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Colours! by Iara Benitez on Genially. Let's learn together!

Colours! by Iara Benitez on Genially

,Colours,Colours,By Alaniz Lucia and Benitez Iara,-Hace click sobre las distintas herramientas para que juntos podamos aprender sobre los colores de forma divertida.,10 Games,Let's learn about colours! ,2 Video of colours,9 The Colour Song,1 Poster,6 Activity,4 Photo,7 Story about colours,5 Power Point,8 Summary,3 Practice Pronounciation,Click here! GROOMING by Macarena Pravato on Genially. CHILDREN´S STORY TIME by danielamastropierro16 on Genially. IT´S POETRY TIME,HEY !!!

CHILDREN´S STORY TIME by danielamastropierro16 on Genially

,01. Why we stay at home,05. Present continuous tenses. Tecnologias por asgullotti75 en Genially. Tecnologias by asgullotti75 on Genially. Women Writers of the Romanticism by Valeria “VG2012” Godoy on Genially. Control of Emotions in Relation with Friendship by sofiaatienza13 on Genially. Students: Atienza Sofía and Salazar Camila,Control of Emotions in Relation with Friendship,1.Cover Page,8.Happiness,2.Index,3.Introduction,4.Benefits of Friendships,5.Types of Friendships,6.Emotions Expressed with Different Friends,7.Sadness,9.Anger / Displeasure,10.Doubt,11.Books in Which Central Theme is Friendship,12.

Control of Emotions in Relation with Friendship by sofiaatienza13 on Genially

Movies that Celebrate Friendship,13.Conclusion,14.FinalActivity,Friendships have a major impact on your health and well-being. Friends can help you celebrate good times and provide support during bad times. As well as friendships prevent loneliness and give you a chance to offer needed companionship too. Wild Animals- Vocabulary - 3rd Grade - Primary School por Dani Gutierrez en Genially. Wild Animals- Vocabulary - 3rd Grade - Primary School by Dani Gutierrez on Genially. Curaduría de recursos para 2do año por godoy.anii en Genially. Curaduría de recursos para 2do año by godoy.anii on Genially. Halloween. Breakout FCE by urieljolo on Genially. Escape game,START,EDUCATION,INTRODUCTION,Welcome to schoolYou will have to fulfill your potential to finish the test.

Breakout FCE by urieljolo on Genially

If you can't succeed, you will stay at school forever. Don't forget: No cheatingGood luck!!! ,CONTINUE,1,2,MISSIONS,4,FINALMISSIOIN,3,got up to,got round to,got over,got by,Modern hobbies are tame compared to some of the things people ______in the past. Here are just a few. ,Theme,Attraction,Event,Charm,However, Barca's museum became a huge ______with as many as 40,000 visitors per day – similar to the numbers who visit Disney World today,Meddle,Tinker,These days, everyone knows how to ___ with photographs to make them look different from real life,Potter,Twinkle,Remember this number for later,CONGRATULATIONS! ADVENTURE by morafreixes on Genially. MISSION,CHARACTERS,START,INTRODUCTION,BREAKOUT,ADVENTURE ACROSS THE WORLD,ADVENTURE ACROSS THE WORLD,CHARACTERS,The plane you are in has been highjacked!

ADVENTURE by morafreixes on Genially

Now the only way to keep it from crashing is bysolving mind-blowing mysteries across the world, with the most amazing characters to find the password which unlocks the safe and lets you free and alive. ,INTRODUCTION,MISSION,BREAKOUT,INTRODUCTION,ADVENTURE ACROSS THE WORLD,Use your knowledge to choose the right answers. Once you´ve answered all the questions correctly, you will get a four digit code to unlock the safe and save the day! ,MISSION,CHARACTERS,BREAKOUT,Harold,MISSION,Sofia,Gal ,INTRODUCTION,Chandler,CHARACTERS,ADVENTURE ACROSS THE WORLD,BREAKOUT,Israel,CHOOSE YOUR DESTINATION,England,USA,Colombia,Try Again,To get a digit from the code you will have to answer the following questions,WELCOME TO ISRAEL!

,START,QUESTION 01,marvellous,excellent,¨That´s an .......... way of putting it! Escape Room Hogwarts by luciabasili2 on Genially. Escape Room,Hogwarts,Start,Introduction,Made by: Lucia B,Olivia F,Eitan H,León S.

