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Chemical vendors. Scientific links. Ramit Sethi. Personal development. Information. Entertainment. Audiobooks. Funding. Successful Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Secrets. Read to Lead: How to Digest Books Above Your “Level” I shouldn’t be able to read most of the books on my shelf. I never took a single classical history class and I cheated through most of Economics 001. Still, the loci of my library are Greek History and Applied Economics.

And though they often are beyond me educationally, I’m able to comprehend them because of some equalizing tricks. Reading to lead or learn requires that you treat your brain like the muscle that it is–lifting the subjects with the most tension and weight. For me, that means pushing ahead into subjects you’re not familiar with and wresting with them until you can–shying away from the “easy read.” This is how I break down a new book: Before the First Page Break out of the School Mindset Almost everything you learn in the classroom is tainted by the fact that ultimately teachers have to test you on it. When you read History of the Peloponnesian War, the countries involved in the conflict between Corinth and Corcyra is not really worth remembering.

From Seneca: Ruin the Ending. How to Get a Job at Google. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — LAST June, in an interview with Adam Bryant of The Times, Laszlo Bock, the senior vice president of people operations for Google — i.e., the guy in charge of hiring for one of the world’s most successful companies — noted that Google had determined that “G.P.A.’s are worthless as a criteria for hiring, and test scores are worthless. ...

How to Get a Job at Google

We found that they don’t predict anything.” He also noted that the “proportion of people without any college education at Google has increased over time” — now as high as 14 percent on some teams. At a time when many people are asking, “How’s my kid gonna get a job?” I thought it would be useful to visit Google and hear how Bock would answer. Don’t get him wrong, Bock begins, “Good grades certainly don’t hurt.” 2014 Drug Discovery Series » ACS Webinars ® 2014 Drug Discovery Series Drug Discovery from A to Z What does it take to bring a drug on to the market?

2014 Drug Discovery Series » ACS Webinars ®

Learn the stages and challenges of every step by tuning in to the ACS Webinars Drug Discovery Series. Listen and discuss with subject matter experts about drug discovery, preclinical development, clinical investigation, regulatory concerns, and commercialization issues. Each new session will leave you with a better understanding of how products make it from bench to market – a big picture view that could be critical for your research! TDTV #2: Ben Casnocha and Ramit Sethi.