’t mean it is not fun to see how sites used to look. Web Design Of The Year 2000. As you can see and remeber, web design in the year 2000 wasn’t so evolved like these days. Emphasis was on practicality and less on design. Nowadays, most successful sites are based on simplicity and utility. Look at Apple’s website and you will easily understand what I’m trying to say. These old designs bring back to life many nice memories. Yahoo.Com. Best Website Designs — December 2013's Picks.

This latest edition of the Top 10 Websites for Designers includes a new creative critique platform, a fun color picker for the real world and more. Worst Website Design of 2005 from Web Pages That Suck. Worst Website Design of 2005 from Web Pages That Suck. The 25 Worst Websites of 2013. Our 50 Favorite Web Designs from 2011 - Speckyboy Web Design Magazine. Below are 50 (non-ranked) of our favorite web design from 2013.