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Oliver Jackson's Brain Injury Accident. Oliver Jackson is a 31-year-old man who has been living with his wife in Berkeley, California for the past six years. They have a lot of things planned for their future, and Oliver hopes to have a child with his wife within the next year. He lives a healthy lifestyle, recycles because it’s the right thing to do and does what he can to reduce his impact on the rest of the environment.

Part of his plan for a healthier lifestyle is walking the distance to work every day instead of driving his car. Other than reducing the amount of fuel used every week, it helps to keep him healthy and saves him the extra time of going to the gym to get his exercise when he can just exercise like this. He likes to think that things are going well. Some time during the beginning of March, Oliver takes his regular walk to work. A construction worker accidentally drops a piece of timber from the scaffolding while Oliver walks past a building site. The damage is more serious than it initially seemed.