Escape Room Hogwarts by luciabasili2 on Genially

,Welcome to our Harry Potter inspired escape room! You are a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. To become a good wizard you must solve certain puzzles while exploring the school facilities such as the common rooms and the quidditch pitch. For each puzzle you solve, your house will earn points, and if you are lucky, maybe you will win the cup which is given at the end of the school year to the House with the most points. The Little Prince by daianamailenvilar on The Little Prince,Principal characters,The Little Prince,The Fox,The Red Rose,Chapter 1,The red rose,The little prince lives on a very small planet. he has yellow hair and green clothes.there is a problem on his planet. there are many baobab day, a new tree arrives on the little prince's planet.

The Little Prince by daianamailenvilar on

But it isn't a tree. It's a rose! ' Peter Pan comes to London by paulaortiz03 on Finding luke. by Daiana Limachi on Once upon a time, there were two children who lived in a tiny village in the mountains.

finding luke. by Daiana Limachi on

,Luke's Grandmother and Emma were worried because he didn't come back, so Emma decided to search for him. ,One winter's day when it was snowing heavily, Luke's grandmother told them about the Snow Queen:, The next day, the children were playing and suddenly: - Oh! My eye, something stuck in my heart! It hurts a lot! Rap God by Laura Domato on Eminem,Slim Shady,Marshall Matters,Índex,1.Who is Eminem?

Rap God by Laura Domato on

2.Early Life.3.Proof's death.4. Slim Shady, The Slim Shady LP and rise to success. 5.2000–2002: The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show.6. 2003 – 2007: Encore. ,Who is Eminem? The lion and the mouse by Giselle Aguilera on One sunny day, Alex was resting.

The lion and the mouse by Giselle Aguilera on

,After eating a wonderful meal,When, all of suden, a busy mouse,Jerry, that was running around,"How dare you carelessly wake me up like that! ",accidentally bumped into him,Alex got up and caught Jerry. The Smartest Pig by barbaragaiahornos on TheSmartestPig,Once upon a time there were three happy little pigs.The first little pig played the flute, the second little pig played the violin and the third little pig played the piano. ,One day their mother said "you are old enough and big enough to leave home and start your own life. Be wise and take good care of yourselves and of each other. "So the three pigs left home and they each decided to build a house. ,The first little pig gathered some straw and built his house very quickly. Then, he went back to playing the flute and dancing.

Sitios web by gonzalo.golfieri on Opticalillusions,It's always fun to dig deep into what our brain is capable of. ,In this case, we are going to discover what our eyes can —and cannot— do.Michael Bach put it this way: "Optical illusions don't 'trick the eye' or 'fool the brain', or proove that 'our brain sucks'... but are still fascinating!

",Michael Bach is the creator of this website, one which compilates (and can simetimes explain) as much as 135 optical illusions and phenomena! Matilda 's book by jackie.pineda97 on ,Matilda,Roald Dahl,IN ICIO,,,Matilda was a very smart and brilliant child. By the time she was three years old, she taught herself how to read and write.

,Matilda's dad sold old cars. First World War by Joaquin Maximiliano Apaza on Amazon Rainforest by micanicole2009 on AMAZON FIRES,Protect an acre of land,The Rainforest Action Network has been working since 1993 to protect the Amazon one acre at a time. ,Do you wanna know more? ,Helps local activists regain control of sustainably managed traditional territories, and fight against human rights abuses,Eight ways you can help stop the rainforest burning,Buy some land,Rainforest Trust works with communities to buy land to protect it from logging, mining, and slash and burn agribusiness. LETS LAUGH! by Rocio Rodriguez on LETS LAUGH! ,He laughed and laughed until he was rolling around on the ground. ,HA,HA,Spotty the hyena is very sad.

He has lost his laugh. ,Spotty let out a big loud laugh. ,HA,HA,HA,AHAHAHHAHAHAHHA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,CLICK HERE! Animal Farm; an Analysis. by Gabriel on MULAN by mgonzalezbraconi on Alice in Wonderland by mikagabriela02 on A Short Trip Through Anne's Diary by Sofia Campos on The tale of the three brothers by fernandavanesasanchez on