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Shreya Ukil: Former Indian Techie of Wipro Wins Lawsuit Against the Company in London. A 40 year old Indian woman, Shreya Ukil, Who had worked as senior techie at Wipro back office in London, has claimed to win a lawsuit against Wipro for gender discrimination, unequal pay and vistimisation in a British Tribunal. To this Wipro said that the tribunal has rejected the claims of adverse cultural attitude going on in the organization towards women. Shreya had worked for around 10 years for Wipro. She was successful in bringing million dollars contract for the company and was also awarded for her achievements.

But when she raised her concerns in 2012, they went unnoticed. Shreya’s lawyers Slater and Gordon, in a joint statement from London said that Wipro leadership team including the then chief executive T.K.Kurien, had conspired to push Ukil out of her job and her role in Britain. The company sacked shreya and her senior Manoj Punja saying that they wee relieved from their service as they were into relationship and did not inform the company about it as per their policy. Burning Issue: Uttarakhand Forest Fire Real Videos. Forest fires are not uncommon in India but they remain flourishing unchecked. The recent forest fires in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh has destroyed about 3,600 hectares and 4,400 hectares of forest area.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) issued a show cause notice to the above government for their insensitive attitude towards the forest fire. The fire already started showing its violent anger since February 2 in Uttarakhand but the government and forest department neglected it. India has satellite guarded forest fire management system and Indian Forest Response and Assessment System (INFFRAS) and still government and forest officials failed to stop the forest fire from being spread widely. According to the reports of Hindustan Times, the practice of creating fire lines and buffer belts to prevent fire from spreading, still remains on paper. States have failed to implement it practically. Uttarakhand Forest Most Searching Terms: Advertisement (Visited 190 times, 6 visits today) Le 1s Eco Registration to Buy Online India: Flipkart Sale Date & Time. LeEco, Chinese internet and technology company unveiled Le 1s Eco with supertainment package in India.

It is aimed providing entertainment and content to its smartphone users in India. LeEco Le 1s (Eco) is credited as the first ‘Made for India’ smartphone with company’s branded supertainment services. Now, Flipkart opens registration for Le 1s Eco to buy online in India. There are not that many providers in India for content bundled with hardware. LeEco has tied up with YuppTv and Hungama music for the content. Le 1s Eco with Supertainment package is offered at Rs 10,899 and comes with 5 TB cloud storage. Le 1s Eco Registration to Buy Online Atul Jain, COO, LeEco India said that they call it an ecosystem because content is as important as the device screen. Most Indian users are using 2G network, or 3G networks at 2G like speed, it is somewhat difficult to run content smoothly on the device.

Most Searching Terms: Advertisement (Visited 33 times, 4 visits today) Roku Streaming Stick Channels, Setup, Troubleshoot and Review. Roku has rolled out a new Streaming Stick that is faster, slimmer and includes more features than the previous one all at the price of $50. The new Streaming Stick is an inexpensive, back-of-the-television alternative to media streamer boxes like the Apple TV. Here we discuss on Roku’s streaming stick channels, setup guide, troubleshoot help and customer review. The new Roku stick is powered by a quad-core processor. The Stick is so small and slim that makes it easier to fit into cramped HDMI ports, surrounded by cables. Its one end has an HDMI connector for plugging the stick into your television and the other end has a micro USB port for powering the device. The stick comes with a USB-to-micro USB cable and a wall adapter. The new Roku Stick is far more streamlined.

The included remote communicates with the stick over radio instead of IR, so you can point it anywhere provided you are within range of about 30 feet of the device. Most Searching Terms: Advertisement. AARP Chase Credit Card Login for Online Statements and Pay your Bill |Login My Page. AARP Chase credit card my account login: Here we are going to discuss such nonprofit organization from the United States.

Name of this membership and interest group is American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Let’s know in more detail about AARP and its activities here below. We also discuss on AARP Chase credit card online statements and bill payment facility. We all know the importance of family. About AARP Founded in 1958, AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan membership organization that helps people 50 and over has independence, choice, and control in ways that are beneficial and affordable to them and society as a whole.

