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Welcome to the Fast-5 website. 5 Reasons To Try Mini Fasts - Lani Muelrath. I NEVER thought I’d say this, but….I have become a big fan of the intermittent mini fast!

5 Reasons To Try Mini Fasts - Lani Muelrath

WHAAT, you say? Settle down! And I’ll tell you all about it. IMF is the NEW acronym I’ve invented for what I call intermittent mini fasts. Here’s how it came up, what I learned, and what I did about it. Diet Summary. Mini-Fasts: My 4-Month Report - Lani Muelrath. It’s been about 4 months since integrating the principles of Intermittent Mini Fasts (IMF) into my fitness plan (See “5 Reasons To Try Mini Fasts”).

Mini-Fasts: My 4-Month Report - Lani Muelrath

And with so many inquiries regarding “how’s it going?” Via emails, forum postings, and conversations, I thought it would be a worthwhile project for me to sit down and document my experiences and thoughts. It will allow me to chronicle – in retrospect – the experience, the benefits (of which I have come to experience and believe there are many), and a few of the specific details about implementation and results. And I hope it is of benefit to other women who are exploring this avenue as a way to increase their health and fitness as well as improve their body composition.

How It All Came About.