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Explore. Ardex K301 Exterior self smoothing compound 25kg - Wall tiles and floor tiles - The Tile Experience. How to Sell Yourself (with no credentials, no connections, & no money) Last week, at my first live workshop, I invited this guy to give a presentation on selling yourself… …and he KNOCKED IT OUT OF THE PARK.

How to Sell Yourself (with no credentials, no connections, & no money)

His name is James Altucher, and he’s an american hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, and best-selling author. But what I love most is that he’s a CHARACTER. He’s got great advice and he’s HILARIOUS. (You’ll see how he gets his foot in the door… and then in his mouth). How One Man Makes Millions, Loses It All, And Bounces Back Stronger Than Ever I had full intention on selling this recording, but have you ever seen something so amazing that you just want EVERYONE to know about it?

That’s how I feel about this talk. All I ask is this: If you watch the video and find it super helpful like I did, pass it along to two friends. Here you go: After you’re done, I’ve got two things for you to do: Thing #1 Leave a comment below this video letting me know what you liked most about James Altucher’s presentation (and why). Thing #2 “Why,” you ask? * And more! Now don’t forget… Bootstrap WP Plugin - Twitter Bootstrap for your WordPress.


Who's hiring in WordPress? It’s always great when people can get hooked up to work together.

Who's hiring in WordPress?

I consistently find people looking for WordPress developers, for both full time positions and contract work. Periodically, I also see folks looking for new opportunities. I’d like to start a periodic thread for these groups to get connected. To participate, simply comment on this post, with as much of the following information you care to share: Hiring or hireableFull time or contractGenre of WordPress related workRemote or on locationLink to resume, portfolio or job descriptionPreferred start dateEstimated budget / salary rangeMeans for contacting you Please be nice.

I’d post these at the most once per month. CMS Tree Page View – Page Management Plugin for Wordpress. CMS Tree Page View is a WordPress plugin that adds a CMS-like tree overview of all your pages, like the view often found in a page-focused CMS.

CMS Tree Page View – Page Management Plugin for Wordpress

This page tree gives you a great overview over all your pages and you can use the page tree to quickly drag-and-drop your pages to change their order. [plugin_widget slug="cms-tree-page-view"] Remember to donate if you like it Donate Plugin Features View and organize pages in a simple to use tree viewAvailable both on it’s own page and on the dashboardEdit pages directly from the treeAdd pages at any place in the treeDrag and drop to rearrange your pagesSearch pagesSee all pages – including private and drafts – or just publicly available pages This plugin is for admin use only. Screenshots of CMS Tree Page View Screencast / Video. Ten Fingers And A Brain · Comment E-Mail Verification. MediaRSS. Genesis Widgetized Footer. Marc Andreessen on the age of context (er, the future of the tech industry) Richard Pryor Classic stand Up performance. Social Authority: Our Measure of Twitter Influence.

[This blog post is co-authored by Matt Peters, our Data Scientist.]

Social Authority: Our Measure of Twitter Influence

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of Social Authority, our metric of Twitter users’ influence. There are plenty of vanity metrics out there, but Social Authority offers something compellingly different. Social Authority Helps Marketers Social Authority is not about bragging rights or merchant discounts. Nor is it something that you check once and then forget about. But it’s more than just exploring your own followers (or those of a competitor): Social Authority is ultimately a measure of influential activity.

Finally, Social Authority is transparent. Social Authority is Based on Retweets Quite simply, our score includes three components: We’ll discuss why we’re focusing on retweets in a moment. First, social media is very much a “what have you done for me lately” medium. For this reason, we aggressively discount scores for users who haven’t tweeted lately. Retweets are the Currency of Social So, why retweets?


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users containing "Texa" [1 - 20] Google+ trends and statistics


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