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Aumente su comercialización de marca con Beacon. Hace un par de años, si hubiéramos dicho que la tecnología ha desviado a los consumidores de las compras sin conexión a las compras en línea, hoy la tecnología está acercando al consumidor y al minorista como nunca antes.

Aumente su comercialización de marca con Beacon

Why Mobile App testing is Important? - Mobile App Devtech. In the world of smartphones, users are increasing continuously and there are lot many apps that are being developed to improve the functional performance in the devices.

Why Mobile App testing is Important? - Mobile App Devtech

It has been predicted that in 2017 over 270 billion apps will be downloaded by smartphone users. And so, people now expect to do everything they could do on their mobile handsets. With this great demand of applications, there arises a need for the testers to have sound mobile testing strategies for facing new challenges that occurs anytime. Mobile Testing Challenges Billions of people are using mobile phones and many of them are resistive and picky.

A perfect mobile testing strategy helps to reduce the cutting costs and even promoting the quality. Testing must be done functionally and non-functionally. The complete coverage is required because the users access the applications on different platforms. Considerations for Cloud App Development Platform - Mobile App Devtech. With the advancement in the technology happening in the world, the world of new innovation will be emerging more in the upcoming century.

Considerations for Cloud App Development Platform - Mobile App Devtech

Cloud is one of these trends that has made a rapid pace since last few years. This keeps the app developers in the state of wonder about going into the business to extract the best results. Soluciones Basadas en Beacon: Una bendición para un Lugar de Trabajo Eficiente y Seguro. Los empleados son la parte central de cualquier organización, no importa si se trata de ser una gran empresa o una pequeña.

Soluciones Basadas en Beacon: Una bendición para un Lugar de Trabajo Eficiente y Seguro

Una aplicación móvil para rastrear el movimiento del cuerpo utilizando un dispositivo de seguimiento de Beacon - Letsnurture ES. Beacon ha hecho su manera de ser.

Una aplicación móvil para rastrear el movimiento del cuerpo utilizando un dispositivo de seguimiento de Beacon - Letsnurture ES

Una tecnología que demostrará ser un soporte para la mayoría de las verticales de la industria. Es un dispositivo de transmisión de proximidad que notifica a los usuarios sobre su existencia. Además, Beacon ha ayudado a más de 600 organizaciones en 42 estados y 5 países más inteligentes del mercado a través de la colisión de ideas creativas y tecnología web potente.

Hire Full Time developer India. Businesses are now getting rid of bearing recruitment costs, retention costs, fringe benefits, promotion, infrastructure costs, training costs, etc.

Hire Full Time developer India

To overcome this, you need to outsource your projects. Ionic App Development. We heard a lot about cross-platform frameworks.

Ionic App Development

So, what actually cross-platform application development means? It may run on Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and Android with the same code. There are so many applications such as Xamarin development, PhoneGap development, or Ionic development which support cross-platform development. Ideally, you write the code once and compile code for different platforms. Cross-platform development using Ionic. Ionic is the top famous & free open source mobile SDK for developing native and progressive web apps supporting all mobile platforms.

We can use the Ionic View(which is also free) app for live app testing and get our app in the hands of clients, testers, or collaborators as quickly as we make changes. Pet Tracker Solution. Pet Owners know that pets are a part of their family, and they do not want to experience the pain of losing their pet.

Pet Tracker Solution

It is a knot in any pet owner’s stomach. The statistics show that a huge number of pets go missing annually. The American Humane Association estimate around 10 million pets is lost every year, while some authorities claim that up to a third of domestic pets stray away from their families and home at some point in their lives.The GPS app development can easily locate your missing pets so they can reunite with their owners safe and sound. GPS Pet Tracking The idea of losing a pet is cumbersome and you want to find them quickly and return them home as soon as possible. How to implement GPS Pet Tracker? By attaching a small GPS tracking device to the collar or harness of your pet, you can assure that your four-legged friend will be safe. Online Mock Test Solution. Education is the most important aspect for every individual be it either from kids to adults to keep growing in a career.

Online Mock Test Solution

Also, learning has nothing to do with one’s age as far as you have the curiosity to learn something new and gain more knowledge either to sharpen your skills or for your general knowledge. Earlier people use to face many challenges in education ranging from financial issues to no proper resource available. Since the technology has been evolved, it is playing a vital role in learning by making more and more resources available online for free as well as paid.

Majority exams like GMAT, GRE, IELTS, GAT, UPSC, IIT entrance exams and much more which lead an individual to the gate of their dreams to come true are held online. Online Food Marketplace Solution. Online food marketplace has become a new and innovative way for people to buy products online.

Online Food Marketplace Solution

Online marketplace allows you to sell goods without setting up your own online store. Selling through online marketplaces provides a flexible business opportunity with relatively low start-up costs. eBay and Amazon are examples of well-established marketplaces. Advantages of online food marketplace vary between industries and the companies and between buyers and sellers. Some of the potential advantages for the vendors looking to start up their online food marketplace are: Provides an additional channel to market & sell your productReduced marketing cost compared to other sales channelsOpportunities for overseas sales- it has been noted that online marketplace has grown in the categories of homeware, fashion, pets and sporting goods.

On-demand App Development for Emergency Services. Everyone in today’s world is familiar with the incidents of the natural disaster or any emergency needed in the critical circumstances. However, there is a world of difference when it comes to getting an immediate response, e.g. from a police or fire departments or even the hospitals. The development of On-demand apps for emergency services is playing an unprecedented role in emergency response and rescue efforts along with overall personal safety.