AARP has offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and the U.S. There is nothing wrong in saying that turn 50 and the doors of AARP will open for you. AARP Credit Card These Credit Cards are issued by Chase Bank USA. It is very easy and simple to apply for AARP credit card. Fort McMurray Wildfire Satellite Video and Status Map Canada. A raging wildfire has engulfed the western Canadian oil city of Fort McMurray. It has caused evacuation of as many as 88,000 from the city on an emergency basis. You can see here, Canada Wildfire Satellite Video and Status Map. The fire has almost swapped 1600 structures in the blaze and the fire conditions may take more structures in its blaze.

A new school building in the heart of Fort McMurray had been destroyed and more than a dozen structures in residential parts of the town caught on fire. It has charred 18,500 acres. It seems the whole town is at the verge of being doomed. The evacuation order caused traffic jam on the highway on Tuesday and it was forced closed. Fort McMurray Wildfire Photo Fire fighters are struggling to control the blaze, but there are no signs of the fire being abated. Wildfires were also spreading in neighbouring British Columbia on Wednesday that took 9,000 hectare into its blaze in the province’s northeast. Most Searching Terms: Advertisement. GNC My Account Sign In - GNC Gold Card Membership Renewal & Registration. GNC My Account Login/activation: General Nutrition Corporation appreciate its customers and in order to thank them, offers a loyalty program named GNC Gold Card Program that gives discounts and other benefits to the regular customers of them.

There is a nominal membership fee of $15.00 per annum. The membership can be renewed it anytime. GNC guarantees the security of your privacy as well as for your personal details such as your name, address, telephone number etc. You can check more details on the official website. You need to register your GNC Gold Card online. About GNC Let’s check GNC My Account Sign In guide. How Can You Register to GNC Gold Card Membership? Requirements You must have a computer with an access to the internet.You have to provide some personal details. Step-By-Step Guide Most Searching Terms: (Visited 1,351 times, 1 visits today)

Latest Version of OKI Printer Driver Installer - Get instructions for downloading and installing OKI printer driver online free. For more check official website We are agreeing that latest technologies make out most of activities very easy. It’s true that latest services we all use are very useful, but the equipments or say devices that provides these functionality and services are as important too. If the equipments are not there, how will you use the services? So, in short the latest technologies are important, the equipments or devices that able to use services are as important. The service provider company you choose, they require these electronic equipments first then only they can able to provide the service to the customers or consumers.

Here we will discuss about one of the manufacturer as well as seller of such electronic equipments. About OKI: Oki Electric Industry Vo., Ltd that doing business and known as OKI Electric, it is a one of the very well know name of the electronics industry from Japan. Best Deals on National Car Rental Booking: Discount Coupons and Code for Car Reservation. If you are customer of National Car Rental, then find out best car rental deals on National car rental booking. Get discount coupons and code for car reservation. Today, to make your work easy there are number of services available. These services provide you convenience so that you can easily fulfill your task. For businesses and even for personal use, computers, laptops, mobiles and many other useful devices are there that make your work so easy. This is about latest technology equipments. Same way to save your time and make you reach on time, you can use car rental service.

Use of this service is becoming more and more popular. They can use this for pick up and drop at air ports or at any other destinations they are travelling. About National Car Rental Company: National Car Rental Inc that doing business as National Car Rental is one of the world’s largest vehicle rental companies. There are number of services offer by National Car Rental. National Car Rental Coupons: Advertisement. Paychex Time and Labor Online Support: My Paychex Login. If you use payroll services, then you need to know about My Paychex login guide and Paychex time and labor Online access.

Whatever type of business you start, either small or medium size or even a large corporate business, there are some things that are basic needs of any business. These types of requirements include staff that you can find through HR service providers, latest technology equipments and many other things that can help to manage business easily. Obviously when you are appointing staff as employees then their payroll activities also become a part of your business. In earlier time most of businesses preferred to do payroll management of employees manually. Well, let’s not talk about all products and techniques that give you an ease of work but here we will discuss about one of the very popular service used by most of businesses nowadays that is payroll and HR services.

About Paychex: Now let’s take a look at the list of products and services offer by Paychex. Logitech Customer Support Number India - Customer Support Live Chat. Logitech service center always for you with toll free logitech customer service number India and Logitech customer support live chat. In the current era of modernization and digitalization, how many types of digital products we use for various purposes either for business or personal? Have you ever think about it? Since you get up in morning up to night, we use numbers of devices including PC, laptops, mobile phones, tablets and many more.

