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Erew. Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Training. Annuaire de tutoriels video. Welcome to Computer graphics, animation, VFX & games courses - Escape Studi. Underwater caustics effect.

Michele:Nobody have an idea of how to create an animation using many texture where each one rappresent a photogram?

Underwater caustics effect

I suppose you want to load in many separate images from your machine and then play them back during run time to form an animation? It might be better if you use sprite sheets instead i.e. one single image that contains all the frames of the animation. Loading and using one sprite sheet is much more efficient than loading mutliple sprites during run time. Here's how you do it: Recall that to draw a sprite, you have to call spriteBatch.Draw(...) and one of the parameters is a Rectangle. I) Arrange the individual frames of the animation into a single image. Ii) Create an AnimatedSprite class that loads in the whole image as a Texture2D, and then calculate the Rectangle for each frame.

Iii) During run time, grab the appropriate Rectangle from the array based on the current time. Note that there is a limit to the size of an image file that you can load. Hope this helps! Caustics Generator. Buy The Windows versions of Caustics Generator Lite and Caustics Generator Pro are available for online purchase.

Caustics Generator

Price includes one year free updates and support. All prices are given excluding VAT. Purchases within EU will add VAT. Invoice orders are available by email for an additional administration fee of 10 Euro. A receipt of your order will be sent to your stated email address. Please visit the Dual Heights Web Shop to buy high quality premade caustics textures. Program Features Caustics Generator is available in four versions. The free version can be downloaded from here and is free for non-commercial use. There are also three commercial versions available that are aimed for the professional users. Sample Images Besides the caustics pattern, in Caustics Generator Pro you can also output the water surface as a height map and normal map. All textures are tileable and loopable in time. Click on images for a tiled example. Free Tutorials All. 3D Total.

CGTalk. Tutoriaux Gratuits pour Vray et 3dsMax en français ! mattguetta. Z le PoiZon, Ressources, Photothèque, annuaire de tutoriels, tut. Z le PoiZon, Ressources, Photothèque, annuaire de tutoriels, tut. Wow Effect ! Tutorials. Fxphd - visual effects and production training. Photoshop Brushes. The Top Ten Tips of Texturing. One way to create dirt has already been covered, and that's photo overlays.

The Top Ten Tips of Texturing

Those are great for general wear and tear on your texture. If you want small specific details, you'll need to use other techniques. Below are a two techniques I frequently use, one for dust and dirt, and one for rust. Dust and dirt can be done very quickly with a solid brownish layer and a layer mask. Simply put the dirt layer at the top of your stack, and paint with a low opacity and flow. Rust is a bit more tricky.

I used to handpaint rust, but it always had a bit of a cartoony look, and I was never able to get crispy rust that looks convincing and real. That was until DennisPls shared his technique with me, which I've been using ever since. Good damage placement only requires one thing: logical thinking. That can be chipped paint, scratches, rust, etc. There is a sure chance that you'll find dust and dirt in such an area. This doesn't only work for small borders.