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Image to Colors Palette Generator. Google Scholar. PhotoPerfect Express. Will Traditional Charts Survive? The Extreme Presentation Method. Here's something we came up with to help you consider which chart to use.

The Extreme Presentation Method

It was inspired by the table in Gene Zelazny's classic work Saying It With Charts (p. 27 in the 4th. ed) [January 14, 2015 update: Check out the new Slide Chooser] [The chart chooser is step 7 in the 10-step Extreme Presentation method for designing presentations that drive action. More details on the chart chooser in my blog, on the Extreme Presentation site, and in Advanced Presentations by Design -- 1/20/09] Video: Molecules Moving in Living Cells. A new microscopic imaging technique has provided what may be the most realistic real-time video yet of molecules moving in living cells.

Video: Molecules Moving in Living Cells

Called Stimulated Raman Scattering, it uses laser beams to hit molecules, causing them to vibrate. Tracking the vibrations produces a sequence of point-by-point molecular maps. Unlike other types of molecule-specific, cell-level imaging, SRS doesn’t require fluorescent tags that illuminate targets but could also affect their behavior. Proof-of-principle examples of SRS, described Thursday in Science, involved the penetration of acne-busting retinoic acid into skin cells and the movement of fats through brain cells.

"Companies making skin-care products can use the SRS technique to see how different ingredients of their formulations distribute and diffuse in skin," said Harvard University biochemist and study co-author Sunney Xie. Citation: "Label-Free Biomedical Imaging with High Sensitivity by Stimulated Raman Scattering Microscopy. " UX Swimlanes. How to Insert YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations. This tutorial describes how you can embed videos from YouTube, Facebook and other Flash videos into your PowerPoint presentation slides.

How to Insert YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentations

You can insert YouTube videos in your PowerPoint presentations in two ways. You can either “embed” the Flash video in the slide itself or you can link to the YouTube video from the slide that will auto-play when the presenter clicks on the video link. Which approach should you follow? It depends on the venue of the conference. If they will have high-speed Internet (or Wi-Fi) at the venue, you can stream the YouTube video live from the Internet else you may download the YouTube video on to your computer and embed it as a local file into the relevant slide of your presentation. Embed YouTube Videos Directly into PowerPoint This is the recommended option if you are sure that the presentation venue will have good Internet connectivity.

Play YouTube Videos in PowerPoint without Internet Get Videos from Google Docs into PowerPoint. Some PDF Image Extract. 14 Misconceptions About Charts and Graphs. Misconception #1: A Better Chart Starts With… the Chart Wrong.

14 Misconceptions About Charts and Graphs

It starts by asking yourself if you really need one. Perhaps a statistical measure of some sort is good enough, perhaps you should use a table. If your job is to find patterns in a data set and build shared knowledge about it, what really matters is how efficiently the message is sent, and how efficiently it is received by the audience (two different things). Misconception #2: You Should Master the (Technological) Tools of the Trade No, you don’t. Misconception #3: Defaults are good enough They aren’t. Misconception #4: Vendors obviously implement the very best templates (I’ve heard this one recently, and I found it so incredibly naive that I had to write about it.) Misconception #5: Better charts are just “prettier” charts I hear this all the time. Misconception #6: It’s All About the Wow Factor It is not. Misconception #7: A good chart displays the actual values No.

Misconception #8: Good Charts Should Be Read at a Glance Wrong. 175+ Data and Information Visualization Examples and Resources. Things wordy, geeky, and webby Since taking a class that discussed Edward Tufte‘s work, I’ve been fascinated by turning information into visual data.

175+ Data and Information Visualization Examples and Resources

His site contains many examples that you could easily spend hours on the site. I have. Plus, I spent several days browsing sites with articles, resources, and examples of infovis (information visualization) in action. Visualization Lab: Illustrations. Illustrations are artworks designed to present or enrich content.

Visualization Lab: Illustrations

They play an especially important role in science, where they can be used to show objects or phenomena that are beyond our perception. Unlike other types of artwork or diagrams, illustrations try to present realistic renderings of the subjects they portray. The Visualization Lab has created a series of illustrations that show familiar objects across ten orders of magnitude in a single illustration: the human bloodstream, a butterfly wing, and a computer chip.

To help visitors see the connections between objects from vast size scales, the Viz Lab team applied the use of perspective commonly used in landscape paintings: large objects are on the horizon, and small objects are in the foreground. This innovation earned Linda Nye (the illustrator) and the Viz Lab team the 2008 Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge from NSF and Science Magazine. Illustrations in the Catalog More on zooms, scale ladders, and imagery.