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PS2 Handheld

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3.5 Inch TFT LCD Monitor for Car / Automobile:Amazon:Car Electronics. Us Backlight Lcd Screen Replacement for Psp 1000 1001:Amazon:Video Games. Console Modding Site - PS2 portable wiring diagram. PS2 portable wiring diagram You will need: -A PS2 slim -A Psone 5" LCD screen -A power wwitch -A battery (Li-Ion is best.)

Console Modding Site - PS2 portable wiring diagram

-A protection circut, if you use a Li-ion battery (it might come with the battery) -A controller -Some wire (mostly ribbon cable.) -Soldering supplies -Patience The controller wires are not in order on this diagram. Note that here, composite was used for video. Copyrights: Basement Modder of benheck, Kyo. Portable PS2 MOD! [XX2] Tutorial ADDED! - page 1 - PS2 - PS2 Handheld Mod Makes the Greatest Console Portable. The Playstation 2 is, to me, probably the greatest video game console to date, and while the PSP in a way allows it to live on, there are many games missing.

PS2 Handheld Mod Makes the Greatest Console Portable

This amazing handheld PS2 mod, however, will let you enjoy all your favorites on the go! The Playstation 2 was when modern gaming really seemed to mature, especially the graphics. The clunky days of PSX and N64 graphics were gone, bringing much smoother and more realistic looking graphics. The console also had an amazing number of exclusives, setting it apart from the Xbox and the GameCube, although both were still very successful as well.

The Playstation Portable lets us enjoy PS2-quality games in a slick, handheld format, and even includes quite a few ports of popular games like Persona 3. The only main flaw I see is the size, but no matter how much you slim down the tech, it still has to be able to read a CD or DVD. Via: Electronista. Usually I make some sort of Photoshopped "adventure" for the makings of these things (see the infamous SNESp or NOAC NESp stories) but with the PS2p I decided to go for a more step-by-step telling of the actual construction process.

I often get questioned as to how I build these things, so I thought I'd make this as informative as possible. I first starting making a PS2 portable at the beginning of 2004 using a regular PS2. It was going OK and I even had a Ni-MH battery that would run it but I was having problems with the DVD drive. I kept at it all spring, then I had to work on my book. With the book done (in October) I could get back to doing a PS2 portable.

The next step was finding a power source that would work and hopefully provide at least a couple hours of play time. I remembered seeing a Lithium-ion battery pack at Wal-Mart. I kept my receipt in case it didn't work so I could return it. Duracell Value Charger With 4AA Pre Charged Rechargeable Nimh Batteries, CEF14DX4:Amazon:Health & Personal Care. Seiki - Refurbished 13" Class - LED - 720p - 60Hz - HDTV - SE131FS.