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Strategy - What are good standard strategies for Carcassonne ? - Board and Card Games - Stack Exchange. Here is a summary of some of the techniques I use, and I've seen here that I think work well.

strategy - What are good standard strategies for Carcassonne ? - Board and Card Games - Stack Exchange

Put a meeple on a road and whenever you pick up a road piece, put it connecting that road, steer it away from others who might connect to it and away from the main board pieces. Everything else is for Cloisters and Cities.Don't always put a piece down. You have a few things to consider first. How many cloisters are out yet? How many meeple do people have available and easily returned? People, in my experience rush to place farms down and sit on them only to have them snatched later in the game. Don't underestimate Cities Cities, if you can focus on them, and reap huge returns.

Always leave a spare meeple for a cloister There's nothing worse than drawing a cloister and not being able to put it down. Place tiles carefully Always keep in mind where you're trying to finish off a city a cloister or a road (remember point one?). Olle Linge - Languages, literature and the pursuit of dreams · A guide to Carcassonne strategy: The basics. Introduction This article is meant to lay the groundwork for how to master the board game Carcassonne (Wikipedia).

Olle Linge - Languages, literature and the pursuit of dreams · A guide to Carcassonne strategy: The basics

I do not intend to explain the rules of the game and I assume that the reader is familiar with the basic mechanics of the rules. If need be, I will of course refer to a specific rule to prove a point. Over the years, we have tried various rule sets and different expansions, and we have finally settled on playing with first edition rules and only one expansion, Inns & Cathedrals. Even though some specific parts of this article will pertain only to games using that particular setup, most strategies are valid for other combinations as well (even for games in general).

How to Create Your Best Carcassonne Strategy. Carcassonne Strategy. Carcassonne Strategy Guide, Rules and New Farmer Scoring Winner of the prestigious Spiel Des Jahres (German Game of the Year) in 2001, Carcassonne is quite simply the best board game you’ve never played.

Carcassonne Strategy

The unique concept behind Carcassonne has players actually constructing the board as they play, interlocking the finely-crafted selection of 72 tiles that comprise the game and scoring points based on how many cities, roads, fields and cloisters (monk houses) they develop and control. Since the game board may expand in any direction a large table is preferred, unless you can play on the floor and avoid toddlers, pets and other tile-disturbing hazards. Players begin a Carcassonne game by finding the special starting tile and placing it onto the gaming surface. The remaining tiles are shuffled and mixed face-down, finally being placed into several random stacks off to the side of the table usually beside the scoreboard.

Carcassonne Strategy Guide. Carcassonne is a tile-laying game that expands well from 2 to 5 players.

Carcassonne Strategy Guide

With its simple rules, depth of strategy, and large number of available expansions, it's considered by many to be a perfect "gateway" to strategic boardgames. In this article, we'll review some of the common strategies for winning this popular game. How to Win The victory conditions for Carcassonne are simple: the player with the most victory points at the end of the game is the winner.

Points are tallied throughout the game, and additional points for Farmers are scored at the very end. Common Strategies Since winning a game of Carcassonne takes a combination of maximizing the amount of points you collect and reducing the amount your opponents get, a strong player will end up using a mixture of the tactics listed below. Tile Placement - All roads lead to victory Cooperation - Beating them with smiles Since alliances are so good at generating points, "sniping" a feature by taking it over completely is a risky move.

Strategy Guide. A Brief Carcassonne Strategy Guide: Carcassonne has become somewhat of an epidemic at my house in the past several months.

Strategy Guide

There is a group of three to five of us who play it at several times a week. It seems like Carcassonne is about they only thing the groups wants to play. Although I prefer to change things up a bit, after playing Carcassonne probably close to 100 times I’d say I have gathered a pretty decent handle on the strategy of the game. Hence, I thought a brief strategy guide is in order to share some of the things I’ve learned. Basic CarcassonneThe River ExpansionInns and Cathedrals &Traders and Builders In addition, this guide assumes that the readers have a decent understanding of the rules of play.

Basic Concept: As you all know by now, Carcassonne is a tile laying game where players compete to score the most victory points. The Element of Luck: There are some who would say that Carcassonne has too much luck involved. Are You A Master Yet? Dave PetersonSanta Clarita, CA.