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Interior Design, DIY Creative Ideas, Craft, Home and Garden Ideas. Trucs et Astuces Maison. Au fil de l'eau, créations en bois flotté. Food. I’m starting to think I buy bananas just to watch them die a slow death in my own home.


Does anyone else feel the same? There are three sitting on my counter right now that are on their last legs. It’s either today or never for those guys. The good thing about overripe bananas is that they can be turned into delicious banana bread and not just tossed into the garbage bin. Banana Bread…Yum! Diply has gathered together 22 tasty banana bread recipes that I can’t wait to try. Here’s the link to all 22 recipes… Diply: 22 Banana Bread Recipes That Will Get You Baking What is your least favorite part of cooking?

Who knew that a paper plate could be so helpful? The kitchen is a popular place. Herbs and Oils. Tea tree oil is all natural and has a whole heap of medical uses that aren’t widely know about; I had no clue!

Herbs and Oils

This oil doesn’t have a single synthetic chemical and we really should learn how to use it better. Best Plants has rounded up 14 amazing way we can do just that. I know I was surprised. Are there any other ways you can think of? Find all 14 here… BestPlants – 14 Extraordinary Uses For Tea Tree Oil Image Credit: I am really excited to feature Natural Living Ideas great roundup on witch hazel. See all 14 remedies here… NaturalLivingIdeas – 14 Reasons Why Witch Hazel Should Be In Every Home Image Credit: Garden and Yard. It’s important to give your home a personality.

Garden and Yard

Special. Make it yours. One of a kind. Homemade garden crafts add a nice personal touch to any backyard and garden. Stepping stones are a quick and easy project that definitely fit into that category. I’m excited to feature this DIY from Intimate Weddings. You can buy stepping stone kits too. Here’s the link to the full tutorial… Intimate Weddings: DIY Garden Stones Tutorial I’ve heard that apples, not caffeine, are more efficient at waking people up in the morning.

Words to the wise, this is not a quick project. A large part of this process is grafting. Instructables: Growing Apple Trees From Seed Do you have a big yard? I love that this is an alternative to chlorine. How lovely would this look in your backyard? You can see some more natural pools here. DIY. Summer will be over soon.


I hate to say it but Labor Day is around the corner and the first day of autumn isn’t too far from that. That means you need to take advantage of the warm weather while it’s still here! Shorts, skirts, sun dresses, tank tops, tees, and crop tops…wear ‘em while you can! This video from Handimania shows how you can make a crop top with just one cut out of an old pair of leggings. No sew clothing projects are the best.

Are these other fashion trends coming back too? Crafts. I found this fabulous DIY over at Wimp and I’m so excited to feature it here today!


Just be prepared…it will take you back to the days of scrunchies and glitter eye shadow. That’s right. We’re going back to the 90’s. Home. Not everyone loves to read.


I can’t imagine being one of those people. How sad for them! Garrison Keillor said that ‘A book is a gift you can open again and again.’ I read another quote (author unknown) that said ‘A home without books is like a tree without birds.’ In that case, my trees are full of birds and my shelves are overflowing with books. Furniture. Ok.


Here’s the thing… I have a love hate relationship with the internet. (Especially Pinterest.) I see the most fabulous DIY projects and fall in love with them only to have my hopes dashed to pieces when the instructions are incomplete, are missing completely, or are just downright miserable. Anyone with me? Here is a DIY that Won’t disappoint; it has it all! The tutorial for this bookshelf chair, featured by Instructables, has detailed steps, pictures, and lists of materials needed. Garder les araignées loin de la maison! 7 astuces à voir! - Trucs et Astuces - Des trucs et des astuces pour améliorer votre vie de tous les jours - Trucs et Bricolages - Fallait y penser ! Avoir peur ou non des araignées n'est pas la question, elles ne sont pas bienvenue dans la maison!

Garder les araignées loin de la maison! 7 astuces à voir! - Trucs et Astuces - Des trucs et des astuces pour améliorer votre vie de tous les jours - Trucs et Bricolages - Fallait y penser !

Leurs toiles d'araignées, les cocons, eurk! C'est dégouttant! Quoi que, quand on a peur des araignées, c'est encore pire! Voici 7 alternatives pour les garder loin de la maison, sans avoir à les chasser, à les tuer et sans avoir recours à des produits chimiques forts! L'huile essentielle de marronnier d'inde: Trucs et Bricolages - Fallait y penser ! Recettes et Remèdes de Grand-mère.