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Classy Roman Hotel Over 50% Off. Hot Deals: Voyage Privé Tuesday. Wandermelon: The ultimate travel companion featuring news you can use by professional travel writers. Another day, another deal site. AOL got into flash sales with a new deals site,

Another day, another deal site

The site features deals in Washington, D.C., Boston and Philadelphia, with national deals slated to debut before the end of the year. AOL says the local deals will get some real estate on the AOL homepage. The “real deals for real people ” site, as AOL describes, features discounts at Peacock Cafe and Vida Fitness in the nation’s capital, for example. Join me on voyageprivé.com, the world’s leading by invitation-only travel site. Non Skweeter.

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Top travel sites. PrivateSales Press Review. Articles. S. Hotel Blogs - Let's talk about hotels: VoyagePrive enters the US. The European online travel "private deals" website VoyagePrive enters the US market this week.

Hotel Blogs - Let's talk about hotels: VoyagePrive enters the US

As some of you know, VoyagePrive is only available to members who have been introduced by their peers to receive a weekly newsletter about preferred deals VoyagePrive negotiates with suppliers (Tour Operators, Hotels...). The private outlet model has been booming recently at all levels. Whether for clothes, 2nd hand good or rare stuff, it looks like investors are really interested to invest in that model following the enormous valuation of a leading site like VentePrivee (another French online venture). VoyagePrive (I still think this is a bad name for an International venture) founded in 2004 allows their members to preview the offers before they go live on a specific date and hour (==> creates envy maybe?)