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Configure. Installing Slackware Linux - Bitbender Forums. Slackware Linux is one of the oldest Linux distributions remaining.

Installing Slackware Linux - Bitbender Forums

Over the years, it has stayed true to its roots and form.Here's what the author, Patrick Volkerding has to say about it. Slackware PhilosophySince its first release in April of 1993, the Slackware Linux Project has aimed at producing the most "UNIX-like" Linux distribution out there. Slackware complies with the published Linux standards, such as the Linux File System Standard. We have always considered simplicity and stability paramount, and as a result Slackware has become one of the most popular, stable, and friendly distributions available.What's this about "friendly"? Kernel_howto. Baserad på Slackware 10.2-11.0 kernel Nu kommer även en övergång, till den kommande 2.6.20 kärnan.


Det blir en del skillnader. The Slackware Linux Project.