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2016 Tcec 9

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Nona edizione del TCEC. Fedele alla sua cadenza semestrale, da pochi giorni ha preso il via la nuova edizione del TCEC, la più importante competizione di motori scacchistici.

Nona edizione del TCEC

Il torneo è stato fondato nel 2010 da Martin Thoresen. Inizialmente l’acronimo stava appunto per Thoresen Chess Engines Competition, ma dopo la sua “adozione” da parte di Chessdom, l’evento è stato ribattezzato Top Chess Engines Competition. Ad affrontarsi sul supercomputer messo a disposizione per la gara (uno Xeon a 20 core) saranno 32 software. La selezione avviene tramite invito; fra i motori scelti compaiono sia i leader della categoria sia software giovani e promettenti. I grandi favoriti per il titolo sono comunque i due motori che già hanno monopolizzato le finali delle ultime due edizioni.

Komodo, campione in carica, è anche stavolta il favorito. Stockfish, vicecampione, è di nuovo il principale indiziato fra i probabili finalisti. Il terzo incomodo nella sfida fra colossi è Houdini, del belga Robert Houdart. Albo d’oro: Prima Fase. Stockfish 160716 sacs Queen against Komodo 10.1 TCEC Season9 Stage3 Rd12 2Aug 2016 0.5-0.5. Nona edizione del TCEC. The Chess Mind - The Chess Mind Blog - TCEC Season 9, Stage 3: Stockfish Wins, Houdini Second; Will Meet in Final. Komodo won the last two seasons (7 and 8) of the Top Chess Engine Championship (TCEC), but for this season's super-final it's on the outside looking in.

The Chess Mind - The Chess Mind Blog - TCEC Season 9, Stage 3: Stockfish Wins, Houdini Second; Will Meet in Final

Stockfish finished with 39/56 in stage 3, going undefeated, winning every mini-match against the other seven engines, and coming in first by a healthy three and a half points. It went 5-3 against a development version of Houdini, 4.5-3.5 against Komodo 10.1, 5.5-2.5 against Fire 5 and 6-2 against the four remaining engines: Andscacs 0.872b, Jonny 8, Gull 3, and the ancient Rybka 4.1.

Houdini lost to no other engine and also went +1 against Komodo, finishing with 35.5, a point ahead of Komodo, which also lost a game - surprisingly - to Andscacs, an engine which it otherwise thrashed. Fire came in a distant fourth with 28.5 points, and after that it was another 5 points down to the next engine. Susan Polgar Global Chess Daily News and Information November 2016 - Susan Polgar Global Chess Daily News and Information. CB News - Chess News. TCEC - Live Mode. Event The Top Chess Engine Championship (TCEC) Season 9 runs from May 1st to December 1st 2016. It is a competition between 32 of the best chess software engines, divided into three stages and a Superfinal. TCEC runs 24/7 until all games have been played. One game is played at a time - the next one starts automatically. Time control Classical time control will be used through the season and it is increased the deeper the Season goes. For Stage 1, the time control is 120 minutes + 15 seconds added per move for the whole game.

Game adjudication A game can be drawn by the normal 3-fold repetition rule or the 50-move rule. Opening Book In Season 9 TCEC uses openings put together by Nelson Hernandez (Stages 1 to 3) and Jeroen Noomen (Superfinal). Engine Ratings When you enter "Archive page" in the File menu, you can see the official TCEC ratings in the bottom right corner - it is updated after each Stage or Superfinal and is calculated by using Ordo.

Season 9 Superfinal server TBA. My TCEC Experience: August 2016. Table after 6 RR Stockfish has extended its lead to 2.5 points after 4 wins in this RR including a second win against Fire, one of the toughest engines in this stage.

My TCEC Experience: August 2016

It is very hard to imagine that Stockfish will not be first at the end of this stage, though there are 14 games left for each engine. The race for second place is still very close between Houdini and Komodo. This may be decided only at the last game, as we saw in this RR. The final games for both the engines are playing white against weaker opponents, and unless one of them has a spectacular result we may not know which qualifies until the end of RR 8. Some of the game highlights Komodo - Houdini, again a draw. Jonny couldn't get anything going against Stockfish, and Stockfish started to attack the white king with a queen and knights combination.

Fire reached a QN vs QB endgame with a pawn up after 21 moves against Gull. Gull - Jonny entered a closed position early in the game and both engines shuffled for a long time.