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Max SkillFirst, a part of the $3.2 billion Max Group, is a professional skilling solutions provider in the sales & service domain. The company’s vision is to impact the sales and service culture in India by being the most admired.

The Benefits of Corporate Training for Employees. Posted by Max SkillFirst on October 14th, 2020 The most important asset for any business is its employees that drive its success and growth.

The Benefits of Corporate Training for Employees

However, in today’s dynamic world, businesses need to evolve and so do the personnel. To maintain its edge in the market, it is vital for every business to have dedicated employee training and development programs that will help hone their skills which, in turn, would drive a sharp increase in profits that can result in sustained business growth. But what are the key benefits that employees will derive from these corporate training programs? Let’s find out. Better Communication Skills Corporate training programs can help in developing effective communication skills. Increased Productivity In today's global marketplace, employees must understand and cater to the diverse requirements of the customers. Identifying Shortcomings When working in the corporate sector, each employee has a clearly defined set of responsibilities. Enhancing Effectiveness across all Managerial Roles. A Brief Overview of the Career as an Operation Theatre Technician.

The role and responsibility of operation theatre technician lie primarily in hospitals.

A Brief Overview of the Career as an Operation Theatre Technician

They work in the operation theatre, ICU, and emergency wards assisting the transplant teams, gynaecology section, orthopaedic units, cancer units, any baby care units. Additionally, they assist the doctors and surgeons in research and training. So, if you are planning to pursue an operation theatre technician course, here are the various aspects of the course that will help you understand what lies ahead.

An overview of the operation theatre technician course Interested candidates can kickstart their career as an OT technician by obtaining a degree or diploma in the same. What is the program all about? The course majorly deals with training candidates in the treatment and prevention of ailments through the use of medical science. The course curriculum focuses on the following: Physiology Anatomy Elementary nursing Drug aid techniques Handling emergency care equipment What professions can one take up?

Pin. Managed Learning Services, Managed Training. Max SkillFirst provides end-to-end managed learning services to corporates, ensuring hassle-free L&D administration with high business impact.

Managed Learning Services, Managed Training

Our solutions begin with comprehensive diagnostics to uncover the real learning needs and provide customized training design, content development, training delivery and administration (governance) for maximum business impact. We provide a ‘turn-key solution’ that is aligned to the business needs of sectors like BFSI, Healthcare, Pharma, Retail, BPO/KPO & Ecommerce. Top Reasons to Go For Allied Health Training. Corporate Banking Training Programs by Cohen Brown. Productivity Enhancement Solutions by Cohen Brown Solutions for Financial and Banking Sector Max SkillFirst understands the training challenges of the banking sector and has successfully collaborated with Cohen Brown, an internationally recognized leader in building global banking sales-and-service culture and bringing about behavioral change in an organization.

Corporate Banking Training Programs by Cohen Brown

Our joint offerings for Indian Banks are available with a right blend of instructor-led and technology-enabled customized learning solutions in multiple languages. Some of the core solutions include ‘Breakthrough Service Performance’; ‘Branch Service and Sales Series’; and ‘Propractice – a simulation based practice software’. Glimpse of our joint offering for Indian Banks with a right blend of instructor-led, tech-led learnings and customized content in regional languages are: Request a Callback. Induction Training Program. Max SkillFirst’s Induction and On-boarding program facilitates seamless integration of the new recruit into organization’s culture and values.

Induction Training Program

It is instrumental in acquainting the new recruits with necessary systems and procedures for early success. Corporate Training: Staff Training and Development Company. Overview Max SkillFirst provides best-in-class ‘training process outsourcing solutions’ also called as Managed Learning Services to corporates across all major industries.

Corporate Training: Staff Training and Development Company

Max SkillFirst Edge Max SkillFirst employs 470 professionals and over 424 freelance trainers. In FY 2019, Max SkillFirst imparted over 3.9 Lakh hours of training to more than 1 Lakh learners through 90,000+ sessions. Diploma in Dialysis Technician (DDT) Course. Operation theatre technician. Advantages of Corporate Leadership Training Programs. Posted by Max SkillFirst on September 3rd, 2020 In today’s competitive world, businesses and companies may face challenges at any time, and it is the job of leaders to respond to these challenges with proper strategy, intelligence, and expertise.

Advantages of Corporate Leadership Training Programs

Leadership is all about the ability to encourage a group of individuals to work towards achieving a common goal. In a corporate setting, leadership means directing colleagues or employees with a plan to meet the company's requirements. No one can deny the need for wise and responsive leaders who can competently lead through change, motivate their team members, and drive performance.

So, leaders need to continue improving their skills by attending corporate leadership training programs to grow their people and meet the company's goal. Boost employee engagement When employees leave a job, they do not quit their work; they actually leave their company, which lacks efficient leaders and managers.

Enhance managerial skills Risk management. Training Program for Working Professionals. One of its kind and unique Post Graduate Certificate Program in Sales Management, a course specializing in sales principle and methodology, delivered by IIM Trichy, Miller Heiman and MSFL.

Training Program for Working Professionals

It is a 6-month exhaustive course elevating the key competencies required by successful Sales personnel. IIM Trichy is a premium academic institution that has steadily become synonymous with excellence in management education and has established a benchmark for unwavering quality in India. Miller Heiman Group, now part of Korn Ferry, brings learners a proven methodology to face the challenges of a complex sales environment by optimizing sales performance. Medical Laboratory Technology Course. An Insight Into Dialysis And Its Types. Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology. Diploma in Operation Theatre Technician. Shaping Leaders.