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Welcome to the Fast-5 website. 5 Reasons To Try Mini Fasts - Lani Muelrath. I NEVER thought I’d say this, but….I have become a big fan of the intermittent mini fast!

5 Reasons To Try Mini Fasts - Lani Muelrath

WHAAT, you say? Settle down! And I’ll tell you all about it. IMF is the NEW acronym I’ve invented for what I call intermittent mini fasts. Here’s how it came up, what I learned, and what I did about it. Taking Another Look First, some personal history. Interestingly enough, over the past couple of years, as I am an avid reader and researcher of what’s going on in the health and fitness fields, the idea of fasting seemed to be resurfacing as a health and longevity tool. Because of my prior experience, and all the work that I had done to heal my relationship with food, eating, and my body, I dismissed and ignored all of these references. However, references persisted, and I thought, OK Lani, let’s take an objective look at see what this is all about.

What Caught My Eye As I began to let the material about fasting filter into my domain, I saw references that made me sit up and take attention. And of course: Diet Summary. Eat within five consecutive hours.

Diet Summary

That’s it—that's the basic summary: eat within five consecutive hours. “Eat” means consume calories according to your appetite. It does not mean eat constantly for five hours, nor does it mean eat as much as you can. During the five consecutive hours (the “eating window”), eat as much as you’re hungry for, and eat what you want to eat. Consuming liquids with calorie content counts as eating, so only calorie-free beverages are permitted during the fasting period - no juice, protein shakes, etc. What to expect: Expect zero weight loss in the first three weeks, which is the adjustment phase. How to start: There are two ways to start, “cold turkey” and a gradual “adjustment” approach. 1.

Key to remember: If you slip and don’t reach your goal, don’t give up. 2. A. People on a Fast-5 way of eating have reported the following:Inches before pounds—Inches seem to disappear before the weight comes off. Mini-Fasts: My 4-Month Report - Lani Muelrath. It’s been about 4 months since integrating the principles of Intermittent Mini Fasts (IMF) into my fitness plan (See “5 Reasons To Try Mini Fasts”).

Mini-Fasts: My 4-Month Report - Lani Muelrath

And with so many inquiries regarding “how’s it going?” Via emails, forum postings, and conversations, I thought it would be a worthwhile project for me to sit down and document my experiences and thoughts. It will allow me to chronicle – in retrospect – the experience, the benefits (of which I have come to experience and believe there are many), and a few of the specific details about implementation and results.

And I hope it is of benefit to other women who are exploring this avenue as a way to increase their health and fitness as well as improve their body composition. How It All Came About I’ve previously written about my discovery and investigation of Mini-Fasts, which you can find at my blog entry here: “5 Reasons To Try Mini Fasts”. But there have been four months of water under the bridge since then! The Benefits I Am Experiencing.