Especially if we talk about PCs, are they come in single device? No, not actually. Many devices come together make a complete PC. Some companies are standard and very popular for the PC peripherals they make. About Logitech: Commonly to whom we know as Logitech, the full name of the company is Logitech International S.A. this swish company is one of the market leader and global provider of top brand PC accessories. Computer and tablet peripherals are the main products of the company. Now, let’s take a quick look at the products offer by Logitech. Liberty Mutual Login - Quotes and Reviews.

Liberty Mutual is one popular name in car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. Liberty Mutual login is one necessary step for access your account online. Their official website is How many options are there for us to invest your savings! However some of them are actually a worth investment, in fact we say that everyone should do such investment that help in future when you really in need of money. We are talking about insurance. In today’s life, you never know when you get yourself in trouble. Maybe you will think that is possible to get all the types of insurances at one place only? Liberty Mutual Insurance company profile: Liberty Mutual Group that doing business as Liberty Mutual Insurance is an American expanded global insurer. Currently company employs more than 50,000 people in more than 900 branches throughout the world.

Liberty Mutual Insurance helps people protect what they earn, build, own, and appreciate. How to Log in Liberty Mutual Insurance? Lands’ End Account Sign In to Track My Order - If you love spring styles shopping on then know all about Lands End order tracking and check status online with Lands’ End account sign in guide. Nowadays people, especially young generation is crazy for what? The only answer is fashion. For every different occasion, there is new style of clothes and accessories available in the market nowadays. Whatever type of clothing you want either formal wears, casual wears, party wears, sportswear or any other, you can easily get your choice of clothing easily at nearby stores as well as online.

However, with time, people prefer to do online shopping mostly because it is very time saving and sometimes money saving too. In shopping also you can choose from your choice of selected brands. The more invention of new technology the more choices people get. Here we will discuss on Lands End tracking order. About Lands’ End: Based at Dodgeville, Wisconsin, United States the Lands’ End is an American clothing retailer company.

Hobby Lobby Coupon Code/ Discount Code - Find arts and crafts store Hobby Lobby coupon code and discount code online. Their official website is To make our home more beautiful and decent, we use many decorative items, right? Some people love antique theme too. Ole antique statues and many other things can make your home more attractive. It is not at all necessary that only these things can make your home nice. Use of normal crafts and arts products can also leave the same impact too. In our society, there is a one class of people who love to do collection of such products of crafts and arts. Let’s introduce especially the people of such a class to one of the retailer from the United States named Hobby Lobby.

About Hobby Lobby: Hobby Lobby is the right place where a crafter’s dreams come true. On the website of the company where customers can purchase any of the products found in the company’s retail outlets. About Hobby Lobby Coupon Code: You don’t need to take any particular knowledge to use the coupons. Shopping Discounts with Harris Teeter Weekly Specials AD - Now check Harris teeter weekly ad shopping list, weekly ad preview and seafood specials at one place.

Don’t you think, from when this departmental store or super market store concept has been arrived, your shopping became quite worth. This is because shopping in supermarket stores helps saving both time and money. Why and how that we will check as we will move further in our discussion here. Do you know why people prefer mostly do shopping of grocery, dairy, bakery and other routine products from supermarket stores? This is because you will always find there some discount offers and sale on selected products.

About Harris Teeter: After above discussion you will surely came to know that Harris Teeter is a supermarket chain. However Harris Teeter kept its name, brand and headquarters in Matthews only. The best customer service is the motto of the company since it was founded. Once you served with all ongoing weekly ads, you can select your products and start saving. Most Searching Terms: Boscov's Credit Card Payment Login: Manage Account Online. Asus Router Login Page IP Address: Router’s Default Usename & Password. Alaska Airlines Credit Card Login - Access My Payment Account. Details of Laser Hair Removal Procedure.

