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Why Startups Fail. A major reason why companies fail, is that they run into the problem of their being little or no market for the product that they have built.

Why Startups Fail

Here are some common symptoms: There is not a compelling enough value proposition, or compelling event, to cause the buyer to actually commit to purchasing. Good sales reps will tell you that to get an order in today’s tough conditions, you have to find buyers that have their “hair on fire”, or are “in extreme pain”. You also hear people talking about whether a product is a Vitamin (nice to have), or an Aspirin (must have).The market timing is wrong. You could be ahead of your market by a few years, and they are not ready for your particular solution at this stage.

As outlined in the introduction to Business Models section, after spending time with hundreds of startups, I realized that one of the most common causes of failure in the startup world is that entrepreneurs are too optimistic about how easy it will be to acquire customers. MILESTONE-BASED THINKING - a Roadmap for Setting Goals and Achieving Success. The traditional Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) used by many companies is activity- or task-driven.

MILESTONE-BASED THINKING - a Roadmap for Setting Goals and Achieving Success

With variations across methodologies, the traditional life cycle typically consists of the distinct phases shown in the following list: Definition; Analysis; Design; Construction; Test; Transition and Migration; Production. The term "phase" implies that each set of tasks must be completed before the next phase can begin. Typically, different teams handle each phase in the life cycle, and each phase must be heavily documented to allow for a different team to pick up the next phase. As a result, decisions freeze early and flexibility is minimized. While this model provides a useful way to categorize the types of tasks that occur throughout the development life cycle, it does not recognize or leverage the characteristics of component-based enterprise development.

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