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Celebrating norman parkinson's fashion photography through sculpture. One of Britain's most celebrated portrait photographers, Norman Parkinson's lens captured much of the 20th century's most recognisable faces and his work made its way into fashion's foremost magazines.

celebrating norman parkinson's fashion photography through sculpture

From the Royal Family, to Audrey Hepburn, to Jerry Hall, Parkinson's imagery continues to inspire and influence three decades after his death. Using this iconic body of work alongside sculptures from artists Kathy Dalwood and Alice Mara that took cues from his work and a range of 20th century fashion documentarians, After Parkinson is a new multi-media exhibition celebrating 20th century fashion imagery. On the desire to pair her work with Parkinson's work, sculptor Kathy Dalwood said "while perusing the Parkinson archive I was surprised to find some interesting correlations with my own work. His placement and lighting of models often makes them appear statuesque, almost living sculptures; clearly, he had an eye for strong sculptural form. " Photographer's Assistant by Kathy Dalwood.

How art and fashion became BFFs. Givenchy and Marina Abramovic When Jay-Z staged the Picasso Baby gallery setup for his "performance art film" (aka video) back in August, Marina Abramovic was one of the first through the door.

How art and fashion became BFFs

The 66-year-old performance artist is a favourite of fashion's power players – and it's nothing to do with the episode of Sex and the City she inspired or, if we're honest, any of her art. Abramovic is one of Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci's muses and regularly wears his clothes accessorised with red lipstick and a long plait in a rather fabulous way. And that's something fashion – and art-inclined hip-hop – can appreciate. Chanel at Frieze. 16 collaborations between artists and fashion designers you’ll want to own a piece of. The differences between fashion and art are obvious – fashion is supposed to be fleeting and seasonal, while the best art is assumed to be timelessly relevant.

16 collaborations between artists and fashion designers you’ll want to own a piece of

However, at the top end of the fashion world couture designers and garment makers are considered the custodians of an elite artform. If there’s one thing the two have in common, it’s that the very wealthy see both as something collectable and desirable and that much of the upper echelons of these worlds are totally inaccessible to the average person. Fashion and art do collide though, and these collaborations have spawned some truly beautiful wearable artworks. Gucci to launch cultural program with Chatsworth House. Fashion Jobs and Fashion News in the USA Fashion jobs, Fashion news and all other possible information about the fashion world fashion professionals need.

Gucci to launch cultural program with Chatsworth House

Fashion jobs in the United States of America, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and a Fashion News archive and links to international fashion jobs. Fashion jobs categories The fashion career center is the best place to look for a job in fashion. OMA designs The Met's Manus x Machina fashion and technology exhibition.