Advantages, Limitations and Uses of Term Life Insurance Policy. Sign Up for 1800Flowers Fresh Rewards Account Online. Datsun Redi Go Booking Online: Pre-Booking Orders on Login: Free Trial Subscription & Trial Period Promo Code. Firestone Credit Card Login - Payment Sign In Help. List of Precious Birthday Gifts: Fresh Ideas for Happy Birthday. BECU Login: Online Banking, Routing Number and Sign In Problem Help. Wegmans Catering Menu, Prices and Reviews - Practicing Yoga can Help Asthma Sufferer Breathe More Easily. Travelocity Vacation Packages Promo Code: All The Latest Deals. Solution for Leg Cramps in The Calf, Hamstrings, Thigh or Foot. Fatty Liver Disease Increases The Risk of Cardiovascular Disease. Roamio OTA Digital Video Recorder: Plug Over-The Air-Antenna Via Coaxial Cable and Record Free Broadcast Channels.

Buy Docoss X1 Android Phone Costs Rs 888: How to Book Docoss X1? Fire Erupted at Biomax Fuels Limited, in the Visakhapatnam SEZ, Located at Duvvada. Moto G Turbo with Virat FanBox Fan Club Subscription Price. Chase Fingerprint Logins: Support for Mobile Banking Android App. Orbitz Car Rental Cancellation Policy and Phone Number: Promo Code. How to Grow Wheatgrass for Juicing at Home in Soil/ Without Soil. Buy ChampOne C1 Phone at Rs 501 – Register Now. Novartis Animal Health Rebate Offer: How to Claim the Offers on Official Website? Activate BSNL Free Calling Time: Free Calls on Sunday for Any Network's Mobile and Landline. Activate New Citibank Debit Card/ Credit Card - Register Citi Card Online |Login My Page. Login My Page. Best Country Living House Plans on Massive Fire at National Museum of Natural History at FICCI Building Delhi. Meditation to Become Younger: Build a Younger Brain with Relaxation Technique.

Activate Hotstar Premium and Watch TV Broadcasts of US TV Shows on the Same Day as in US. How to Recharge BSNL's Digital India Offer? | 20GB 3G Data Pack for Rs 50. Lenovo’s New Smartphone ZUK Z2 Pro, 6GB of RAM at Very Low Price: Availability and Release Date. LeEco’s Smart Car LeSee: Features, Price and Availability of the World's First Driverless Electric Concept Super Car. Making of xXx: The Return of the Xander Cage - Deepika Padukone and Tony Jaa on the Set. Bentley Bentayga Interior Photos: Book Bentley’s First SUV in India Priced at Rs 3.85 CR. Login: Simple Guide to Access Online Account. What are Common Symptoms and Signs of Heart Attack? What is Paris Climate Agreement? Which Countries Signed Agreement at the UN Headquarters on Earth Day 2016. Should You Eat Cheese If You have High Cholesterol? Hrithik Roshan, Kangana Ranaut's Secret Emails Investigate the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell.

SanDisk's Lightning Connector iXpand Flash Drive for iPhone and iPad: Prices and Review. Venezuela Hours of Power Cut & Change in Working Hours on Electricity Blackouts. Linkedin Job Search Android Application: New App for Job-Hunting College Students. Dipa Karmakar is First Indian Woman Gymnast to Qualify for Olympics. [Freedom 9900 TV] Online Booking of Ringing Bells Cheapest HD LED TV: Buy Cheapest Television. Loosing Weight Just in Six Weeks with The Six Week Body Makeover System.

Treating Insomnia with Music Therapy: Avoid A Dreaded Condition Naturally. Mobile Site: Largest Online Hotel Reservation Agency. Novolog Flexpen: Get a $125 Off Money-Saving Offer on FlexPen. Create my ticketmaster account: Get Coupons and Voucher Codes. Fry's Account Online: Easy-To-Use Express Checkout. Loren Beech Wiki and Lip-Syncing Videos: YouTube Account. Six Must Try Remedies for Lower Back Pain. Stop Snoring Habit: There are Many Solutions for Habitual Snoret. Watch Full of Surprise Performances of Coachella 2016 Festival. BAE – No Surgery Weight Loss Procedure, Appears to Be Effective. YouTube Help for 360-degree Video Streaming and Spatial Audio: On-Demand Videos with Surround Sound. Sign up. Sign up. ACE Cash Express - ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Card Login - Check Cashing Locations | Sign up. Sign up. How to Participate in the TK Maxx Customer Satisfaction Survey £1000 | Sign up.